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    Where Did Your Pervert Son Take My Daughter?

    Thursday, March 03 2011
    Todd threatens Inez, Starr urges Dani to go home, and Rex's betrayal devastates Bo...

    The hairdryer goes off at Foxy Roxy's. "Roxy, I think I'm done now," Inez calls out. "Roxy's not here," Todd replies. "I'm going to be helping you today." Todd paid Roxy to leave so he could have some alone time with Inez. She tries to leave, but one of Todd's thugs stops her. He touches her hair and asks, "Where did your pervert son take my daughter?" Inez claims she doesn't know where Nate is. They trade barbs over their parenting skills. Inez compares Todd to Eddie. Todd demands answers now. Inez assures Todd Nate wouldn't hurt Dani. Todd grabs her purse, takes out her cell phone and sees that Nate called. Inez claims she must have missed it. Todd threatens to really hurt Nate if he has to waste anymore time looking for him. Later, Inez calls Tea. Todd forced her to tell him where the kids are. Inez is afraid Todd's going to hurt her son.

    In the living room of Viki's cabin, Nate admits to James that things between him and Dani got pretty intense last night. "For me and Starr too," James replies. Over talk of Todd, James warns if Todd finds them all up there, they'll be sorry. Nate checked in with Inez last night. James can't believe Nate told Inez where they are. Todd's going to hunt Inez down to get to Nate. James warns this'll be the last night they spend with their girls if Todd finds them. He thinks back to holding Starr last night. They almost made love until Nate interrupted.

    Upstairs the bedroom, Starr rants at Dani for putting her on the spot last night, asking if she and James wanted the bedroom. Dani thinks back to her and Nate taking the bedroom and promising Starr they'd use protection. She admits to Starr that they didn't have sex. Dani wasn't ready. Starr's proud Dani decided to wait. Starr wouldn't trade Hope for the world but admits she wishes she would've waited with Cole. Starr thinks everything she's done may have been a reaction to having Todd as a father. Starr loved Cole but also enjoyed seeing how crazy Todd got when he saw them together. She doesn't want Dani to ever use Nate to do that to their father. She begs Dani to go home before Todd does something really crazy. James and Nate appear. Inez knows where they are. It's only a matter of time before Todd does too. They race to pack their bag. They're going home.

    Later, as they are ready to leave the cabin, Todd busts through the door and takes in the sight of his daughters with their boyfriends.

    Gigi finds Rex devastated and alone in Bo's office. "Bo hates me," Rex cries. "I don't blame him one bit." Gigi agrees that Rex screwed up but now he's trying to make things right. Rex thinks maybe he's just like Clint. Gigi doesn't agree. Bo's always been the closest thing Rex's had to a father. Rex feels he's now lost Bo. She talks about all of the obstacles they've overcome. Rex and Bo will rise above theirs too. Rex worries that something's happened to David. Though Bo told Rex he didn't need his help finding David, Gigi asks, "When has that ever stopped you?" Rex wonders what he did to deserve her. Gigi promises to always be there for him then sends Rex off to help Bo find David.

    Nora meets Bo at the airport with a bag, as well as things for David. She's stunned to hear what Clint did and that Rex stayed quiet about it. After Bo explains the whole sordid story, he warns if something happened to David, it's all Rex's fault. Nora reminds Bo Rex was protecting his family. Bo doesn't see it that way and refers to Rex as really being his brother's son. "Clint's the one to blame in all this," Nora says. "Not Rex. Rex has been hurt too." Bo can't believe Nora's sticking up for Rex. She thinks Bo should be proud that Rex came forward now. Rex loves him. Bo doesn't feel he owes Rex anything. He's done with people like Rex and damns them all to hell. "You sound just like your brother," Nora says then admits she told Matthew their suspicions about Clint. Nora urges Bo to go find David. They share a laugh over how hard David tried to win them over. Bo vows if he finds David, he'll make everything up to him. Later, Bo boards a plane. Rex appears but isn't allowed on it.

    Nora runs into Gigi at the station. Gigi explains how sorry Rex is. Nora knows. So does Bo. However, it'll take a long time before Bo's ready to admit it.

    Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

    Marty receives a visit from John.

    Tea's a witness to Todd's latest actions.

    Viki tries to gain Ford as an ally.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:00 PM

    We spent way too much time in Kiddie Land. Can you say, boooring. At least Dani realized she wasn't ready and stopped. Not like that dummy Starr, who now realizes she should have waited. Next time, listen to your father.

    Folks need to realize it's different raising boys from girls. Boys can't get pregnant. Dads have to protect their daughters. If they had boys, they would be telling them way to go and encouraging them to sow their wild oats.

    Nora was wrong trying to defend Rex. Rex was wrong. If someone had did the same to Rex and Nora, keeping the secret that their son was in jail, they would pitch a hissy fit. When Cole paralyzed her precious baby, Nora was ready to lock him up and throw away the key. Both Nora and Rex are hypocrites.

    Just like his sister Nata-lie, telling the truth nearly killed Rex.

    Who is Inez to compare Todd to her ex husband. Honey you are no prize in the parent department either. You left your two small sons in the hands of your abusive husband, and ran with your scary arse. You should be happy they give you the time of day.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:09 PM

    Gulla, come out, come out where ever you are. We miss you.

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:20 PM

    It took me half a night, but I found the day Gulla's postings were attacked... Feb 15th or 16th. It was very hurtful. I don't see the two posters that flung the insults on the comment boards anymore. Once and for all Gulla your quick and emotionally driven posts are missed.

    Todd, Todd, Todd will you ever learn. Tea, stand by your man a bit, it was no secret he's very protective. Could those kids have lingered any longer??? Starr who had toddler Hope last night? Is there a nanny at Dorian's now?

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:30 PM

    Todd Manning is a thug. Period. End of story!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:32 PM

    cowboys fan, ITA about the kiddie pool.

    Posted by galwaygirl at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:33 PM

    I agree. It was Gulla's posts that started me reading the posts. I miss her too!

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:36 PM

    Yep, Starr wouldn't trade Hope for anything in the world, but has no trouble dumping her off on god knows who, to chase after James.....

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:40 PM

    Can't wait for the day that some girl's father calls Jack and/or Sam a pervert. See how Todd likes that!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:47 PM

    My Todd does not raise perverts, thank you. And he can be my thug andy day of the week. Especdially on weekends. Come to mama.

    Posted by officegirl at Thursday, March 03 2011 12:47 PM

    cowboys fan - yes girls can get pregnant, but it affects the boy too, very much so. and everyone can get STD's. Having a raised a son and daughter I can tell you that I worried just as much for my son's welfare as my daughter's.

    Yup, I agree, Rex was wrong. How do you leave someone in a foreign jail for months and months???? so what if Gigi lost her scholarship? that's no comparison.....she could have just asked Viki to borrow the money, she would have said yes.

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