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    Exes Should Be Seen And Not Heard.

    Wednesday, December 07 2011
    Noelle invites Viki to visit Texas, Shane plans to get justice, and Roxy desperately tries to save her soap...

    At the diner, Viki rants to Noelle about Clint. "That's why I say exes should be seen and not heard," Noelle replies. Though they're sharing a home, Viki vows not to share anything else with Clint. She enjoyed the kiss, but Clint really wanted to kiss Kim. Viki follows Noelle into the kitchen. As Noelle takes out her pie, Viki explains how the kiss happened. Viki felt the sparks again until Clint brought up Kim. He made Viki feel second best to Kim. Though Noelle thinks Viki took Clint's words wrong, she suggests Viki show Clint that Kim's second best to her. Viki has a piece of pie and hears Noelle's going back to Paris, Texas for the annual pie contest. She wonders if Noelle wants company. Noelle suggests Viki join her. Talk turns to Gigi. Noelle called the Bon Jour Café earlier. The girl who answered sounded just like Gigi.

    Roxy cries at the salon about her soap being cancelled. "It's just a TV show," Rama replies. Roxy objects. "Fraternity Row" is part of her family! Rama offers Roxy a drink. Roxy refuses and leaves to try to save her soap. Aubrey appears. She knows Rama and Cutter framed Kim for murder. Rex is important to Aubrey. Therefore, she needs Rama to help get Kim out of jail, so they can find the Gigi lookalike. Aubrey reminds Rama how she helped her when Vimal was upset over her relationship with Cris. Rama warns Aubrey will be sending Cutter to jail in Kim's place. Outside the salon, Shane continues to blame Jack for his mom's death. Neela doesn't think she can help Shane. He knows she's the only person who can get Jack to confess. A lot of people were hurt by what Jack did. Shane suggests Neela go to Jack with a hidden recorder. Neela calls Jack and makes plan for a date. Shane hands over a recorder.

    Clint notices Nigel is upset at Llanfair. Nigel shows Clint his soap magazine. "Fraternity Row" has been cancelled. Clint warns Nigel not to believe everything he reads. In a week, the magazine will be printing a retraction. Nigel knows the news is from a good source. Clint thinks Viki will be devastated. Nigel suggests Clint could host a send-off party. He thinks it's a good idea, but Viki won't want him hosting it. Clint shares his kiss with Viki and how his feelings came rushing back. Viki misunderstand when he brought up Kim. Nigel wonders if Viki had reason to be upset. He urges Clint to make sure he doesn't have lingering feelings for Kim before pursuing Viki any further. Roxy rushes in and says to Clint, "I need a hero, and you're it." Even though Asa used to own the soap, Clint doesn't have the power to save it nor can he buy the rights back. Roxy calls for all fans to unite. The soap's been on for 43 years! Clint apologizes. He's a businessman, and there's not a nickel to be made. He can't save an institution whose time has come. Roxy storms out. Later, Viki returns and tells Clint she's leaving and going somewhere he can't follow her.

    In the Kentucky jail, Kim refuses to tell Rex anything about Stacy until Aubrey returns with the photo that can clear her. Kim looks at her nails and anticipates getting a manicure and carving it into Clint. Arguing over Stacy, Kim spills how Stacy changed her face to get Rex. Kim tried to talk Stacy out of it. If Stacy was going to take over Gigi's life, Rex wonders what Stacy was going to do with Gigi. Kim wasn't going to let anything bad happen. Stacy arrived in Llanview on the day Rex and Gigi were going to be married. She tells Rex how she pulled Stacy from the same basement Gigi died in. She took Stacy to a special care facility in Kentucky. Last time Kim saw Stacy, she was in a coma. When Aubrey texts Rex the photo of Cutter next to the dead body at the Spotted Pony, he shows Kim, who says, "I'm free." Rex calls Aubrey to thank her. He's lucky to have her in his life and will call when he returns to Llanview.

