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    I'm Sorry. I Didn't Know It Was You.

    Tuesday, July 12 2011
    Jack is attacked, Blair finds Dorian throwing David out, and Bo questions Rex...

    Blair arrives at the mansion, as Dorian is ordering David out. After David leaves, Blair shows Dorian the photos in The Sun and asks, "You don't think these are real, do you?" Dorian rants about Ionia and the package she sent. Blair's stunned to hear about the gun and the dead body found on the property. Blair wonders if the dead guy is the one Sam's been talking about and asks, "Did the guy have a line on his face?" Dorian doesn't know and suggests maybe Sam shot him. "Remember who his parents are," she says. Blair's offended but becomes worried when Dorian suggests Sam's friend could be the shooter. Blair leaves to find Sam.

    At Llanfair, Todd and Viki debate who broke the frame containing the photo of Todd's old face. The patio doors were open. Viki got a weird feeling and felt as though someone was watching her. David appears with his luggage. He initially blames Todd for Dorian throwing him out then backtracks and blames Viki. She could've convinced Dorian he wasn't having an affair. Todd brings up Jack's birthday party tomorrow and leaves. David wants to unpack, but Viki doesn't think it's a good idea. He jokes about Viki wanting him again then rambles about the corpse found at Dorian's. Viki refuses to help David, as long as he's cheating on Dorian. Through dramatic tears, David convinces Viki he's not cheating. She finally agrees to help him.

    T.M. stands outside of Todd's office door at The Sun, as Jack tries to figure out who's behind Origami Cogs. Vimal prevents T.M. from entering Todd's office. T.M. claims he's the trash collector named Nickolas Kent. T.M. plays the seniority card, which results in an apology from Vimal. Later, while Jack goes out for food, T.M. enters the office and goes to the computer. T.M. remembers working at The Sun and vows to find out why 'Mr. Manning' took his identity. He hears the doorknob turn, grabs scissors then rushes over to the door. When Jack enters, T.M. attacks him. T.M. remembers having a son named Jack, rushes to him and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." Jack begins to come to and whispers, "Dad." T.M. hides when he hears Todd arguing with Vimal outside. Todd appears and goes to Jack, who says, "I think someone attacked me." Jack didn't see who did it and explains how the door was locked when he returned. When Todd helps Jack to the desk, Jack notices someone messed with the computer. Todd calls security, tells Jack about the break-in at Viki's then says, "I know who's doing this." The same people behind Origami Cogs. T.M. sneaks out when their backs are turned and passes Vimal in the hallway.

    Baz finds Starr at Capricorn looking at an old photo of Todd. She explains how her father had to have reconstructive surgery. Starr was the only one who knew it was really him when he returned with a new face. They were always so close. Starr brings up the description of Sam's new friend. Her mother thinks he's imagining him. Baz realizes the man reminds Starr of her dad's old face and says, "Anything's possible." Starr plans to find out who the guy is. They work on some music. Baz thinks they can take their act on the road. Later, Starr stares at the old photo of Todd.

    Bo visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion and says, "You look different." Bo questions what Rex did to Clint. Rex claims he's changed and rants about Jack and Todd getting away with what they did to Gigi. Bo apologizes for the system failing him but begs Rex not to let this change who he is. If Rex uses his anger, resulting from his grief, he'll only hurt himself. Gigi would want Rex to take care of himself and help Shane get through this. Rex throws Bo out then slides to the floor in grief.

    In his office, Natalie wonders why John thinks Brody knows what's on the tape. Brody explains how he found the tape, listened to it but found it to be blank. When John admits he listened to it too, Brody wonders why he's making him out to be the bad guy. Why didn't he just tell Natalie it was blank? Natalie demands to know why Brody didn't say anything to her. Brody didn't see the point, considering Liam's safe. Natalie knows something was on the tape and wonders who erased it. John pinpoints Brody again, who snaps, "I didn't erase the tape." John reminds Brody they can't overlook this. Marty killed someone. John has a feeling Todd's involved in this somehow. John orders Natalie and Brody to check things out but still appears suspicious.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Vivian mentions a teen pregnancy group she's working with, which makes Destiny nervous.

    Starr and James create some romance by the pool.

    Nora desperately wants to know who hurt Matthew.

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    Posted by piqueroi at Tuesday, July 12 2011 12:39 PM

    The plot thickens! No other serial combines these heightened melodramatic situations with such good humor mixed in. "Don't cry, David." Looking forward to seeing James with Starr again. Can hardly wait for the Todd vs. T.M. upcoming face off! It did seem odd that Starr had that conversation about her father's former appearance with Baz rather than James, but for those of us who remember Starr's fascination with vipers and piranha as well as the incident of the "man on the wheel", perhaps she just needed to unload her trepidation to a friendly face. LOL

    Posted by Buddy03 at Tuesday, July 12 2011 12:41 PM

    Nora desperately wants to know who hurt Mathew???? She hasn't spent more then 10 minutes with him since he was hospitalized.

    Posted by Gottalaff at Tuesday, July 12 2011 12:45 PM

    Hopefully Rex will be so grief stricken that he won't be able to complete his asinine plan of hurting Tea and Blair to get back at Todd and Jack. Who writes this crap? (rhetorical question)

    I am so sick of Dorian and David never having more than a day of happiness with each other. I can't even remember why Echo hates them so much.

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, July 12 2011 01:02 PM


    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, July 12 2011 01:04 PM

    Echo hates Dorian and Viki for telling Charlie that Echo knew all along that Rex was Clint's not Charlie and he dumped her.

    Posted by soaplover88 at Tuesday, July 12 2011 01:53 PM

    Always love David and Vicki scenes.. I actually like their friendship, its good that David actually have a friend like Vicki.

    No one cares about what's on that damn tape recorder Natalie. Can't wait until this s/l is over!!

    Why would Starr tell Baz about the history of Todd's two faces?? Where is James at?

    I wonder if TSJ will continue to with the show now that the show is continuing? And if RH is the real Todd then why is he still having flashbacks of photos and not real flashbacks??

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, July 12 2011 02:32 PM


    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, July 12 2011 02:54 PM

    Yet again, Queen Victoria and Todd and NOT a word about Jack killing her BFF Gigi. Love that her morals only come out when it involves someone else's family. GMAB!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, July 12 2011 02:55 PM

    Are you kidding me? Jack is the way he is because of Dorian? Now that is just laughable.

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, July 12 2011 04:03 PM


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