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    We Used To Love Each Other.

    Thursday, November 10 2011
    John and Natalie have a heart-to-heart, Todd watches Tomas and Blair, and Rick has a change of plans...

    Natalie enters John's office. Was he going to leave without saying goodbye? She wants an explanation and says, "We used to love each other." John brings up Michael and Marcie and how he wants to get to know his nephew. Natalie can't believe he's leaving Bo hanging with Victor's murder case. John knows Bo and the department will be just fine. He needs to start over. The life John wants he can't have in Llanview. Natalie wanted Liam to be John's. She wanted to raise him with John. He did too but some things aren't meant to be. They joke about the weather in Seattle. John touches Natalie's face and confesses, "I'm going to miss Llanview." They wish each other luck. Natalie leaves but stares back at John.

    Jessica crawls around Llanfair, looking for Tina's dog and Liam's paternity test. Brody arrives looking for Cord. He heard what she told Natalie and demands Jessica take back what she said about Liam. Jessica didn't want to hurt Brody and begs him to get Liam tested again. Brody thinks Victor made up the test then suggests Jessica's lying too. He calls her unstable and begs Jessica to get help. Jessica walks away, hurt.

    Outside Todd's office at The Sun, Jack pours gasoline everywhere, anticipating taking the business away from Todd. He believes everyone's gone, lights a match and leaves. Inside the office, Vimal and Rama argue over Neela. Rama suggests they let Neela stay with them. She'll be able to see how good their marriage turned out and will forget about that other boy. Neela will warm up to the arranged marriage. "What other boy?" Vimal asks and becomes furious to hear Jack has Neela. They smell smoke and find the door jammed shut. Smoke pours in around them.

    Todd, holding a gun, spies Tomas and Blair kissing inside the mansion. Blair's made a decision. She wants Tomas. "That's a lie," Todd whispers from outside. "You want me." Blair needed to be sure there was nothing left between her and Todd. He couldn't open up to her on Halloween. Tomas is offended and feels like second choice. Blair kisses Tomas, assuring him he's the man she wants. Todd seethes about Irene ruining Halloween for him. "You called?" Irene appears outside and taunts Todd about Blair. Todd barges into the mansion but finds the living room empty. "Where do you think they've gone?" Irene mocks him. She warns Todd to get upstairs and do something before it's too late. She helps Todd aim the gun, reminds him what he came there to do and says, "Remove Tomas Delgado." Todd plans to get rid of Tomas his way, which will be more efficient than killing him.

    Upstairs in Blair's bedroom, Blair and Tomas undress and fall to her bed. They make love.

    Jack arrives at the cabana. After the way Jack was talking about Scarface, Neela worried he went and did something crazy. He thinks back to starting the fire and claims everything is going to be fine now. He turns on the news, hoping for a report on the fire. When Neela admits Rama went to meet Vimal to plead her case, at The Sun, Jack rushes off saying, "I can't let this happen again."

    Back at The Sun, Rama and Vimal can't call for help. Rama thinks it's the end for them. As Vimal professes his love, Jack and Neela appear and rescue them. Jack becomes nervous when Vimal and Rama vow to find out how the fire started.

    At Ultra Violet, everyone watches Starr's music video titled "One Life To Live," featuring her and Nate. Ford arrives late. Nate, Dani, James and Starr love it. Rick hates it. He wants public nudity, something hotter. He hands out lyrics for Starr's next single titled "Jailbait." Everyone's appalled by the lyrics. "Sick and filthy, that's music to my ears," Rick replies. Starr admits she and Baz laid down the track. They were just joking back then. No one was meant to hear the song. Baz signed everything over to Rick. If they don't do "Jailbait," Rick will cancel "One Life To Live." Rick wants Ford to direct the video. Dani's okay with Nate's involvement, for the extra exposure. James wants the same thing for Starr. Shooting gets underway with Nate as a cop and Starr as jailbait in a cell. He instructs them to tear their clothes off! Later, Jessica arrives, upset. Ford holds her close. He's there for Jessica and assures her she isn't crazy.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Shaun's surprised with Vivian's stance on marriage.

    Nora and Bo share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.

    Tina tells Natalie that she doesn't have to marry Brody.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, November 10 2011 11:59 AM

    Blair told Tomas she has come to her senses. I think the jury is still out on that one. It's still up to debate. She basically told Tomas she is with him because she can't have Todd but it doesn't seem to faze him. Irene told Scar Face to shoot Tomas. I wish he would hurry because right now Blair and Tomas are making my eyes bleed.

    Brody is nothing but a bully. I thought he was going to hit Jessica. I wouldn't surprise me. Then he had the nerve to say she needed to get help.

    Gnat had on some leather pants. How many cows had to die to make those.

    Vimal and Rama I will save you if I have too. I love these characters. They are so funny. But, Jack has saved the day. Go Jack. He's a hero.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:01 PM


    Posted by ngirl26 at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:22 PM

    Excuse me!! Jack is the hero?!!! Jack did not save the day, he covered his ***. If Vimal and Rama had died, then that would have been another murder rap on his sheet. If Jack hadn't started that fire, there would've been no need for him to save anybody. Jack is psychotic and needs to be put away. OMG!! What a freak.

    Posted by Gizdit at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:28 PM

    ngirl26 you beat me to it. Jack only went to rescue them because Neela knew he set the fire. The way PP is trying to redeem him is pathetic. I sure hope some better actors sign on to do this show, because the few they have now are not going to be able to carry it.

    cowboys fan, everything else you said I agree with.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:31 PM

    Jack was upset about what could have happened. He has no murder on his plate ,Gigi is alive and she killed Stacy in self defense B/C Stacy tried to kill her!It is too bad Blair did not let Tomas talk with Jack,then he;'d know someone was going to go after Todd for shootng Victor.Jack is right Todd shot Victor,


    Posted by jorie at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:36 PM

    Neela had nothing to do with Jack recuing Rama and Vimal ,except to tell him they were there , He would have done it anyway WHEN HE FOUND OUT THEY WERE THERE. JUST LIKE HE PROBABLY WENT BACK AND OPENED THE DOORS TO THE BASEMENT AFTER HE LEFT BRAD NOT KNOWING STACY WOULD COME AND TRY TO KILL GIGI.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:37 PM

    I want to scream. Todd doesnt' go after Tomas and Blair. So now we have to concede he didn't kill Victor. jeez.

    Posted by Cordeliaval at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:40 PM

    CBF I am afraid you have lost all sensibility thinking that psychotic freak Jack is a damn hero! He started the fuhnkin fire! So now not only is he a bully, murderer (he still killed Staci instead of Gigi), disrespectful ingrate, now arsonists, and the little bastard is only 16. I guess if he starts molesting little boys your gonna start calling him a role model.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:45 PM

    Victor would be so proud....Jack is now an arsonist along with murderer......

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, November 10 2011 12:46 PM

    Now why couldn't Vimal and Rama call for help? GMAFB! I know they have cell phones and the phone in the office still had to be working.......oh please!!!!!

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