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    He Sacrificed His Own Son.

    Friday, June 24 2011
    Todd makes Brad's dad an offer, Clint prepares to say goodbye, and Bo seeks answers...

    John opens his office door and lets in the witness he claims blamed Jack for the stunt at the rental property. "Brad," Jack snaps. "What the hell did you tell them?" John takes Brad to another room. Tea orders Jack to be straight with her. Could Brad get him in trouble? Jack thinks he might put the blame on him. Todd hears a man asking after Brad outside the office. Brad's dad complains about being in a hurry. He has a meeting and is at risk of facing foreclosure. Todd rushes out after him and warns Brad's dad how much trouble their kids are in. The man listens to what the kids could be charged with and how much the legal fees will cost. Later, Todd returns to Tea and Jack, appearing optimistic. "What did you do?" Tea asks.

    In another room, John questions Brad and acts as though Jack ratted Brad out, stating Brad created ComicGurl15. "That's not true," Brad replies and accuses John of trying to trick him. John brings up jail and urges Brad to set the record straight. Just as Brad's about to confess, his father appears and stops him. He informs John that his lawyer, Morgan Guthrie, will be there soon.

    In the high school gym, Dani introduces Starr and Baz and is surprised to hear they've already met. Dani rushes off to find Nate, leaving Baz to anticipate spending more time with Starr. Over talk of Baz's music, he brings up how Dani said Starr's an awesome singer. He has a track that needs vocals and has Starr listen to it. James joins them and is introduced to the guy who wiped her music. Baz taunts James with being connected to Starr through family and how he's staying in Llanview. Across the room, Nate freaks out as Deanna admits Rick knows his secret. Just as Deanna's about to tell Nate about Rick's offer, Dani appears. Deanna gives them some time alone. Dani can tell Nate's distracted. He takes a photo of them together with the camera she bought him. Dani wants to take another one. The last one looks as if Nate was posing for a mugshot. Later, Nate tells Deanna he'll do whatever Rick wants to keep him quiet. She informs that they have to star in Rick's next porno.

    T.M. meets up with Sam outside the mansion. Sam promises he didn't tell anyone about the man T.M. shot. T.M. has some questions about Sam's father. Sam admits Todd lives with his stepmom, Tea. T.M. remembers having another wife named Tea and asks for Todd's address. He promises Sam nothing bad will happen to Todd Manning. Once Sam is gone, T.M. cocks his gun and heads to the Manning Estate.

    In his hospital room, Matthew tells Bo someone caused his injury and thinks back to Nate punching him. "He knew," Matthew whispers. "Eddie…" Matthew's machines go off, as he begins convulsing. While the doctor examines him, Bo tells Nora Matthew wanted to tell him who hurt him. Nora's confused. Eddie Ford? He's been dead for months. The doctor informs them Matthew's going to be fine but can't be pushed.

    Rex enters Clint's room and announces Clint's not getting Gigi's heart. He shows them her proxy, giving him power of attorney. Clint has something to tell Rex, father to son. He wishes he had more time to make things right, to be the father Rex deserves. Rex doesn't buy Clint's attempts to bargain for Gigi's heart and leaves. Natalie follows him into the hallway and begs Rex, knowing she shouldn't be asking, "If you won't do it for him, do it for me." Gigi's gone and isn't coming back. He shouldn't allow their father to die. Viki interrupts and sends Natalie back in with Clint. Viki's not on Clint's side. She thinking of Gigi and thinks Rex should be too. Gigi wanted to help someone else live. "Not Clint," Rex replies. Viki reminds Rex that Gigi always forgave. "I'm not Gigi," Rex counters. She urges Rex to honor Gigi's wishes. Later, Rex runs into Bo, shows him the proxy and informs that the surgery won't be taking place. Whatever Rex decides, Bo promises it won't change their friendship. Rex informs that Jack's been brought in for questioning. He wants to be able to tell Gigi that Jack's going to pay.

    Bo goes to Clint's room. He didn't want this for Clint, who begs Bo not to let Matthew confess to Eddie's murder. Later, Clint asks Natalie and Viki to summons the family. They all need to say goodbye.

