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    I Want Your Money.

    Tuesday, June 28 2011
    Clint signs everything over, Rama tells Cris why she lied, Echo gives Viki news...

    Rama comforts Nigel, who looks at a photo of Clint, at the Buchanan Mansion. Vimal appears. Talk turns to the baby and how Cris took advantage of her. Cutter answers the door to Aubrey. She needs a place to stay. Cutter refuses her, but she replies, "You owe me." She storms past Cutter and rants about all of the affairs he's had in the name of business. Vimal hushes them. Rama's pregnant! "Rama's not pregnant," Aubrey snaps and explains how they needed Vimal to take the fall. Rama used the pregnancy to convince Vimal to go to prison. Rama admits it's true and begs for Vimal's forgiveness. He orders Rama out of his sight!

    In Clint's hospital room, Rex states, "I want your money." Clint figured Rex would want money and asks his price. "It's not that simple," Rex replies. He agrees to give Clint Gigi's heart if he turns over his entire fortune, every cent, the mansion, everything. "I want you broke and broken," Rex snaps. Clint can't liquidate his holdings and the inheritance of his other children just like that. And the mansion now belongs to Cutter. "No deal," Rex warns. Clint calls Rex ruthless. "Guess I'm a Buchanan after all," Rex replies. Clint needs time to execute the transaction. Rex reminds Clint he doesn't have time and leaves.

    Outside Clint's room, Viki runs into Echo. "I'm sorry about Clint," Echo says and claims it's Dorian's fault that Clint is dying. Echo explains how Dorian used Clint's heart attack to get her hands on Echo's taped confession. If Clint ends up in the ground, it's Dorian's fault.

    Later, Joey, Kelly and Viki join Clint. He asks for Nigel, who appears soon after with a box. Rex returns and finds out Clint lied again. He didn't need time and has one paper that transfers everything he owns, if signed. Clint signs the paper. Viki does so as a witness. Rex is handed over the keys to the mansion. Cutter won't be a problem. Rex takes the box of Clint's belongings, including his mother's ring, and leaves. Clint asks Viki to call the doctor.

    Rex goes to Gigi's room and apologizes. Clint's money and power will give him what he needs to fight Jack and Todd. They'll pay for what they've done. "But how do I let you go?" Rex asks.

    Nigel returns to the mansion and shows Cutter a paper. There was a loophole in the deed. Cutter doesn't own the house. Nigel orders Cutter out.

    Ionia, the woman who plays Dorian in David's film, takes a call from Echo outside Dorian's mansion. She assures Echo everything's under control. Ionia knocks on the door then takes David in a kiss. "Get your hands off my man, bitch!" Dorian seethes. Ionia acts as though she and David are having an affair. David denies it. Ionia continues to do Echo's bidding to destroy David and Dorian's relationship, slips her room key in David's pocket and leaves. He notices Ionia has a penthouse suite at The Palace then calls after Dorian, "You believe me, don't you, baby?" Dorian looks at the photos again. She wants to believe him. David thinks Clint's behind this and begs Dorian to trust him. He holds her close.

    Ionia meets Echo at Capricorn and reports that Dorian is starting to doubt David. Rama joins Cris at the bar. Vimal knows everything. Cris is sorry and talks about Gigi. Life's too short. Maybe Rama's marriage ending is a good thing. "Maybe you and I can be together now," Cris finishes. Rama admits she lied to Cris too. She needed Vimal to take the fall for Clint, so they could get rich. Cris walks away from Rama.

    T.M. watches Tea as she cries on the docks, "Damn you, Todd." T.M. walks up behind Tea until Shaun screams out. T.M. rushes off. Tea didn't see the man but tells Shaun she doesn't care who it was, as long as it wasn't Todd Manning. T.M. listens from the shadows as Tea talks about the first time she married Todd. It was for money. T.M. flashes to a photo of their wedding. Tea talks of the second time they married. It was for love. Again, T.M. flashes to that day. Tea doesn't know if she can stay married to Todd. He's the same man who tried to burn her in a cabana years ago.

    Back at the Manning Estate, Jack feels bad for causing Todd and Tea's fight. "I did what I did to keep your sorry ass out of prison," Todd replies. Jack worries what'll happen to Brad. Todd's only worried about Jack and orders Jack to work at The Sun with him. Todd doesn't want Jack to ruin his life like Todd's ruined his. Jack agrees to do as Todd says.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Nate and Deanna worry Rick will expose Nate's part in Matthew's brain injury.

    Viki urges Jessica to fight for Brody.

    Ford kidnaps Jessica.

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    Posted by piqueroi at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:32 PM

    Today's episode was absorbing from start to finish. What an effective grouping of all the important people so vital to the current storylines. Despite knowing what would happen from published spoilers, I enjoyed the developments very much. Bless Nigel for adding a bit of whimsical humor and finger snapping! Cris is always welcome for his strong portrayal. Where will Cutter, Aubrey and Vimal go? Olympia's ring was a splendid touch. Will be staying tune for the future. (Hope Dorian has time to wipe the floor with that actress before she leaves Llanview! LOL) Everyone associated with today's show deserves hearty congratulations. Good to see Sean again. Both Todd and TM as well as Tea were magnificent.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:34 PM

    Very, VERY impressed with Rex. Way to get what you want!

    LOL, now Jack is worried about Brad? Still no ounce of remorse for Shane. What a little prick!

    Posted by Diana8254 at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:34 PM

    Just read that Trevor is leaving and it was not his choice He was willing to stay until the end but tptb decided not to keep him around He must not be the real Todd and just who is Dani father. Tea had DNA test done to see if Trevor's Todd was Dani's father and he supposedly is. I was working at the time that Todd Tea and Ross where on the island so I don't know who Dani's father is.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:36 PM

    Diana8254....if TSJ is not the real Todd, then Tea LIED and Ross really is/was Dani's bio father. That is the ONLY explanation, IMHO.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:45 PM

    I wonder what kind of loop hole Clint has in signing all of his assests over to Rex. He got out of the deal with Cutter so I don't see Rex's fortune lasting all that long. Can't see Clint getting a heart and having nothing, you know what I mean? I think this will be as short lived as Cutter's moment.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:46 PM

    So, Cutter loses the manse, but he still has all the cash that Clint forked over, right?

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:48 PM

    I'm sure Clint has some $$$$ socked away in some foreign bank account that only he knows about. I doubt he will be totally broke.

    Guess he will have to move in with Viki, huh?

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:49 PM


    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:50 PM


    Posted by girlinthewind at Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:52 PM

    Jumps probably not, but maybe. I just don't see Clint giving away anything he doesn't have to, and you just know he's got clauses in place for when people black mail him. He just does it too easily.

    Waiting for the fallout for all the homeless people. I think Chris will not Rama since she tricked Vimal to help herself and Aubrey get away with their scheming. We shall see. The tempo is really picking up right now on this show and I am glad to see it. Hope it continues.

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