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    A Picture Of You Kissing That Piece Of Trash.

    Monday, April 04 2011
    Viki can't believe her eyes, Nora and Bo refuse to believe Clint, and Blair finds out about Jack's bullying...

    At the carriage house, Rex rereads Shane's goodbye note and thinks Shane's planning to run away. Gigi thinks Shane's planning something a whole lot worse. When they can't reach anyone, Rex decides to call Echo. Shane confides in her.

    Viki walks into Echo's motel room and sees her and Charlie in bed. "How could you do this?" Viki asks then shows Charlie the text she received from Tess. "It's a picture of you kissing that piece of trash." Once dressed, Charlie tries to referee the women. Though Echo claims they never set out to hurt Viki, Viki slaps Echo and screams, "You pig!" Echo takes a call from Rex, leaving Viki to lash out at Charlie. She warned him Echo would dig her claws into him. Echo rejoins them. Shane's missing. She needs to go find him. Charlie comforts Echo. Viki warns Echo not to dare ask her husband to go with her. Echo leaves. Charlie claims he still loves Viki, who demands to know when the affair started. Charlie admits it started on the night that her daughters were to be married. Viki remembers leaving her daughters and searching for Charlie. She was afraid he was hurt, drunk or dead. It never occurred to Viki to look for him with Echo. Charlie tries to reach out to Viki. "Don't touch me," Viki snaps. "You stink of Echo."

    Echo arrives at the carriage house. They show her Shane's note. Rex looks on Shane's MyFace and sees the video of Shane. Echo thinks maybe Shane went to confront Jack.

    Shane arrives in the school gym and glares at Jack. Kids everywhere watch and laugh at the video of Shane. Shane approaches Jack and hands him his inhaler. "I thought you need this?" Jack asks. Shane reminds Jack he didn't care about that the other day. Shane walks away, claiming he doesn't need the inhaler anymore.

    Out in the hallway, Destiny sees Matthew and accuses him of watching Shane's video. Matthew was checking to see when Clint's being arraigned. Matthew assures Destiny the proof they have against Clint isn't what it looks like. His uncle can't go to prison. She wonders what's had Matthew so jumpy lately. Matthew refuses to talk about it then leaves. Shane appears. Destiny assures Shane he'll get through this mess, like she did when kids picked on her. She begs Shane to tell someone what happened. He needs to stop Jack. Shane thinks it'll only make matters worse and walks away.

    Outside Todd's hospital room, Starr admits to Shaun that she's there to see her mom about Jack. She enters Todd's room and overhears Blair talking about what Dani said about Jack. Starr tells Blair everything Jack did to Shane. Blair can't believe Jack would do these things and thinks Jack's acting out because Todd was shot. Starr admits this started way before the shooting then shows Blair the video Jack posted of Shane on his MyFace. "How could Jack be so cruel?" Blair cries. Jack appears. Starr gives them some time. Blair rants at Jack about what he did. Jack disrespects his mother with cocky comments. Gigi calls. Blair apologizes for what Jack did then demands to know if Jack's seen Shane. This is serious. Shane's missing. Jack says he saw him a few minutes ago at the school. Gigi hangs up on Blair. As Jack tries to leave, Blair sees Shane's inhaler fall out of his jacket. Jack claims Shane gave it to him and said he didn't need it anymore.

    As Gigi and Rex arrive at the school, Shane makes his way up some stairs. Destiny points in the direction of where Shane took off to and says, "Oh my God, the roof."

    In her motel room, James pushes Deanna away and warns, "I'm with someone." Deanna thought James loved her. He reminds Deanna she left him. Did she expect him to wait around? He's found someone else now. Deanna made a mistake but refuses to admit that she's in financial trouble. Starr calls. James claims he's in the middle of something, makes sure Starr doesn't need him then promises he'll call Starr later. James knows Deanna is in trouble and insists she come home with him.

