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    Ridding The World Of Victor.

    Tuesday, August 30 2011
    Blair reports her gun stolen, someone is shot, and Nora wonders how Bo feels...

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    Posted by tubbs2002 at Tuesday, August 30 2011 10:32 PM

    I really was hoping that Trevor would leave town so that he could come back, but no, they had to kill him off. I think that is a real shame because to me he is the only Todd I have every watched. I do not like Roger and I will be fast forwarding during his parts, I never liked him when he played the original Todd. They think Trevor was awful just wait until Roger starts in on Starr and the other kids. I wish Trevor the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do next. I really enjoyed the banter between Trevor and John McBain. I just hope John finds out Liam is his child before he is a year old. How much longer do we have to wait. I am really upset at how they carried out this murder of Victor, Jr.

    Posted by silvert22 at Tuesday, August 30 2011 10:39 PM

    Ok bravo abc. now me not watching abc, they killed off the star of this show and now what??? Tsj is the reason i watch oltl. 2 suspects shane or irene. The way he was surprised its was like he saw a kid or his mother. If Shane did it, he should go to saint anne

    Posted by bonairebound at Wednesday, August 31 2011 05:31 AM dumb a$$'s writers...DO NOT make Shane a murderer. You have already done it to NuJack, Matthew & even trivialised his cancer into the Mensa Twins/baby daddy s/l & his bullying into taking the child's mother a murderer...stop it now. Just don't do it again.
    Same with Brody, military hero, PTSD, dumbed him down to the point he really needs a do-over in St Anne's ... just don't make him a killer...
    Will somebody PLEASE tell John that Liam is his son before the child graduates from pre-K and NOT college!
    TO ALL MY BFF's in the New England are in my prayers. As a Katrina survivor, I feel your pain.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, August 31 2011 07:09 AM

    I hate the way they eliminated Trevor from oltl. With all the best gone.... what's left? I wish Trevor St. John the very best in his future endeavors. A huge mistake was made in killing Victor off.

    I don't want Shane to be the one that took his life. Brody's behavior seems to be the obvious candidate, but yes, they may be doing this to throw us off.

    Too many changes in such a short timeframe.......

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:16 AM

    I'm thinking it must be Brody. They'll have to suspect Todd first, and then Rex, but I'm pretty sure they'll find out it was Brody.

    I had to laugh when John told Brody that they will get Victor the next time he makes a mistake. When has the LPD ever gotten anyone???

    Posted by LuluandChelseasBabydaddy at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:33 AM

    Why is every one acting like Roger Howarth is chooped liver or some cancer?

    He carried the entire show from 1993-1998 and made "YOUR Todd" into the same guy that Trevor St. John played off of. In fact he did it better (for me) because he was actually hilarious/personable/psychopathic with vigor at the same time instead of Mr. Monotone-at-all-times.

    He's been nominated and WON an Emmy. Something "YOUR Todd" has never done. So obviously he's doing something right. So don't abandon One Life to Live because your guy's gone. It's a soap opera, they can always come back. But you know what can't without your viewership? ONE LIVE TO LIFE. This "Chew" thing may not work out after all, so don't be hasty.


    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, August 31 2011 09:36 AM

    LoveOLTL, sorry but I feel exactly the opposite about Jack and Victor's relationship. In fact, it's "Todd' that molded Jack into being a bully in the first place because Jack saw Victor doing nasty things to people (even family!) for years and never pay for it. Victor was evil and showing jack has a little remorse doesn't begin to pay back what he did to Gigi,Shane and Rex.

    However, I have to disagree with those who say Todd would never have done all the things Victor did. Todd is, at heart, a truly nasty,mean man. He's playing nice now because he needs people on his side. But it doesn't mean anything to him.

    Posted by chole81 at Wednesday, August 31 2011 12:13 PM

    I think Brody killed Victor in fear of Victor telling Natalie that Liam is really John's son.

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