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    Lover Not Brother.

    Tuesday, January 18 2011
    Cutter kisses Kelly, Inez incriminates someone, and Echo confronts Clint...

    Outside the steam room, Kelly makes it clear she thinks Cutter's Aubrey's lover, not brother. Though Kelly found documentation that states he's Aubrey's brother, she warns Cutter not to slip up and calls him a liar. Cutter counters that Kelly's the liar! He calls Kelly pathetic because she can't make Joey accept her. Cutter notices how hot Kelly is, says she must have tons of guys after her then kisses her! Kelly pulls from the kiss and slaps him! Cutter suggests she look him up at The Palace if she changes her mind. "You should stop looking at my sister and take a look at me," Cutter says then takes off his towel and walks into the steam room.

    Blair joins Cris in the gym and asks him to look at the painting again. Cris finds a B watermarked in the paper, which only the artist could've done. Cris does some research online and finds out the paper comes from Paris. Cris needs to catch up with Layla and agrees to accompany Blair to Paris.

    Ford arrives at the mansion and fills Langston in on what happened in court. They enter the living room. Dorian looks at the magazine containing Aubrey's photo and remembers seeing Ford all over her. Ford admits he ran into Aubrey and told her all about Langston. Dorian demands to know how he met Aubrey. Ford talks about their time in Venice and how Aubrey led him on. He didn't really know anything about her. "Something strange happened," Ford says. He realized what a connection he and Aubrey had, which made him admit to Aubrey that he wasn't who he led her to believe. He was broke. Then she dumped him! Langston believes Ford and warns Dorian to let it go. Kelly arrives. Dorian needs to leave but tells Kelly Ford knows a thing or two about Aubrey. Kelly shows Ford the photo of Aubrey with Cutter and asks if he recognizes him. "He was in Venice back then too," Ford admits. Kelly asks if Cutter is Aubrey's brother.

    Joey brings Aubrey to the hospital nursery. He notices her distraction and thinks it has to do with Kelly. Over talk of Cutter questioning him about Kelly, Joey brings up how nervous Cutter appeared when Joey said his uncle is police commissioner. Aubrey claims Cutter's harmless. Cutter's sudden arrival makes Joey realize how little he knows about Aubrey. She reminds him how they connected from the moment they made love. Joey still doesn't know what she wants out of their life. Joey holds Aubrey close, who appears affected by his words. She wants to have kids and loves Joey's dream for their life. Aubrey agrees to move to Llanview but reminds Joey that his dad and Kelly are going to be a problem. Joey promises to make sure Aubrey is happy no matter what. Cutter appears and listens as Aubrey tells Joey no one's ever cared about her the way he does. He interrupts and makes a jab at Aubrey. Cutter talks about all of the knockouts in Llanview and how he just met one he'd like to see again at the gym!

    Still in the courtroom, Bo can't believe Inez made him think they had sex. Inez also confesses she drugged him. Nora is aghast, as Inez explains how she and Bo kissed because he thought she was Nora. "We never slept together," Inez admits. "Bo loves you too much." Bo thinks Inez is telling the truth, as does Nora. She holds Bo close, looks at Inez then says, "Arrest her, Bo." Inez promises she didn't kill Eddie or have him kidnap Nora. After Inez admits she was attracted to Bo, Nora asks who made her drug him then. "Clint is the one who wanted me to sleep with you, Bo!" Inez blurts out. She lays out all of the favors Clint did for her just so Inez would have to pay him back. Bo and Nora are stunned to hear how much Clint still resents them. Inez warned Clint that Nora would never believe Bo had cheated on her. "He said Nora wouldn't be a problem," Inez says. "He got Eddie to kidnap you and send those texts." Bo and Nora agree Clint's been acting strange. Inez asks if they believe her. "You're under arrest," Bo replies. Nora kisses Bo and begs him not to do anything he'll regret. Bo leaves. Before Inez is taken away, Nora berates her for not coming to her and Bo. Nora hopes Bo and Clint can settle this without someone else getting hurt!

