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    Please, Don't Leave Me.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011
    Tea is devastated, Blair is up in arms, and Mrs. Evans sets boundaries...

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    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 07:08 PM


    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 07:10 PM

    da kid you are right about the bucs rights , children can use all the family they can get as long as one doesn't try to take the rights od the other.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 07:16 PM

    tommy the only reason starr fell was b/c todd was afraid of what would happen if he was not around to protect her from ramsay ,and cole the creep was putting her in danger ,ramsay had already tried to kill shane .so he knew he was capable of doing it.todd /vic has never had anyone shoot anyone for him however when needed he has. like when he saved starr's life from bull last year ,she even mentioned it to james the other day.

    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, August 31 2011 08:46 PM

    Jorie...I don't care how you rationalize all the dirty deeds that Fake Todd/Victor did. You've made enough excuses for him over the years to fill the Pacific Ocean to overflowing. As far as inside information, not to be rude, but the only info you get is from ABC e-mails that go out to anyone who signs up for them, soap rags, and the internet...which are always soooo reliable.

    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, August 31 2011 08:56 PM

    Cowboys fan...since I'm actually allowed to have an opinion that runs contrary to yours I'll tell you why I don't like either Trevor St. John or his interpretation of Todd/Fake Todd/Walker/Victor. I'm sorry that I don't share some people's opinion that he is some outstanding actor like Laurence Olivier or Tom Hanks. He is, in my opinion, an average - nothing special - actor. I find it funny that people mention his looks, as if being attractive somehow increases your ability to do a particular job. I'm not a gay man (not that there is anything wrong with being one), so Trevor being "handsome" doesn't do anything for me. Personally, if I were to find other men sexually attractive, there are others on OLTL that I would pick before even considering Trevor. I don't know Trevor - and have no desire to do so. I'm merely responding to those people who seem to be fawning over his alleged attractiveness or acting ability.

    As far as Fake Todd/Victor/Walter/Whoever, I'm sorry that I don't romanticize a character that uses bullying and intimidation to get his way; puts the people that he claims to love in harms way; rapes women and holds people hostage; thinks that the rules apply to everyone but him and basically dishes it out but can't take it.

    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:01 PM

    CF...about Roger Howarth "crawling back" to OLTL, the way I heard it was that OLTL came to him and asked him to come back...after ABC spent months denying that any such storyline (Will the Real Todd Manning Please Stand Up) began.

    Not to be rude, but at least Roger had offers. If the good folks over at Prospect Park are smart enough to keep Trevor St. John away from OLTL, can the same thing be said for him? AMC's Debbi Morgan and Jacob Young already have gigs lined up and they haven't even aired their last episodes yet. The mark of any good actor is steady and gainful employment. If Trevor finds work on another soap or another TV series, good for him. If not...

    Posted by dougmedia1 at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:16 PM

    Am I the only one who was hoping Jack would die right along with Victor? Darn, we could have killed two birds with one stone! Jack, as always, has the same dumb-ass look on his face no matter what happens - at the end when he finds out about Victor, granted he's in shock but still he has the same mouth hanging open look he always has. Why can OLTL not have good teenage actors like other soaps do (such as Days of our Lives)?

    I wonder if Shane might not end up being the killer, they seem to be focusing on everyone else in the previews I've seen. I can't imagine Todd being the killer, we just got him back.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:26 PM


    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:37 PM

    In you haste to try and change the subject, Jorie, I never said anything about Roger Howarth or any potential acting opportunities. I said that from information I have seen - nothing inside or secret pinkie swear information - it was OLTL that asked Roger to return, not the other way around like Cowboys Fan made it seem by saying that he "crawled back".

    It's a well known trick that when you can't justify your position, you tend to change the subject.

    P.S. Is it too much to ask that you not type with the caps lock on? Everyone else seems to be able to do it.

    Posted by lusciousbabe at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:45 PM

    @ da-kid, Matthew is comotase so, they have legal rights to his rights

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