    John returns to his office and asks how much Todd paid Brad's father to sacrifice his own kid. Brad confessed. Rex appears and can't believe it.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    David and Dorian urge Kelly to go back to Joey.

    T.M. arrives at the Manning Estate.

    Tea and Todd have a blowout.

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    Posted by roses4880 at Friday, June 24 2011 12:23 PM

    Clint - shut your fake self up. You don't care about Rex you just want a heart so you can continue to make people's lives miserable. Rex I'm sorry for GiGi but let's keep it real. You gotta let her go and in peace. It's hard but Shane needs you. Jack and Todd cut from the same cloth manipulating everyone. Tea needs to slap them both like Blair did. And where is she while her son faces murder charges. Oh yeah running behind Tomas nasty tail. Oh wait no charges for Manning Jr. Ugh can T.M. give a clue to what is going on with this storyline. Hurry up for petes sake. Although I've always liked Roger in the role of Todd.

    Posted by SapphireGirl1226 at Friday, June 24 2011 12:31 PM

    Gee, Tea, if Jack yelled at Brad, don't you THINK that means that of course, Jack had something to do with what happened to GiGi?

    Oh, Todd, always trying to win your way out of trouble, face it, your son is your carbon copy, and he needs to pay for what he did.

    I must say, Deanna is totally a pointless character. JMO.

    Sam is the CUTEST little boy on the show. I want to squeeze him right up. I can't wait to see what happens when T.M. and Todd come face-to-face

    I hope the truth about Nate comes out soon. I must admit, I was glad not to see Destiny on the scene today, her whininh and crying is just too boring to watch.

    I totally understand Rex's side of why he doesn't want Gigi's heart in Clint. Had Clint man-upped and acknowledged Rex as his son all this time, things would be different. Natalie, honey, don't expect your newfound brother to just magically agree to give his fiance's heart to your father just because you begged and pleaded.

    I did like the conversation betweeen Viki and Rex, at least she can understand his point of view.

    Posted by Keelex at Friday, June 24 2011 12:41 PM

    And people wonder WHY Jack is such a little sociopath. That poisioned apple didn't fell far from the tree. How's he going to feel when it turns out he isn't Todd Mannings son cause his daddy ain't really Todd Manning? Maybe he will want to take Shanes place on the roof.
    I'm glad Clint the C_nt ain't getting GiGi's heart. He doesn't need it. Unfourtunately he will get a heart then start making others lives hell all over again.

    Posted by cakiley at Friday, June 24 2011 12:42 PM

    I hope the writers don't ruin this bullying storyline by making it so Jack gets away with it. They need to show that bullying is just wrong and there will be punishment for those involved. So far they are showing that if your parents have money you can get away with anything. Jack must be made to account for his actions.

    Clint had a change of heart concerning Rex. Huh??

    Where is Blair while this is going on? Did Tea just get stupid? She should see something is wrong.

    Sam is a little cutie.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, June 24 2011 12:49 PM

    Todd is doing what he always does Buy his way out of trouble and he is teaching Jack to do the same thing. To bad OLTL is ending could be interesting to see how Jack ends up after high school and college just like daddy dearest. I know some viewers like Todd but he can be a real jerk.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 24 2011 12:49 PM

    Think this means the end of Jack and Brad's friendship?

    Posted by jumps at Friday, June 24 2011 12:54 PM

    Sorry this sl about Brad's father facing forclosure makes NO sense to me. IF they are about to lose their house, then move into the one that Jack and Brad used to kill Gigi. Brad said it was one of his Dad's properites.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, June 24 2011 01:17 PM

    If the police take statements from all the kids from school that girl may tell the truth about Jack. Of course maybe not it would get her in trouble too.

    Posted by jorie at Friday, June 24 2011 01:24 PM

    brad was going to throw jackunder the bus anyway, hewas the main instigator anyway ,shows how stupid john is that he thinks it was jack as the leader .so i wonder if bo is going to let matt get away with what he did,matt was a bully too.he had been bullying nate for months
    tsj is the only todd ,there is no way he would have been channeling peter if he wasn't.

    Posted by jorie at Friday, June 24 2011 01:26 PM

    if he took statements john would also find out the kids weren't afraid of jack ,

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