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    I Have News And It's Not Good.

    Friday, October 07 2011
    David Vickers meets Liam, Todd and Blair reminisce, and Ford questions Jessica's motives...

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    Posted by Trinity73 at Sunday, October 09 2011 09:40 AM

    Roger and Flor surpassed that by far. This attempt at a Todd and Blair reunion is a joke.

    Posted by Trinity73 at Sunday, October 09 2011 09:42 AM

    And who said he's not going to sign? It's not as if he's the only one who hasn't been announced yet. ASSumptions are not very wise at this stage in the game.

    Posted by BBBMANAGEMENT at Sunday, October 09 2011 06:08 PM

    I would like to see Jack in jail. Thats what i would like to see. I would like to know what was so funny about Jack tormenting his sister in jail. Jack has no redeeming qualities at all. He is just plain disgusting.

    Posted by victoriaerrico at Monday, October 10 2011 04:08 AM

    Sorry cbf, others of the same: the only low life behavior I see is from you. You and others are behaving exactly like jack, except jack is a teenager , full of misguided feelings and lack of impulse control. I don't think trevor would approve nor want you as a fan. Roger is amazing- as was Trevor. Since I find most of the posters offensive- I will skip over yours and others who lack the capacity to honor this show that has brought happiness to many over the years.

    Posted by CFedack at Monday, October 10 2011 08:24 AM

    That Mayor has got to go she fires BO but I think BO should run for Mayor against that B**** and I bet he would win.And I can't wait to see when who ever that is the hospital in Kentucky she's suppose to look like GiGi but be Stacey hop it really is Gigi.

    Posted by Kimberly ann at Monday, October 10 2011 11:26 AM

    So here is what i think,Todd didn`t kill his brother i think that it was Gigi and Rex`s son who did it as Jack took his mother away from him,but here is the thing Gigi isn`t dead she is alive and the person who they think is Gigi is really her sister Stacey,who changed her face to be Gigi to have Rex.

    Posted by JerrysGirl1964 at Monday, October 10 2011 01:53 PM

    NuJack just doesn't sell it. I can understand why the PTB wanted to age the charactor for storyline purposes but Carmen LoPorto was really great in the role. I hope to see him continue with an acting career as he does have talent and charisma. AT needs to work at it to make it more believable.

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