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    Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011
    Blair confronts Jack, Tina wants to prove her remorse, and Ford wonders what Brody knows...

    Blair finds Jack at The Sun. His new headline reads: "Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag." Blair refuses to let Jack slander Starr. Victor wouldn't want it either. She explains that Bo isn't charging Shane and promised to go easy on Jack if he told the truth. Blair warns Jack could go to jail if he doesn't come clean now. Maybe Todd didn't hit Jack over the head, but he thinks Todd killed Victor. Jack wonders how Blair knows for sure that Todd's innocent. Blair's not the only one who believes in Todd and accuses Jack of acting just like Scarface. Blair hugs Jack against his will and promises never to stop loving him. "How do I get out of this, Mom?" Jack asks. "Tell the truth," Blair replies.

    In Bo's office, Nora thinks she can tell if Todd's lying and asks if he killed Victor. "I'm innocent," Todd says, thinking back to shooting Victor. "I didn't kill my brother." Nora admits she started feeling sorry for 'Todd Manning' over the last eight years. But the man standing before her is the same man who terrorized her in the beach house. Nora drops the murder charge but holds Todd for escaping police custody. Blair and Jack appear. Todd and Jack lock gazes. Jack admits he doesn't remember Todd hitting him. Todd thanks Jack, who vows to make Todd pay for killing his father. Jack makes a formal statement and denies seeing Todd at the Manning Estate.

    Dani sits with Starr, playing 'Go Fish' through the jail cell. She thinks Tea found their father. Starr hopes Tea's getting Todd to turn himself in. Dani worries how long they'll keep Starr in jail. Starr plans to be out for Dani's birthday. Talk turns to Nate and his birthday gesture. Starr's surprised Dani's trying to forgive Nate. Dani only wants to be Nate's friend again, nothing more. A guard orders Dani out. Dani hugs Starr goodbye and slips her the deck of cards. Later, Todd's brought to his cell. Starr's happy to hear the murder charge has been dropped. At least he won't go down for a murder he didn't commit. Todd turns his back on Starr and replies, "No, I won't, Shorty."

    Tea sees Dani enter the station. They discuss Todd. Dani can tell Tea's upset and promises everything is going to be all right.

    Natalie interrupts Cord and Tina's kiss at Llanfair looking for Viki. She's not home. Natalie's happy to see Cord but looks down her nose at Tina. She tries apologizing for staying quiet when Natalie and Jared were locked in the basement. Natalie doesn't want to hear Tina's excuses. Tina wants to make things up to her and offers to help Natalie plan her wedding. Natalie politely declines, but Tina pushes. Talk turns to Jessica. Tina wonders why she won't be in the wedding and is surprised when Natalie admits she's marrying Jessica's ex-fiancé. Cord tries to get Tina to butt out, but Tina suggests, "I'll be your Maid of Honor." Tina promises to take care of everything and convinces Natalie to let her stand up for her. After Natalie leaves, Cord admits Tina's heart is in the right place. Tina leans in for a kiss, but Cord calls it a night. They agree to continue their conversation, prior to Natalie's arrival, at another time.

    At Capricorn, Jessica tells Ford she doesn't know if she's going to tell John the truth. Brody loves Liam so much. Brody appears. Jessica wonders what's bothering him. Brody admits he and John got into it, tells them to enjoy their evening then walks away. Jessica brings up how 'in the dark' Brody is about Liam's paternity. "Are you sure about that?" Ford asks and nods toward Brody and Vimal, who tampered with Ryder's test. Jessica refuses to believe Brody would hurt Natalie and John by keeping such a secret. Jessica plans to sit on her knowledge of Liam's paternity for now. Nearby, Brody berates Vimal for running his mouth to Shaun. Vimal doesn't think Todd should go down for a murder he didn't commit. Brody was cleared of Victor's murder but warns Vimal he's taken lives before. "Is that a threat?" Vimal asks. It's a fact. As Vimal leaves, Brody calls out, "Say hi to your pretty wife for me." Later, as Brody looks at Liam's photo, vowing to do anything to keep his family, Natalie appears. She found a Maid of Honor. After they catch up, Natalie and Brody agree to meet at home.

