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    Living Inside Fraternity Row.

    Monday, December 19 2011
    Roxy's dreams come true, DNA tests are requested, and questions of infidelity erupt...

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, December 19 2011 02:01 PM

    Instead of putting on a repeat show for the holiday they could have put Fraternity Row on.
    We all are aware Jan. 13th they will not be ending all the storylines, but I am sure a few will finish up.

    Posted by jorie at Monday, December 19 2011 02:02 PM


    Posted by jorie at Monday, December 19 2011 02:02 PM


    Posted by geechee0331 at Monday, December 19 2011 02:07 PM

    What a wonderfully silly, funny and nostalgic takeoff with Fraternity Row. Jorie, I also had tears in my eyes when Tuc and Ilene walked the long walk thru the dark studio.

    How can ABC powers that be so blind!

    Posted by granoni at Monday, December 19 2011 02:16 PM

    i for one thought the show was hilarious!..and had a lot of script that had double meanings especially when you know the real OLTL is going off the was good to see the actors with different personalitites than usual...especially like john and nigel...even dani and starr were funny as teens...i know this is one more show not windiing up the story lines but it was funny and comic relief is great ...i feel like it was OLTL's xmas gift to us!

    Posted by dianica at Monday, December 19 2011 02:27 PM

    I did cry - more than that, I sobbed.
    That show has had numerous great and crazy fanatastical story lines throughout these many years. It's incredulous to me that the powers that be are replacing it with something that can't ever live up to it's charm and comfort - unless, Oprah is replacing OLTL. Know I'll only watch ABC to see GH. What is ABC thinking???? Huge mistake and it won't be rewarded with watchers, old or new.

    Posted by dianica at Monday, December 19 2011 02:35 PM

    Does a protest petition still exist?

    Posted by bruceyboy at Monday, December 19 2011 02:39 PM

    Y'all remember the days of yore when some us were off school for the summer and had like, what, four channels to watch on TV? Even as kids, we got hooked on this show ... I am 52 years old and have watched it since I was a little boy ... I am sure we all have many stories like this ...

    What else can we do that hasn't already been done to save it?

    I think the show will go off with the message being never give up hope ....

    Posted by 1LightQT at Monday, December 19 2011 02:50 PM

    Hi all!

    I've posted here before but just haven't recently although I read your posts everyday.

    I haven't watched OLTL that long (started during the JoVan days) but I will definitely miss this show. I can't believe they've let THIS go for another STUPID reality show. GMAB!!! I am so tired of them taking GOOD shows off the air to replace them with GARBAGE!!! The Spew and The Revolting are a disgrace and ABC should be ashamed of themselves for "caving in" to this "new media" BS. At least in soap operas you could "get away" and live vicariously through the characters. Now you've got a bunch of people offering THEIR advice on things to audiences who are like robots that say "Uh-huh" to whatever they see. Ridiculous!!

    January 13th will be here before we know it...I want to SAVOR all I can of these last episodes...

    Posted by terrylee45 at Monday, December 19 2011 03:26 PM

    it was great. so funny with all of them making fun of themselves like that. it was a hoot,especially Nigel dressed like a woman.............. and shaun and todd as twins......much needed laughter knowing that they all took that walk through the darkened studio, and that we soon will be without them too.................again it was a hoot!!!!!

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