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    Life Through A Dream...

    Friday, September 23 2011
    Dreams consume many, the paternity test resurfaces, and John receives a visitor...

    Natalie gets out of bed at the loft. She opens a letter and sees the paternity test, naming John as Liam's father. She snaps awake, waking up Brody as well. She assures him it was just a dream. Brody surprises Natalie with an engagement ring. He wonders what's wrong. Doesn't she like the ring? Natalie wants to do what's right for Jessica, as well as them. She panics when Brody wants to call Clint for his blessing. Brody refuses to allow anyone, especially Clint, to make them feel guilty.

    Brody wakes up Jessica at Llanfair. She needs to get ready. It's their wedding day. Clint nudges Jessica awake and apologizes for startling her. Is she having nightmares? She's happy Clint's out of the wheelchair and admits her dream was wonderful, waking up was the nightmare. Jessica shares her dream and that Brody proposed to Natalie, who hasn't said yes yet. John's holding Natalie back. Clint agrees Natalie should be with John. Clint's phone rings. It's Brody wanting Clint's blessing. When Clint hears Natalie said yes, he hangs up on Brody and relays the news to Jessica. She thought Natalie would say no, for John. Clint hugs her and offers to make breakfast for Jessica and the kids.

    Back at the loft, Brody wants to be sure Natalie can handle the backlash from everyone. If she wants to back out, she should do so now. She puts on Brody's ring and says, "It's what I want." They fall to the bed in a kiss. Later, Natalie leaves Liam with Brody. She has something to take care of before work. Brody shares his happiness with Liam and says, "All that trouble died with Victor Lord."

    Natalie finds John at Rodi's. They have something to tell each other. Natalie urges John to go first. "I'm still in love with you," John admits then wakes up after a night of boozing. Bo appears. John's late for work. Bo doesn't want him showing up drunk and asks, "What happened with Natalie this time?" Roxy forced him to admit he still loves Natalie. He claims he just said it to shut Roxy up. Bo urges John to tell Natalie the truth. John reminds Bo Natalie's with Brody now, end of story. Talk turns to work. Bo explains they have to cut Irene loose. The FBI wants to keep the agency quiet. They're sending someone for Irene today. Later, Natalie appears. They have something to tell each other. Like in John's dream, Natalie urges him to go first.

    Tea rolls over in her bed and puts her arms around her husband. Todd turns over and faces Tea, causing her to wake up gasping for air. Blair appears and guesses Tea had a dream that Victor was back in her bed. "Not only is Victor dead," Tea replies. "Todd wants me to prove he didn't kill him." Over talk of Jack, Blair admits she doubts his story. She plans to defend Jack against everyone in order to get to the truth. Blair leaves her wallet on the desk for Tea, saying it'll make sense later. She also gives Tea a box of Victor's things from The Sun. After Blair leaves, Tea opens the box. She looks at a photo of her and Victor and thinks about Todd asking her to take his case. Tea dumps the box and leaves, never noticing Liam's paternity results.

    Jack visits Todd in jail and apologizes for lying to the cops. Todd opens his eyes and faces Irene, who wants information. He has no idea what the hell she's after. She urges Todd to dig deep inside his mind and talks about a microchip he took, one that could cause issues for the agency. That's why they swapped him with Victor, to get it back. Todd reminds Irene how they scrambled his brain for eight years. How's he supposed to remember what happened before that? Bo appears. Todd's stunned that Irene is being released. Bo warns Irene if she hurt's anyone else, especially Viki, she'll pay. There are no more free passes for her. Irene balks at how everyone always rushes to Viki's aid. Later, Tea appears. Todd smiles.

    The teacher calls on Jack in class. Miss Morasco heard Jack knew all about carbon monoxide. Jack wakes up and looks at Shane who says, "What's your problem? Looks like you saw a ghost." Jack orders Shane to quit staring at him. Shane listens as Jack talks to his friends about witnessing Todd killing Victor. Shane glares at Jack. Later, Blair shows up and tells Jack once again that she believes him. As Shane watches, he remembers knocking Jack out the night of Victor's murder. Shane looks at a drawing on his desk. It's of him holding a gun.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    John sees Natalie's ring.

    Tea visits with Todd.

    Irene takes out a gun.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, September 23 2011 12:07 PM

    Did the folks in Llanview eat some bad chinese food? They were all having nightmares. And John had the worst one of all.

    I guess Gnat is not worried about Jessica's feelings anymore. She accept Papa Smurf's wedding proposal. She said she was use to being the town skank. I know she is. And get a load of those fat wormy fingers.

    Why would Brody ask for Clint's permission but then doesn't care if he has it or not. I love how Clint is so protective over Jessica.

    But that's ok, Tea is about to blow his world apart.

    Oh Lord, Irene is a free woman.

    Shane, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be drawing pictures of the crime.

    Posted by piqueroi at Friday, September 23 2011 12:16 PM

    Another well executed episode! The series of dreams mixed well with the real goings on.

    Well, at least we have a valid (?) clue as to what "it" is/was. Now, if Irene isn't mistaken, where would he have put "it"?

    Could someone accidentally have lobotomized Shane when he was hospitalized. Why doesn't he just walk around with a note on his forehead claiming he knocked Jack out? Even dumb jerk Jack should have realized by now Shane hit him.

    Tea, get Todd off! Finally, "the best lawyer in Llanview" (?) will defend Dani's dad.

    Great news that OLTL is now #2 in the overall ratings, beating out B&B. Keep it up, fans!

    Posted by jorie at Friday, September 23 2011 12:25 PM

    the worse dream toad in bed with TEA rather then Victor.!I Knew shane hit JACK but he did not kill VICTOR. AND AT LEAST jack believes toad killed VICTOR. and he did not frame a innocent person for accidently killing gigi like toad did when he killed GUY AND FRAMED PATRICK.toad should be charged for that,.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, September 23 2011 12:29 PM

    LOL! I knew the "IT" was a micro-chip!

    Posted by Gottalaff at Friday, September 23 2011 12:31 PM

    Does Brody keep repeating that the secret is safe because he wants it to be the truth? Surprise Brody, your life is about to blow up.

    UH OH, Irene is on the loose again - that spells trouble. And really, if she couldn't beat and drug the information out of Todd over 8 years is she really so demented to think he will/can tell her whatever it is now.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, September 23 2011 12:32 PM

    LOVED Jack's nightmare.
    Surprised that none of friends got on Jack for selling out Brad.

    Posted by enuf at Friday, September 23 2011 12:42 PM

    I sure hope these stupid writers does not have Shane as the one killing Victor.

    As for Gnat, after having that dream, don't you think that would jog her memory. This s/l is so dumb. She remembers everything but the most important part of her life. Give me a break!!

    You know how dumb the writers have these people on this show, Tea will probably never see the DNA test. She will probably give it to Broday for evidence in Victor's murder.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, September 23 2011 12:53 PM

    I agree about Shane. TIIC have had too many kids killing people!

    Posted by Mygoodness69 at Friday, September 23 2011 01:02 PM

    For crying out loud don't make Shane the killer!!!! Thats crazy!

    Note to OLTL: Please give us a good ending in January, please rememeber ALL the cast from all the years gone by. Guess what us old timers who have watched since day one are here. Do not give us a ignorant cliff hanger. Not everyone has a computer. Yes I know its hard to believe but guess waht its true.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, September 23 2011 01:50 PM

    What's so important about the miccrochip?

    why can't anyone in Llanview be honest? Jack, Shane, Blair, Natalie, Brody, John, Irene, wonder everyone is screwed up.

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