    Echo finds Clint in the Buchanan stables. He whispers to Asa that he's taking care of everything. Echo warns that Dorian is trying to expose them. Echo knows Rex can survive the truth but worries that Charlie can't. Echo can't take the guilt and wonders how Clint can! She thinks back to how Clint used to be loyal to his family. Clint reminds Echo he might've been able to raise Rex had she not left him at the hospital and asks, "Who are you to judge me?" Echo cries how much she hates herself for falling for a married man again, Charlie. She hated herself when she fell for Clint too. Her words appear to make Clint feel the guilt, who admits he's not sure what happened to him after Asa died. She pushes Clint to open up. He briefly thinks back to times with Asa and Bo then urges Echo to stay quiet. If she does, it'll be enough to keep Dorian in the dark. Echo begs him to reconnect with the man she used to know then leaves. Shortly after, Bo arrives and pulls a gun on Clint!

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, January 18 2011 12:02 PM

    Echo asked Clint if he ever feels guilty about what he is doing. Echo, Clint would need a conscience for that.

    Glad Nora and Bo will be back together.

    Inez just confessed everything to Bo and Nora. Too bad she didn't do it sooner. Once she started talking, she couldn't shut up. See how easy that was Inez.

    Uh Oh, Clint is in deep doo doo with Bo. Bo is coming after you with a gun. But, we all he won't shoot Clint.

    Now it's time for Echo to do the same and expose Clint as Rex's long lost good for nothing daddy.

    I have a feeling that Robert will lie and say that Cutter and Aubrey are brother and sister.

    Posted by Axl Rose at Tuesday, January 18 2011 12:15 PM

    Yes Clint is finally getting what is coming to him, I for one can't wait

    Posted by Axl Rose at Tuesday, January 18 2011 12:25 PM

    Why would Ford need to lie about Cutter and Aubrey, what would be in it for him?

    Bo I hope you do shoot Clint with your gun, it would definitely serve Clint right for you to be the one to kill Clint, Bo should tell Clint that you are dead to me Clint, I no longer have a brother Clint, and then Bo shoots Clint right then and there.

    Echo expose Clint, PLEASE, as Rex's dad

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, January 18 2011 12:43 PM

    Sounds like alot of truth and information came out today. And with only one Ford present...hee! hee!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, January 18 2011 12:56 PM

    Kelly should have kneed Cutter in his junk, instead of just slapping him........LOL!

    Posted by amr252 at Tuesday, January 18 2011 01:22 PM

    i thought the kiss was hot between cutter and kelly. they seem to have better chemistry between them then her and joey imho. and if the writers played their cards right her and cutter could use each other only for them to fall for each other imho. imho i think dorian was trying to make trouble for ford with langston by saying that he was all over aubrey when he clearly wasn't. but other then that today was a good show imho.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, January 18 2011 01:26 PM

    Hi all.

    Haven't been watching but today looks good. The truth about Clint is out. FINALLY!!! Can't wait to see Bo confront him.

    Hello to all my poster friends.
    Hope you are all good.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, January 18 2011 01:41 PM

    I'm praying for the "all behavior altering brain tumor" for Clint. Otherwise, I don't know how they'll redeem him. They keep talking about how he's acting like Asa, but no matter how ruthless Asa was, he Loved his family. And he would never have let Clint disown Rex. The only one Asa ever consented to disown was David Vickers, and that was because David had pulled so much crap in the past. I think Clint has just lost his mind. Now he's going to wet his little panties.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, January 18 2011 01:42 PM

    mamajj- we've got to stop meeting like this.

    Posted by Sunshine8 at Tuesday, January 18 2011 01:43 PM

    Great episode today!!!

    Didn't think that the writers were going to let Inez come clean so quickly....FINALLY, giving the audience a little 'sugar' to take in. I surely thought Inez was going to do a 180 or come up with some outrageous excuse.

    Wonder what the meaning of Bo pulling the gun out on Clint like that.

    Bo, Nora, and Inez should have come up with a plan to set Clint up and then dropped the 'bomb' on what he deserves.

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