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    The Baby-Daddy From Hell.

    Friday, November 04 2011
    Jessica makes a decision, Brody gives John a warning, and Tea takes a pregnancy test...

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    Posted by Dachshundlover1224 at Friday, November 04 2011 02:56 PM

    Every time that I see brody on the screen i just want to reach through the tv and smack the living crap at his smart azz face. I really want john to F him up when he finds out the truth!

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, November 04 2011 03:01 PM

    On no, if Natalie ends up marrying Brody before John finds out Liam is his son, more drama to come. I guess an annulment will be next on the agenda. So tired of this s/l. Get over it.

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, November 04 2011 03:16 PM

    God, Natalie is such a wimp. She can't be without a man. If she loves John so much she should helped him get the words out. Any moron could see, he was ready to declare his love for her. It's a shame he is so forgiving :-( As for Brody, psycho will be out of of the picture soon enough.

    Posted by susan18 at Friday, November 04 2011 03:24 PM

    sorry your wish not granted if these spoliers are right.sad2citend

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    SPOILERS NOTED BELOW: If you don't want to know, scroll past.

    7th: Jessica confesses about the test but Natalie buy it and all hell breaks loose.
    John tells Bo that he is leaving Llanview

    10th: John says goodbye to Natalie, :-( sigh!

    11th: Natalie proceeds with her plans to marry Brody
    Tina tells Natalie she doesn't have to marry Brody

    14th: Natalie makes a declaration to Brody
    See the riddle about wedding below! They don't get to the I'Dos.
    Liam's paternity is revealed at the church while John is at Llanfair saying goodbye to Liam,

    15th: Natalie eventually finds John at the Airport, tells him about Liam.

    16th: Nat and John find out Liam is missing, Nigel has been knocked out
    Vimal comes forward that Brody was in the know all along

    17th: John and Nat join forces to save their child

    18th: someone holds a gun on Natalie and John

    Three people stop the wedding. One is expected, one is repeating history, and the other is doing it for love.


    Roxy is expected one because she doesn't believe that Nat will be happy with Brody
    Tina is repeating history - she stopped Cord's wedding to Kate
    Natalie stops it for love... she can't marry Brody while being in love with John.

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    Nov 3, 1:49pm

    Posted by soulpatrol at Friday, November 04 2011 06:01 PM

    I hope those spoilers are true. Seems like Liam will be a teenager by the time they tell it. That paternity test has been to EVERYONE except the right person and almost everyone who has had it been shot/murdered, etc. Jessica should have bought Ford for backup. Jeela(Jack and Neela)=TOO cute! Jack is very cute. Hes a very misunderstood grieving teenager. He needs someone to talk to. Hopefully Neela can be that person. How are the kids able to miss so much school? I know in my state if you miss 20 days or more a social worker comes to your house. Who takes care of Hope, Sam, Ryder, Bri and Liam? I really wish Brody wouldnt interrupt anything. When it all blows up in his face he will be with NOTHING. Even Jessica has moved on. Even he told her too. Who would wanna be with a jerk like him anyways? He shouldnt have slept with Natalie..drunk or not. Todd wants that gun so he can hide the fact that he probably did kill Victor. Who knows if he did. I think I know how its gonna go with Natalie and Jess. "Oh Jessica you are soo full of it. Go to hell! You still love Brody, its time to move on" Wow. Tea is pregnant! Shouldnt she be showing by now? Cant wait to see Mondays episode!

    Posted by raylit at Friday, November 04 2011 07:49 PM

    One thing is certain about Todd Manning and what he told Jack......He did not lie because to have killed Jack's father he would have committed suicide. He may however have killed Jack's uncle Victor, but somehow I still think Brody shot Victor!!

    Posted by terrylee45 at Friday, November 04 2011 11:37 PM

    you know what: WHEN brody goes off the rails,and we know he will and he accidently shoots jack (maybe gaught in crossfire) you can bet that jack will still say that todd did it. he's just got that maggot in the brain. even with witnesses' he will still say "scarface did it,i know he did".someone needs to put him over their knee and wallop him one. please someone!!!! also, what is it with that dog and the paternity paper,whom does she want to find it? is david vickers the pooch waiting for john to come in and see it in the pooches' mouth and read it himself?

    Posted by terrylee45 at Friday, November 04 2011 11:48 PM

    soulpatrol, i agree that jack is grieving but he needs a counselor ie; physciatric help much more than shane. i don't know what triggered it. he was okay when blair last got married to that nut; so what happened to him that turned him into a bully..i would like to see that as a backstory so we can understand the "nujack". i wonder whether jack had found out about victor's secret and that that triggered everything.and what if he was leaving and locking the door instead of opening it when he got hit because HE shot victor and the only way he can cope is to blame todd.if todd hadn't disapearred then he wouldn't have loved victor who betrayed him by not being who he was suppossed to be? any amature physcologists out there who could confirm or deny?

    Posted by jorie at Saturday, November 05 2011 12:46 AM

    terrylee todd shot victor ,jack did not do it.!but he has suffered from blair's men ,spencer ross and eli. now todd ,

    Posted by lucetta at Saturday, November 05 2011 08:12 AM

    I agree Jack suffered with Blair's actions with open relationships with men, however the kid has never had much male support either. Victor and Todd the father figures he has had don't merit an award either. They both may have loved him, but have been to full of themselves to acknowledge the needs of the children. :-(

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