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    The Test Proves Nothing.

    Monday, August 08 2011
    Nora is angry at Bo's decision, Destiny makes a choice, and John reveals who the real Todd Manning is.

    Due to a press conference with remarks made by President Obama, the first five minutes of One Life to Live were not shown. The show resumed and recap began at 2:05 pm.

    Bo and Nora discuss Matthew's attacker at home. A furious Nora asks Bo why he didn't arrest Nate. He doesn't think that Nate knew what would happen to Matthew when he hit him and has been in his own private hell. Nora retorts that Matthew is also in hell and doesn't think his attacker should go free. Bo reminds her of what Matthew did to Eddie, and if they pursue prosecuting Nate, everything will come out. "We can't go after Nate without giving up Matthew," he tells Nora. She doesn't want him tucked away in some prison hospital. Bo believes if they had let Matthew originally confess, then Nate wouldn't have found out the way he did. He blames himself and Nora for Matthew's condition. Nora has a meltdown over all the things Matthew will never experience. Bo embraces her and promises to help her move forward. Nora abruptly turns the subject to dinner and offers to go get takeout so she can get some fresh air.

    Vivian and Shaun discuss Destiny's options at the hospital. Destiny explains that she and Matthew were not a couple when they hooked up. She wants to do everything that young adults should experience and isn't ready to be a parent. She admits she wants an abortion. Vivian explains that she has a 24-hour waiting period, and leaves to schedule the procedure. Alone with Shaun, Destiny cries for causing trouble by not using protection, but is not sorry for making love to Matthew. Shaun believes she might need to talk to her mother, but Destiny asserts she has no mother. He believes that his parents were doing the best they could, but Destiny doesn't want them to know. Vivian returns and says, "I'm sorry, but that's a promise he can't keep." She reveals that Destiny has to get parental consent to have the abortion.

    Destiny goes to see her mother. Her mom is overjoyed to see her, but Destiny disappoints her with the news that she is not staying. She is shocked when Destiny hands her an abortion consent form to sign.

    Nate goes to see Dani and tell her about his chat with Bo. He reveals that he confessed everything, and she is worried about what will happen next. He doesn't know, but is happy she agreed to protect him after everything has happened. Nate laments not knowing if he'll be arrested. He takes Dani's hands, but she pulls away. She changes the subject and doesn't think Nora and Bo will prosecute him because they want to protect Matthew. He wishes his mistakes he made with his father didn't cost him her. Dani thinks she is at fault, too. Nate believes they could start over and begs for a second chance. He pledges his love to her, but she can't give him an answer right now. She doesn't know if she can block out the images of his porno, but promises the decision will be hers and not influenced by Todd.

    Nate returns home and looks at pictures of happier times with Dani. He is surprised when Nora arrives at his door. An angry Nora tells him, "I want to talk to you about what happened with Matthew."

    At Todd's house, both Todd and T.M. both claim to have raped Marty. T.M. is shocked when he learns that Todd had a relationship with Marty. An incredulous T.M. thinks that should have been a clue that Todd was an imposter. John then reveals that the DNA sample that matched Marty's rape kit belongs to T.M. Todd claims the test proves nothing. Viki asks who he really is, but he screams, "What happened to innocent until proven guilty?" Todd is disgusted no one believes him, but Jack pipes up that he believes him. Blair yells at Todd to stop playing games. John announces they will know who Todd is when they open his DNA results. Todd brings up the illegal procedure used to obtain his toothbrush, but John believes it is irrelevant at this point. Todd wants a new test, but John opens the envelope. John causes further confusion when the results show Todd's DNA is also a match. The group is stunned when John says, "According to this test, you are Todd Manning, too."

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    T.M. introduces himself to Dani.

    Nora confronts Nate.

    David spends time with Matthew.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, August 08 2011 12:01 PM

    That Nora is the biggest hypocrite. She has the nerve to ask why Nate is not in jail. Nora, why was Matthew never arrested? She always goes after people for hurting Matthew. She did it to Cole when Matthew jumped into the car with him and it crashed. And now Nate. She's singing a different tune now that it could come out that her baby boy is a killer.

    And John, shut up with your tired dna results saying scar face is the real Todd. It didn't phase me. I just asked if you can kindly open the other envelope. You need to do another dna test on your trashy ex's baby.

    I guess Todd and Todd are twins. Twins do run in that family.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Monday, August 08 2011 12:12 PM

    Someone needs to shoot Nora with a tranquilizer gun and quick!! She was the same way with Rachel - Rachel killed this chick named Georgie and Nora immediately covered it up. And sorry cf, but RH is the original Todd. But it does remind of a book called "Whispers" where twins were raised as one child, and thought they were one and the same. Of course their mother was totally whacko, but it did make one heck of a book. Anyway, it would explain why both Todds have the same memories.

    Posted by jorie at Monday, August 08 2011 12:21 PM


    Posted by jorie at Monday, August 08 2011 12:22 PM


    Posted by t_michelle at Monday, August 08 2011 12:24 PM

    When Todd (TSJ) was being rapped by MC, he had a vision of Marty as if he was being paid back for his past sins. Why would a phony remember their victim? Also, T.M's memories are always in photographs! Hmmm, he sounds like the phony one!

    Posted by nat21 at Monday, August 08 2011 12:25 PM

    I wish Nate would turn the tables on Nora and ask her why she was gunning for him and him mom when she knew her precious baby boy killed his dad (granted she didn't then but he doesn't know this). See what that hag has to say now! Bet she would turn away with her tail tucked between her legs!

    I was wondering how come Tea didn't open her big mouth and tell everyone that she tested Todd's DNA about 2 years ago and he was a match to Dani!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Monday, August 08 2011 12:26 PM

    Are people surprised? Nora's always been a hypocrite. I've always been iffy on her character. Always liked Lindsay more. I miss Lindsay.

    This Scarface/TSJ mess is getting old quick. I hope Roger's Todd is the real Todd. Starr knows. Vickie knows. If "Jack" thinks TSJ is Todd, then it has to be the other guy. Jack's challenged.

    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Monday, August 08 2011 12:28 PM

    This show is driving me crazy with this twin mess. DNA test can't determine the difference between identical twins. So the Todd's are identical twins is guess...who knows? A simple fingerprint can tell the diffrence. Test their fingerprints Know it all, only cop in town, McPain! Can we please gets some cops on soaps who have half a brain?! Nora you are real quick to send other people's children to jail but not your child. Bo are you that stupid to think Nora was going for take-out? No wonder you hired half a brain McPain! Nate if I was Dani i would not want you either Porno-boy. Dez stop being a jerk to your mother. Nice to see my big teddy bear Shaun. Glad he has Vivian- Rachel Gannon -----please!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, August 08 2011 12:32 PM

    Do twins have the same DNA? That book hiphopgrandma mentio ned may be what the writers had in mind that way they both think they are Todd Manning. Maybe Irene raised them that way or old man Manning did they boyh seem to have the same memories as a child being abused. After they became adults went their own way and ended up in Llanview at seperate times. Poor Dani she just excepted TSJ as Dad and now there is RH. Can't imagine she would except RH as Dad but maybe she will.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, August 08 2011 12:54 PM

    Stop being a hypocrite. you were willing to let Clint take the fall for Matthew. you hid Matthew murdering Nate's father. Matthew isn't paying for taking Nate's father, so Nate shouldn't pay for taking his life...

    Did Destiny's parent's legally adopt her from her brother/father?

    Gotta love NuTodd (TSJ), he wants to invoke the law when it suits him. Well, how about you send Jack back to confess to his part in trapping Gigi, and then we can discuss the concept of Innocent until proven guilty.

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