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    Please, Don't Leave Me.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011
    Tea is devastated, Blair is up in arms, and Mrs. Evans sets boundaries...

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    Posted by tweety31 at Wednesday, August 31 2011 03:13 PM

    I am so disappointed that they killed of Victor. I remember when Roger was on as Todd and truly enjoyed his character but TSJ brought a darker, sillier side to Todd that I really liked and can honestly say that I wasn't excited about them brining Roger back. Yes he created the role and did his thing BUT Trevor molded Todd Manning into an awesome character that we all loved to hate at times. IMO, it sucks when the original character comes back and people say "The back", the did that on AMC when the original Greenlee came back and her character had started to come into her own and now on this show. My heart goes out to Tea and Dani because they truly loved Victor and Tea's scenes today were phenominal - you could truly see/feel her pain when he died and I loved when she said "Whoever you are, you are the love of my life". Damn you Todd Manning and Brody Lovitt (which please tell me when that idiot is going to be gone because I am so tired of him). Someone said earlier that they wasted a good story line and I agree, they were stupid to kill of TSJ because they could've taken this story some many different angles and the audience would've been happy.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, August 31 2011 03:23 PM

    Nora and Bo have the same rights as Mr.and Mrs Evans and maybe even more rights as Mrs. Evans wanted that baby dead so how dare her tell Nora anything. At least Nora wants this baby to live. Destiny maybe it is a big mistake to live at your grandparents.

    Posted by Jupup at Wednesday, August 31 2011 03:38 PM

    ok, this is what I am thinking what possibly happened was Shane (Balsom's son) jumped Jack from behind right So Then Lovett had the opportunity To kill Victor Since Balsom couldn't pull the trigger for the first time if it is possible.

    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, August 31 2011 04:07 PM

    Trevor St. John...good riddance! He was a one-note actor and the soap can only get better without him. Just because there are rumors (emphasis on the word RUMOR) that he may return doesn't mean that he will. Since no one seems to be knocking down his door with acting offers, he'll probably come crawling back...willing to work for scale.

    It is hilarious to see some viewers being so mournful over the loss of a character, one whose rapsheet makes Charles Manson look like a Boy Scout. It is eerie to see people using the same excuses as Victor (i.e. Gigi's death was an accident, how could dim bulb bully Jack know about any leaks?). Haven't we learned by now that Victor/Fake Todd is never responsible for his actions? He's simply misunderstood who gets a free pass for bad behavior because he was abused as a child. While Victor/Fake Todd didn't rape Marty, he did hold her captive (and allow her son to mourn her "death"); he did terrorize his "daughter" Starr and her boyfriend Cole, even endangering the life of his unborn "grandchild"; he assaulted Markko and threatened a whole host of people and was generally a loud mouth bully to anyone who came between him and his goal, no matter how twisted/illegal that goal may be. That is why I said "Amen" when the Real Todd called Jack a spoiled brat and that he wouldn't need protecting from his fake father if Victor had raised him correctly. Jack is becoming/or is already a mirror image of his depraved uncle.

    Posted by Ringleader at Wednesday, August 31 2011 04:43 PM

    tweety31 - here's what I didn't like about TSJ's Todd -- he was just so all over the place all the time. One minute he'd be calm and cracking smart remarks and then he'd be raging over something or other. I'll give you that TSJ's Todd/Victor was sillier at times than RH's Todd, but I definitely think that RH's Todd was darker than TSJ's Todd. It was definitely a more intimidating character with RH's Todd because he lost control a lot less often than TSJ's Todd. He would still be raging or angry or plotting some sinister act, but he was much more in control of himself than TSJ as Todd - and, of course, that has as much to do with the writing as it does the actor. But, if I want to step into Llanfill, uh, Llanview for a moment, maybe "Victor" was that much more unstable because of Irene's brainwashing? Just a thought.

    On to who killed "Victor" (okay, that's still just weird - that's his third name on OLTL - frist he was Walker Laurence, then Todd Manning and now Victor Lord Jr. - no wonder he's gotten so unstable!! LOL), it would have had to be someone he wasn't afraid of or considered a real threat based on his reaction. It also probably wasn't someone he didn't like based on the "what are you doing here?" instead of a "what the he!! are you doing here?" or "what the he!! do you want?" or something similarly hostile-ish. I don't know that my analysis helps me come up with any new theories on who may have really pulled the trigger, but it gives me something else to think about.

    Posted by MississippiSouthernBelle at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:16 PM

    I for one am sad to see Trevor St. John leave One Life to Live. For the past 8 yrs, he played Todd Manning great in my opinion. And yes, I did watch when RH was Todd but he chose to leave and go to As The World Turns. I think that is one thing that bothered me..bringing the original person back who played the character and calling them "the real one"..TSJ was the real one for the past 8 years when they chose to give him a contract to play Todd and only when RH wanted to come back, then they had to come up with a story to make TSJ another character. SMH. He is a great actor. Even saw him in the movie "My Soul To Take. I hope you are right @jorie and that PP is in talks with him to bring him back. That would be AWESOME!! Tea broke my heart today. I was actually crying at the TV. The last time I cried like this is when Ryan died on Young and the Restless (when the old Victoria was on there)..

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:18 PM

    todd/vic did not know the spoiled brat was preganant ,when he accidently knocked her down the stairs when he was trying to get to the brat who was putting her at risk of being killedby ramsay. marco would have gotten his butt kicked by his father if he knew he had lied to a terrified father .he himself was kept longer then he kept marty by miles hunt and cole and stabbed drugged almos shot and dumped with some hooker.he was not able to go through with lieing to starr and marcie about the baby being dead unlike rex when he lied to him about sam and john adriana lindsay and mike knowing that it was a lie. or like when the buffoon told blair that her baby was dead and gave him away.and he had more remorse about the latter then scarface did and the only reason he wanted totakle the baby was to keep starr from making a mistake she would regret,which she did , lucky marcie realized this and that vic/todd was planning on doing it b/c he loves starr which she told starr when she gave hope back,

    Posted by OLTLfan4ever6 at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:24 PM

    I shed some tears today for Victor..I've been watching OLTL for 10 years off and on and for 8 years straight so I saw a little of RH before Trevor came on but to me Trevor is Todd..I agree RH is a good actor but not like Trevor. Trevor is so handsome and worked so hard for 8 years molding the Todd character after RH left. When the spoilers said "The old Todd Victor leaves town for good" I didn't imagine that it would be this way! They shoulda kept em both..the few weeks Trevor and RH have both been on have been so entertaining and interesting. The writers are making a huge mistake!

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:25 PM

    Oh from what i heard rh only signed a one year contract, AND OF COURSE FRONS KNEW HE WAS CANCELING OLTL. and doesn't plan on following them online . the only reason TSJ is not there now is b/c he did not want a 4 year contract ,that they were offering him.he needed something more flexible. which if PP has any since they will give him.

    Posted by OLTLfan4ever6 at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:55 PM

    Oh and let me not forget Teas acting today..magnificent as always..I felt a little sick in the bottom of my stomach because Tea and Victors relationship was so beautiful..its hard to imagine her with anyone else..ugh I'm just so sad about Trevors exit..I really hope PP picks him back up..

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