    At the Bon Jour Café in Texas, Gigi insists she's been there before. Cutter wonders if she got her memory back. Gigi knew exactly where the ketchup was and how to answer the phone. Gigi asks a waitress if she looks familiar. The waitress remembers Gigi from 'that reality show' with the celebrities with problems. When Gigi hears the diner is hiring, her sudden waitressing skills land her a job. Cutter's hired as a dishwasher. Later, in uniform, Gigi's asked to pick from some recycled nametags.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    John and Bo talk over the case.

    Blair finds a message from Tomas.

    Rex has shocking news to tell Shane.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Wednesday, December 07 2011 12:34 PM

    Ok OLTL fans do you think OLTL is trying to tell us something?! I guess "Stacy" changed her hair to try and look diffrent from Gigi. Cutter you are such a jerk keeping Gigi from her son and Rex. Yes Kim what was Stacy going to do with Gigi, maybe kill her? She could care less about her daughter, sister on nephew just wanted Rex. Girl please. I guess Vicki will figure out "Stacy" is really Gigi. I wonder how Jack will feel now that Gigi is back. I guess the kid that Victor paid to take the fall for Jack will get out of jail now.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, December 07 2011 12:48 PM

    BRAD The little psycopath TODD (RH) WANNA BE, DID NOT TAKE THE FALL FOR JACK.! HE was more guilty then Jack,hes the one who talked Jack out of unlocking the doors to let who they thought was Shane out as JACK WANTED TO DO. AND SINCE THERES NO SIGN STACY HAD TO BREAK IN;Jack probably went back after he left that manipulating creep, Brad, and opened the door and thats how Stacy Kim and Rex got in without breaking into Brads fathers house,. REX JUST HAD TO REMOVE THE CHAIR IN FRONT OF THE RM STACY WAS IN ,WHICH GIGI MUST HAVE PUT THERE TO GET AWAY FROM STACY WHO WAS TRYING TO KILL HER,

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, December 07 2011 12:50 PM


    Posted by raylit at Wednesday, December 07 2011 12:55 PM

    How can anyone say Brad was more at fault than Jack? Jack was the one that pretended to be a girl online and lured Shane or rather Gigi to the basement in the first place. Brad was just a idiotic little follower of Jack's!!!

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, December 07 2011 01:17 PM

    Can they move this Gigi storyline along faster please? I want more Ford and Jessica, Matt and Destiny, more Tea and VicTodd's baby? Can Nate be forgiven by Danielle?
    Not Aubrey, Rama and this nonsense.

    Posted by stikboy718 at Wednesday, December 07 2011 01:59 PM

    So I'm guessing rex tells Shane about Stacy's plan and when he runs into her at the BonJour goes off on Her and wont believe or think its gigi.
    Just so irritated with this story because Stacy & Gigi seemed to have made peace during Sierra Rose birth. Not to mention the one saving grace they had given Stacy was her motherly protectiveness. She was alive and rex was her first priority over SR is just stupid.

    I do love frank valentini and his inside jokes. Not to mention he's hot.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 07 2011 02:47 PM

    The writers forgot that Stacy loved her daugher, Sierra Rose and she would want to see her. Cutter know knows that Stacy is Gigi and if he had changed any he would want Gigi back with Rex and Shane. Gigi will find out soon enough as Noelle and Viki are on the way to Paris, Texas. i actually am looking forward to what will happen. Move over Cutter you are so caught.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 07 2011 02:49 PM

    Jack has shown over and over again he has not changed and Brad will get out of jail once Gigi is found she has not died.Jack the bully has got away with way to much, thanks to his parents.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, December 07 2011 04:41 PM

    I too can't wait until Viki goes to Paris Texas. This will be so interesting. Cutter get lost. Jack you are a loser. I'm not liking Shane setting him up, but he deserves all that he gets. He was definitely leader of the pack and yes due to no parental supervision.

    Posted by Sunnyjen at Wednesday, December 07 2011 05:12 PM

    As much as I hated the death of Gigi, I really wish that Aubrey (Kristine) wasn't about to get hurt. She has really changed so much.

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