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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'One Life To Live'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Come Back To Us...

    Tuesday, January 09 2007
    Todd, Viki, Jack & Starr watch over Blair, Antonio tells Nash about Claudia, Evangeline comes to Cristian's defense, Paige denies Spencer's request, and Starr pays Spencer a visit...

    At the coffeehouse, Marty asks Jessie if it's going to be hard keeping her distance from Nash. Although Jessie says that she can stay away from Nash, she's not so sure that Antonio can because they've become friends. Marty tells Jessica that she should tell him the truth about why they shouldn't be spending so much time with Nash. Jessie thanks Marty for her advice, then leaves her with a bit of her own by suggesting that Mart reexamine Spencer Truman!

    After Jessica leaves, Marty makes a call, "Is he on his way?"

    At Capricorn, when Antonio tells Nash that he took Claudia to rehab, he thanks Antonio for helping her out. Again, Antonio asks Nash to fill Claudia's position, but Nash suggests that he should probably talk to Jessica first.

    After barging through Cris' apartment door, Shaun and Vincent claim that Cris burnt down his warehouse, but Evangeline steps forward and defends Cris. Cris walks up to Vincent and swears that he didn't kill Ted! Vincent asks Shaun to wait outside, then brings up the fact that Cris has killed a man before. He goes on to say that the accelerant used in the arson was turpentine! After Cris accuses Vincent of trying to set him up, Evangeline says, "Wait! Cris didn't do it and I can prove it!" Evangeline reminds Vincent that Cris was at Rodie's with her when Shaun told Vincent about the fire. While it seems that Cris has an alibi, Vincent tells him that if it doesn't hold up he'll make sure that he's prosecuted for murder!

    After Vincent leaves, Evangeline reminds Cris that they really weren't together the entire night of the fire. Although she believes in Cris' innocence, Evangeline warns him that the cops may not.

    In Spencer's room, Spencer changes his mind and asks Paige if he can examine Blair. However, Paige denies Spencer's request for fear that he'll hurt Blair. Through tears, Spencer claims to still love Blair and says if Blair dies, her blood will be on Paige's hands. However, Paige screams, "I don't believe that you want to save Blair's life!" Paige leaves…

    When Paige goes back into Spencer room, she informs him that he'll be going back to Wingdale soon and that she doesn't think he'll ever be free again…

    Outside of Blair's room, Michael tells Todd that Blair is suffering from a heart infection as a result of her fall. When asked if she could die, Michael says, "It's possible." Viki leaves Starr and Jack in the hospital room and joins Todd and Michael. Although it sounds crazy, Viki suggests that they turn to Spencer for help! Todd disagrees and makes Michael promise that Spencer won't find out about Blair's condition. The kids come out of the room, and Viki takes Jack for a drink while Michael explains Blair's condition to Starr. When Viki returns, Todd tells them all that he plans to propose to Blair when she wakes up. Viki asks Michael to take the kids back in to be with Blair, then tells Todd to follow her…

    In the hospital waiting room, Viki tells Todd that he shouldn't rush into anything until Blair gets better. Todd doesn't agree and says that the sooner he and Blair admit their love, the sooner they'll stop hurting each other. Todd asks that Viki look after his kids, then sits down to call some specialists.

    Jessica arrives at Capricorn to hear about Antonio's job offer. When Antonio says that he needs Jess to convince Nash to take the job, Jessica says, "Not a chance!" Although Jessica makes up excuses why Nash shouldn't work for Antonio, Antonio becomes suspicious of the 'real' reason why his job offer is bugging Jessica so much.

    As Viki sits with Jack at Blair's bedside, Jack expresses how much he misses his mom. Jack says a prayer for his mommy.

    When Todd finds out that the specialist that he wanted to contact to help Blair is already on his way to Llanview, he's absolutely shocked to hear that Marty is the one who asked him to come for Blair! Marty explains that she personally knows the doctor and that he owed her a favor. While Todd doesn't like taking help from Marty, he has no choice.

    Starr goes to Spencer's room and, through fake tears, she puts on an act to the guard saying that the only way she can move on with her life is by talking to Dr. Truman! The guard lets her in and Starr tells Spencer that he's not going to like the news she has for him!

    Next on One Life to Live:

    Rex turns down Todd's job offer.

    Starr taunts Spencer.

    Todd makes a confession to Rex.

    Jessica causes Antonio to become suspicious.

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    Posted by ..NOT ready to make nice at Tuesday, January 09 2007 12:26 PM

    Rex should tell Todd about his son being alive!! I do like Spencer even though he's a bit ruthless!!! Whatever have to Max??

    Posted by gojasam 4ever at Tuesday, January 09 2007 12:52 PM

    alright now let todd be happy now he os never been to happy in his storyline os this time let him have is family and with the other son let blair pull threw and fast
    stop putting jess /nash together it over with all 3 tess/jess/nash/and dont forget antoino let it rest
    let rex tell todd about tommy

    Posted by joliefan at Tuesday, January 09 2007 01:06 PM

    When "Al" died, Max took his body (or remains - not sure which) to his childhood home. He has been off the canvas ever since.

    Posted by ksmakela at Tuesday, January 09 2007 01:25 PM

    Paige is such a numbskull, she always tells Spencer everything he should NOT know! She always tips her hand to him! They both belong in Wingnutdale!!!!

    Starr, as usual, Rocks!

    I hope she is a force to contend with on this show for decades to come!!!!

    Good ol' Max, wow, he is off in some mountainous-country state where his two deaf twins have been growing up.

    Sometimes I wonder if Vicky's little sis Tina is ever coming back. She was pretty zappy . . . .

    Someone really should nominate Antonio for sainthood.

    Posted by scropio at Tuesday, January 09 2007 01:34 PM

    yes please put Jess and Nash together and let Antonio be with the new cop because the chemistry is better with Nash. Send John to rehab so he can get over himself, he likes too much d-- drama in his life that's why him and Evangeline didn't last and he's going to lose red because of it too. And please let my man Todd be happy with Blair for longer than 2 minutes.

    Posted by funnygirl26 at Tuesday, January 09 2007 08:20 PM

    I thought that the guy filling in for Michael was cute, but i missed the old character. He is the real Michael. The new one seemed lost. But He was very cute. I think to me he'll be the new Doc mcsteamy.

    Posted by Amy at Wednesday, January 10 2007 03:23 AM

    Don't worry, Nathaniel (Michael) will be back. The new one is only filling in for four episodes

    Thanks for all your posts! Keep them coming!

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, January 10 2007 04:34 AM

    This guy who is filling in for Michael sucks. Not that the other one does anything for me, however, he has been Michael for so long, I am used to him.

    Can anyone tell me when the hell Jessica and Marty become such good friends? I am so tired of Jess/Nash/Tess. Please let this storyline go. Someone decide the fate of these characters. They are getting too boring.

    Yes, I agree, that Rex should tell Todd about his son. Todd may be a monster to some people, however, he does adore his children. Rex is playing God. For pete's sake, who the hell does he think he is. After all, Rex, have you forgotten the hell you've created in the past? I want Todd happy. He is one of my favorite characters.

    Posted by LucyM at Wednesday, January 10 2007 04:37 AM

    No Starr does not rock. Her storyline is too boring with this Cole guy. I see a future Todd and Blair in these two. Maybe within time, Starr will rock, but as for now, she does not.

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Wednesday, January 10 2007 07:43 AM

    LucyM i agree with you im not enjoying the show anymore it's boring me. Todd deserved to know the truth about his son after all the hell he has been through i love him he is so cute that is my best character. John i like him too but he is getting boring now.

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