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    Sample My Wiener.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011
    Jessica seeks out Ford, Tina returns, and Rex wonders about Natalie's motives...

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    Posted by NickyD2 at Tuesday, September 27 2011 04:46 PM

    I think Ford and Jess going to end up together.

    Wow! talking about nut fruit cake for Mother. Its no wonder those kids of hers grows up the way they are. I mean look at thier parents.

    Does anyone wonder when will John McBain finds out that baby Liam is his son. And will John ever finds out what Brody did to him by keepin that secert and son from him. I also, wonder did he killed Victor Lord Jr to keep his mouth shut from talkin John McBainand Nat.

    And last, Something just doesn't make no sense to me. How the in the world Irene end up with all the Todd stock, Suns News Paper and Fortune. When The Real Todd Manning is behind bars. And Yes! The Fortune and Stocks belongs to Thomas Todd Manning not Victor Lord Jr. Victor Sr left the millions dollars fortune to his son name Todd Manning. When Victor Jr. first came to the show. Everybody thought he was the real Todd Manning but clearly he's not. So how does this make any sense its beyond me. And it was good to see Tina on the show. She should go visit her brother Todd. So they can find a way to take Irene down for good. The Mothers Of All Hell.

    Posted by NickyD2 at Tuesday, September 27 2011 04:59 PM

    First of all, The Inherit Fortune belongs to "Todd Manning not Victor Lord Jr. Because recording to Victor Lord Sr In his Will Papers. He Left 25-Millions Dollars to his son name Thomas Todd Manning. That would be the real Todd Manning. And I didn't know, that Todd real first name was Thomas. However, He uses his middle name "Todd instead.

    Anyway, When Victor Jr first came on the show. Everybody thought his name was Todd Manning but cleary he is not the real Todd. So how is Irene inherit Todd money. When Todd Manning isn't dead. And I believe thats why she try to get him killed becuz she wants his fortune. and she claim that she loves her children wow. This woman is a looney tune for a brain. If I was Todd and Tina. I would get rid of that mean witch once and for all.

    Plus Irene is treated Todd family to. Who also, her family. She is a (Mother from Hell). I feel sorry for Tina, Todd and Victor Jr. to have some like that for a mother whose abandon them and brain wash them well mainly Todd and Victor Jr.

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, September 27 2011 05:10 PM

    Rex is really dumb. I love the guy, but thinking Natalie would be happy marrying Brody? Tired of him seeing Gigi. Boring again.

    Can't believe Irene is inheriting everything. It doesn't make sense. Tina was so cute and I love the way she interacts with Blair who has quite a reputation.

    Not much to report again today

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, September 27 2011 05:12 PM

    Yes, Ford and Jessica will end up together. Brody will be in the nut house and stupid John will forgive Natalie and marry her.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, September 27 2011 05:17 PM

    OK, so according to Tea, Todd/Victor made his will BEFORE she came back to town.
    So, IF the will is legit, then Todd/Victor knew who he was all this time. Right?
    Why else would he leave everything to his mother, Irene?

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, September 27 2011 05:20 PM

    Point of fact: Victor, SR did NOT leave his fortune to "Todd Manning". He left it to his "son". He only knew he had a son out there somewhere. He did not know who it was. No one did.

    Posted by Cherryberry at Tuesday, September 27 2011 06:15 PM

    David Vickers is so cute loved him peeing on Blair. Tina is still the same nut she was before but she can be funny she is like Dorian the person I love to hate, some days I love her some days I hate her. Was the note written with invisible ink? I am still upset with the way Viki treats Tina. Tina is a nut and she does a lot of strange funny bad things but Viki always forgives Todd/Victor no matter what they did. Come on Viki show some love for your only sister. Rex is nuts tired of seeing Gigi(the ghost). Boring scene today with Jessica & Ford & boring Natalie & Rex.

    Posted by MichaelAnthonyButler at Tuesday, September 27 2011 07:57 PM

    Tina is back!

    First of all, the whole "Rex seeing Gigi" is getting old. He shouldn't have left the hospital in the first place. Kim was obviously still hiding something.

    Brody is going to be CRUSHED when Jessica sees the paternity results.

    I enjoyed the Jessica/Ford scenes today, but I don't get why they had Jessica do jump rope.

    Irene obviously had that will forged. Victor didn't even think his mother was alive when he wrote that will. Everyone thought she was dead for almost half the series.

    On the bright side, TINA IS BACK! I have to say she is one of my favorite Actress. ANDREA EVANS ALL THE WAY!
    Why do her and Blair not like each other?


    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, September 27 2011 09:36 PM

    Irene, Tina and the lawyer are all in on the scam. Also there is no way this is real as Todd is alive. Tea will fight this tooth and nail. Also Todd could fight for this.
    Starr was pretty good at figuring out the ink. Nice to see these 2 work together, her and her dad.
    Waste of time weiner Ford and Jessica. Is this the best he can do for a job? Also Natalie doesn't want to marry Brody but she is a needy thing and doesn't want to be alone.
    The writers are not making this show easy to watch any more. I think in their minds they are hoping we will not miss the show once it goes off the air.

    Posted by SoapMom08 at Wednesday, September 28 2011 01:19 AM

    Oh no... Please don't let Shane be the killer! Geeze how many teen killers does there need to be in a year? & my guess is that Stacy is alive & Gigi is either trying to let Rex know just for the hell of it or is trying to let him know she got plastic surgery to look like her so he won't be fooled when she slides down her pole back into town. I hate that Natalie said yes, just when I thought she might change into a likable character... I hope she's killed off & Brody. I can't stand looking at them anymore. Irene is dispicable! Dorian needs to come back & rescue vikki : )

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