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The Eddie Ford Investigation Begins.

Wednesday, December 15 2010
John visits the Manning Estate, Starr questions James, and Viki confronts Echo...

Bo enters his office and reads a text from Nora asking if he slept well. "I did, Red. I slept with Inez," Bo says to himself. He leaves Nora a message and begs her to come home to talk to him. John appears and says, "Someone killed Eddie Ford." Bo worries about Todd and the press sniffing around. John and Natalie head to the crime scene.

John and Natalie arrive at the Minute Man Motel. She notices some cuts on Eddie's wrist but thinks it's due to the fight with Ford. Brody joins them and tells Natalie about Rex, who was investigating Eddie for a client. John finds a cuff-link on the floor. He knows where it came from but not how it got here. After John leaves to check out the lead, Natalie finds a long red hair that isn't hers. Brody remembers Eddie saying he had a woman in the room with him.

While folding clothes at the mansion, Blair makes a remark about Jack's chauvinistic boxers. She thinks all men are dogs. Speaking of which, Helen asks Blair if they can get rid of Eli's box. Blair doesn't want to open it but knows someone who might.

From the Manning Estate, Todd leaves a message for Rex saying he needs to talk about Eddie Ford. Tea overhears and asks if she can help. "If I need a lawyer you'll be the first person I call," Todd says. From the sound of Todd's message, Tea wonders if he put a hit out on Eddie. Blair arrives and hands Tea Eli's box. After Todd's sure there isn't a bomb inside, he urges them to open it. Blair worries there's something inside that could implicate her. Tea reminds Blair that Eli is dead. It wouldn't matter. As Blair and Tea argue over who should open it, Todd takes the box and says he will! Just as they're about to open it, John appears. "What do you want?" Todd asks. "A murderer, know one?" John tells them about Eddie's murder then takes out the cuff-link initialed T.M.

Aubrey takes a call in her room at The Palace and tells someone that the girl she met on the plane is Joey's ex. She relays how Kelly covered her feelings in front of Joey and says, "Works for me." Once off the phone, Aubrey looks for something to wear that'll impress Viki. She thinks twice about trying to be someone she's not and says, "Just be yourself."

Gigi calls Charlie from the hospital and tells him to get there quick. As Rex is being examined, Gigi tells a doctor Rex said one thing before he passed out. Nora. Gigi is forced to wait outside the room. Charlie arrives and holds Gigi, who's in tears. Gigi calls Bo.

In an examination room, Starr pushes James for the truth. James finally admits he went to see his father. She wonders if they got in a fight and wants to call the cops. James thinks back to aiming the gun at Eddie and refuses to allow Starr to call them. James walks out of the room and Starr follows him. They run into Bo who tells them Eddie was murdered. Bo offers to help James' family through this then leaves. James admits to Starr that he's not sorry and says, "I'm glad it's finally over." Starr wonders if James killed Eddie.

At Llanfair, Echo adds some booze to her juice. Viki appears and confronts Echo for kissing Charlie. Echo plays dumb. Viki doesn't appreciate Echo asking Charlie to keep the kiss a secret and says, "Makes me wonder what else you're lying about." Viki offers Echo one more chance. She trusts Charlie. Echo implies that maybe she shouldn't. Echo gets a call from Charlie about Rex. Though he asks her to tell Viki to come to the hospital, Echo hangs up and says, "It was Chuckles. He needs me!" After Echo rushes off, Viki smells the liquor in her orange juice. Aubrey arrives to thank Viki for giving her and Joey her blessing. In the living room, Joey asks Kelly what's wrong. Kelly urges herself to tell Joey how she feels. When Kelly gets lemon in her eye from her tea, Joey leans in close to help her. Suddenly, Viki and Aubrey appear. Joey quickly explains what happened. Kelly decides to leave Joey and Aubrey alone and even offers to help with the wedding. Viki drives Kelly home. Once alone, Joey makes it clear to Aubrey that Kelly is just a friend.

When they reach the mansion, Viki urges Kelly to talk to her. She knows Kelly still has feelings for Joey. Kelly thanks Viki then tearfully walks away.

Echo rushes into the hospital, as Rex is taken away with Gigi for tests. Charlie holds Echo close and tries to calm her down. Echo remembers leaving Rex at this very hospital. She can't lose Rex again! Charlie can't help but think about when Jared died. He never got to tell Jared that he loved him. Charlie can't risk Rex never knowing how he feels about him. When he steps out to inquire about Rex, Echo takes a sip of booze from a flask. Charlie returns and catches her! Out in the hallway, Gigi brings Rex, who's awake, to Bo. He tells Bo that Nora was in the crash with him too!

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki agrees to let Dorian help her get rid of Echo.

Bo searches for Nora.

Matthew admits to Destiny he saw Bo with Inez.

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