    Ford drops Jessica off at Llanfair. They joke around then agree they're both good people. Jessica heads inside alone, sits on the stairs and looks at Liam's paternity results.

    Vimal goes to The Sun and looks at the 'Who's Your Daddy' headline.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Bo is fired by Mayor Finn.

    Tomas faces his sentencing hearing.

    Clint tells Cutter to shove it.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:00 PM

    When did Cord turn into such a liar? He told Gnat she looked great. Baggy Eyed Gnat is trying to hold a grudge against Tina because she almost got blown to smidgereen. If you weren't such a beeotch, maybe somebody would help you every once in a while. And what a pity. She has zero friends, therefor, no maid of honor. What a loser.

    Speaking of losers, what about her fiance. Now I am really convinced he killed my Todd. Now he is threatening Vimal and Rama. I thought they said opposites attract. Brody and Nata-lie are just alike. Brody you are slipping and about to be busted.

    Nora told fake Todd the truth about himself. He said he was sorry for raping Marty, but did he forget he tried to do the same to Nora when she was blind.

    Posted by da_kid at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:07 PM

    Why would Nat let Tina do anything for her. Tina is a one-woman wrecking crew. Why they keep bringing her whining butt back every few years is beyond me. And why do they have Cord still attracted to that pathetic woman. Cord is fine, and could do much better.

    Posted by piqueroi at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:13 PM

    "This is going to be a wedding no one will ever forget." It's a sure bet Tina never spoke truer words. Clearly Brody is about to lose it. Despite all the suspicion being cast on him, I don't believe our former Seal will be Victor's killer. The murderer will be someone we don't suspect.

    Jack is such a jerk. Even Tea should drop kick him! LOL

    Bobby Ford is, at least for the time being, fully redeemed and destined to be a very positive influence on Jessica. Don't you wish redemption in life were as facile to obtain as it is on soap operas? ROF

    I'm sure it'll take time but Dani will forgive Nate. The moment of warmth between Starr and Dani as well as the radiant glow between Starr and Todd are heartwarming.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:24 PM

    Okay, I get it now. We will not have a resolution until Christmas about the baby. I am really getting tired of it though.
    where is Tomas? I thought he was there in jail with Starr. How is it he isn't in that cell that Todd is in.

    What did John ever do to Brody for him to take his son from him and act like a jerk about it?
    It's not like he can't have kids with someone else. He obviously doesn't want Jessica anymore but he knows that Natalie still loves John. What a loser.

    Tina is so funny. glad she isn't my family, greedy wench, but she would be a funny girl to have as a friend. I would jsut make sure to keep my man away from her too.

    Nolan Ryan said Rangers in 6, so I will ride with that. Can you believe a Rangers onesie was $9? But I had to buy it!!
    Go Rangers

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:25 PM

    How is Jack running headlines for the Sun?
    I though Jessica (and previously Kelly) were editors in chief

    Posted by joans at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:28 PM

    Speaking of LOSERS!!!!!! So HAPPY MY Patriots beat the STUPID COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:33 PM

    @Blesseddiva, I bet he looks so cute in his onesie.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:49 PM

    scarr did shoot victor ,todd lied to nora again. just like the son in the movie nate gave dani whos mother brain washed him to be an asassason , only todd or irene shot victor but victor is not dead!brody is only threatening vimal b/c he is afraid of loosing a child for the 3rd time ,one john did not want to raise when he thought he was not his ,just like todd did not want to raise jack when he thought he was max's son ,loved jack and nora standing up to todd,

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:51 PM

    if gigi is dead ,stacy killed her, if she is not gigi killed her in self defense.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 19 2011 12:53 PM

    I think Stacy followed Gigi to the house and made her switch clothes with her so that she could take over her life. Then it was Stacy that died and not Gigi.

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