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    We Need You, Pa.

    Tuesday, August 23 2011
    Bo goes to Asa's grave, Clint jeopardizes his future, and David makes a sacrifice...

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    Posted by piqueroi at Wednesday, August 24 2011 07:16 AM

    Why hate Staci? When she was plotting and manipulating, she wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen. And you had to feel sorry for her when Mitch discovered she'd lied about the baby's father. I hope it is Staci in the hospital bed whether or not she'll be played by the same actress.
    Dying to see Kim and David face off today. These story lines are interesting. Most of the critics of the characters seem to have forgotten soap operas are entertaining daily fiction, much like daily "dramatic" comic strips such as Little Orphan Annie or Terry and the Pirates used to be when I was a child.
    I'm not going to miss Dorian's going away party! Will you?

    Posted by Mygoodness69 at Wednesday, August 24 2011 07:42 AM

    I am not a Stacy and Kim fan at all, so I am not thrilled she and Kim are back.

    Dorian leaving stinks, I know I am going to cry like a big baby when she is gone. I have watched since the original Dorian was married to Victor.

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, August 24 2011 09:15 AM

    I laughed when Bo said he'd overlook Asa's crime "this once"! Ha! Bo has covered for his father for everything from murder to illegal toxic waste dumping on Llantano mountain! That's why it drives me crazy when he says he has to follow the law! What law? Buchanan law.

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, August 24 2011 09:26 AM

    If I remember correctly (rarely LOL!) Karen met Katrina Karr when she was hooking for Marco Dane. She helped Katrina get out of "the life" but she was pregnant with one of her john's baby and she was going to give it up for adoption. Karen's sister Jenny was also pregnant at the time and lost her baby at the hospital. Karen was there and switched the kids. I think the baby was a girl named "Mary". Finally Katrina found out and got her kid back but that's all I remember.

    Posted by ladysmom at Wednesday, August 24 2011 09:29 AM

    Two things really botherine me at this point:

    1. Why in God's name would they bring back Stacy? There's absolutely no rational reason


    2. What the HECK is Clint's problem? He could be spending years in Statesville, either in a cell or the infirmary but no, he's staying in his ex-wife's mansion with his own butler and family all around. But no, he can't stand the thought of being denied doing what he wants todo so he breaks out. If I were Viki, I'd call the cops! It seems like no one on this show knows what the word "NO" means!

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