    In the courtroom, Clint admits to Bo and Nora that he can prove that Matthew murdered Eddie Ford. A man appears and brings Clint a tape recorder. Clint plays Matthew's call to him for help, admitting he killed Eddie Ford. Bo and Nora accuse Clint of faking the call. They're furious Clint never showed them this tape. Clint was trying to protect the family until Rex found that DVD of him leaving Eddie's room. He never wanted to incriminate Matthew. Everyone enters and the hearing is called to order. The judge asks how Clint pleads. Matthew appears. Just as Clint is ready to show the court something, Nora stands and asks for the charges to be dropped. She claims there was a mistake. The evidence they have doesn't implicate Clint. The judge lets Clint go and reprimands Bo and Nora for wasting his time and ruining a man's good name. Matthew joins them. Bo asks for the tape recorder then sends Clint on his way. Nora breaks down in Bo's arms. He orders Matthew to go home with them to talk about Eddie and who really shot him.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Rex and Gigi find Shane about to jump from a roof.

    Tea confronts John.

    Starr finds Marty with Hope.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, April 04 2011 11:59 AM

    Echo sounded just like a child, saying Charlie was hers first. Well now he's married to Viki, you garden tool. I was glad when Viki slapped the taste out of her mouth.

    I'm tired of Destiny bringing up that kiss with Matthew that happened eons ago. Matthew ain't thinking about that. Heck, he's thinking about the man he killed. But she was a good friend to Shane.

    When Starr was telling Blair about what Jack had been up to, she seemed like she could care less and took it so lightly, until Starr showed her the post Jack made on the internet. Let's see how much grief Blair gets on the board. I bet she won't get any.

    Ooooh, Deanna is going to move in with James.

    I think the PSA announcement should have been made by Shane and Jack. Not Blair and Rex. It would be like kids relating to other kids.

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Monday, April 04 2011 12:24 PM

    I think that it was only a matter of time b4 Viki found out and when she did, she was heartbroken and devastated which will cause her 2 break down. and Blair didn't believe Dani but believes Starr how fair is that? Jack is a moron, he should have not tease Shane the way he did. Blair used the same word as Starr did when she confronted her brother. I would b infurated if my brother teased any1, people don't take bullying seriously they do until it's 2 late.

    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, April 04 2011 12:54 PM

    dallasgirl I haven't seen the show yet but from the write up it looks like Blair didn't believe Starr until Starr showed her the video of Shane and Jack.

    Posted by flutterby10 at Monday, April 04 2011 01:00 PM

    I think the PSA at the end coming from Blair & Rex as the parents of the bully and the victim was a good idea. Too many parents are unaware of what happens in school. It doesn't matter if their child is being bullied or is the bully. By having parents say something, it helps to open the eyes of other parents.

    Posted by dallasgirl0708 at Monday, April 04 2011 01:08 PM

    @Diana8254, Jack went 2 far by posting the video thanks 2 Brad and boy are they wrong. . .they are going 2 do something about it.

    Posted by night worker at Monday, April 04 2011 01:51 PM

    Poor Vicki, don't cry over Charlie, he isn't worth it. Vicki should have slapped Echo a long time ago, now I hope Charlie and Echo leave town together fast.

    Posted by night worker at Monday, April 04 2011 01:55 PM

    I hope that Shane doesn't jump. When Shane said that he had something for Jack, jack must have thought that Shane had gun . Jack should have known what Shane meant when he said that he didn't need his inhaler anymore.
    Jack doesn't have any respect for anybody, he told Blair that he wasn't afraid of her.
    Brad might push Jack to do these things, but jack is the one that does it, so he is to blame. He could say know!

    Posted by mademma at Monday, April 04 2011 02:12 PM

    I belive that marty change the results but it will be a while before john finds out susan haskell is leaving the show so when she leaves they might have them find out then maybe not.

    Posted by night worker at Monday, April 04 2011 02:20 PM

    Bo and Nora should both resign from there jobs. I probably would do anything to protect my child too, but they are breaking the law by keeping the name of the killer (Matthew), a secret. You could see how this news has destroyed there lives. How can I put my teen age son in jail?
    Matthew shouldn't get away with this without a trail, he might have killed Eddie in self defence, and get acquitted. Matthew didn't seem sorry about killing Eddie, he just hoped that Clint got off. Maybe if Clint didn't get off, Matthew would have come forward.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, April 04 2011 02:55 PM

    Jack is a prick of a kid. "Be a Manning. Make your Dad proud" is all it took for Jack to post that video of Shane. Blair needs to turn that boy over her knee and give him a spanking he will NEVER forget!

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