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    The Eddie Ford Investigation Begins.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010
    John visits the Manning Estate, Starr questions James, and Viki confronts Echo...

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    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, December 15 2010 03:33 PM

    Tipsytess, I'm with you, I know Charlie was very upset when he found out about Rex's accident, he should have called Viki not Echo. Telling Echo to tell Viki was disrespectful. He is setting himself up to lose Viki.

    Posted by enuf at Wednesday, December 15 2010 04:20 PM

    I agree. Charlie should have called Vicki. I want Charlie and Vicki to stay together. In a way I feel sorry for Echo. I don't like her coming on to Charlie, but I think it is the alcohol. I'm hoping she will turn around.
    I really feel for Inez. At least she did not sleep with Bo. I hope she tells Bo the truth.
    Where in the world is Nora and Mathew. This storyline is crazy. I'm getting tired of this.

    Posted by Redkenstylist at Wednesday, December 15 2010 04:59 PM

    I think it was either Inez or Nora that killed Eddie...... notice that Inez was just getting back to the apartment when Bo got back to his normal self again, And of course no one knows where Nora is...........hhhmmmmmmmm

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, December 15 2010 06:29 PM

    joplin killed herself b/c of her guilt for being part of kidnapping Schuyler.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, December 15 2010 07:03 PM

    I enjoyed Starr&Jamed scenes today and yesterday.And hope to enjoy many more, They are so much better then anything with Cole. None of the Fords did it. It was totally someone else! Matt was freacken out so bad while screaming at Dani .I doubt he realized he knew he forced a car off the road.
    He'll be talking to Des about what he thinks he saw And Starr will be taking Hope and maybe the new Sam to see the tree in Angel square.
    So she'll be spending time with her.

    Posted by TommyD at Wednesday, December 15 2010 09:22 PM it really surprising that the usual cast of characters are rushing to defend their Todd? Of course there are two sets of rules...Todd is always on the side of the angels and everyone else is merely picking on poor little old Todd. He didn't rape Marty...they had sex that wasn't exactly consensual. Todd didn't hold Marty against her will and allow Cole to believe his mom was dead...he just wanted to make sure Marty recovered and just didn't volunteer the truth to anyone. Spare me...Todd is a disgusting piece of trash...always has been and always will be.

    I haven't posted in a while, and these lame-ass storylines are a big reason why. How many car accidents have these characters had in the last year? How many times has Ford been in the hospital? (He must have one heck of a good insurance company, or is in debt up to his eyeballs, or the good doctors in Llanview work for free.) How many times must we sit through pointless murder-mystery plots that center around characters that have only been around for a short time? How many times is the Llanview PD going to accuse Todd of murder? How many times is Starr going to fall for guys who are accused - or attempt - to kill someone?

    Obviously, Todd did not kill Eddie. Neither did James or Ford. Todd and James are too obvious, while Ford has an alibi. I believe that Nora would have an alibi as well...what is she going to do? She survives a near collision with another car and high-tails it back to the motel she just escaped from to kill Eddie? Nate is probably a red herring as well. Inez doesn't really have an airtight alibi, but knowing these knuckle draggers that OLTL has for writers, it will be the guy staying next door at the motel who killed Eddie because the volume on the TV was so loud.

    My last comment is from yesterday's show, when Joey said that Jessica's baby will have good parents in Jessica and Brody. (I am glad that OLTL is giving nu-Joey, Tom Degnan, more to do than his old bosses at ATWT did.) That kid is going to need major therapy to get through kindergarten. He's got a sideshow freak for a mom and a hot tempered father who could make Todd Manning seem downright passive.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, December 16 2010 01:24 AM

    Never said Todd didnt do something horrid when he was in college kept Marty for a few months as he was kept for a few months by Miles Hunt&Cole he was stabbed and drugged but thats OK.Todd isn't who he was 2 years ago. much less 21 years ago.but Marty is stilll the vindictive person she
    was before she met Todd.
    Who brought up a cold blooded killer.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, December 16 2010 01:28 AM

    Maybe Nora not remembering what happened after the accident ended up with Marty.

    Posted by eileen542 at Thursday, December 16 2010 04:47 AM

    My thoughts and viewpoints. At the risk of repeating myself, OLTL needs to come up with better storylines instead of these old, tired recycled plots that didn't work the first time. I'm probably a little older than some here so bear with me. They loved the whole hooker to housewife storyline and wore that out. I was a kid and got so sick of Karen and Larry! Then they had to do the baby switch THREE FRIGGIN TIMES! 1. Katrina's alive baby made it into the hands of Ginnie Wolac since poor sweet Gen couldn't have no more babies. We had her loving sister, Karen, who really did mean well, no matter that it was her own friend and former street walker PIC whom she wronged. Then it was scheeming little Gabrielle Madina Holden who switched Brenda McGillis's very much alive baby with Michael Grand's dead baby. If for no other reason, she should have felt some pangs since she was once married to Steve and had a baby by Max. And she would've gotten away with it if Cord had't dragged Tina to Gabbs' and Michael's wedding and made the truth be revealed. Then Tessica did it to Star. Eddie Ford is just as likeable a beastard (spelled correctly) as Spencer Truman, Cal Davidson, Marco Dain, Johny D. Hesser and Carlo Hesser. They all deserved it and who cares who put the miserable SOB out of their misery?
    As for Kelly. When will it end? I do like her now a lot better than that wild child who swept through LV in her plastic skirts and wild makeup. She cheated on Joey to be with Kevin. She almost got away with keeping AJ away from JR Chandler which might not have been a bad thing. She was also responsible for causing Blair's fetus to be still born. But this is the woman you want for your dil? oh yeah, forgot one indescression. Her son is her ex husband's grandson. Now how sick is that? Not to mention she cheated on Kev when he was a Senator which caused him to have to give up his seat. Did the writers forget all of that? I know many of you are Rex and Gigi fans bt frankly, Gigi is boring and has as much appeal as cold Micky D's fries IMHO. I was frankly glad when she got with Skyler because change is a good thing in her case. One guy in your entire life and you're how old? And you still ain't his wife? Gieg, move the heck on.
    Lastly, if tptb is reading this, don't put Charlie through this heartbreak for to long. Let Clent pay the piper soon because although Nat who is so hot in the arse doesn't act the part, Jerrid's death wasn't that long ago.

    Posted by eileen542 at Thursday, December 16 2010 04:57 AM

    Oh yes, and about TM
    I hated Tod. I wasn't all that keen on Marty either because she was always drunk, always a hellion and a general nuisance. I remember how she had a thing for Reverend Carpenter. I warmed to her because of Patrick but didn't mourn her departure. Todd is guilty of a lot and I will admit that I liked him with Blair better than Tea`. But why does he have to be guilty before presumed innocent all the damn time/ I mean, come on already. He got the lethal dose for killing Margaret who was very much alive and if it hadn't been for Hank, he'd be as stiff as the mashed potatoes my aunt tries to pass off as salad with a bit of mustard and onion every thanksgiving. Beau and Nora are always busy, there is a mound of paperwork on Beau's desk at any given time. That, in the real world, would indicate a busy lvpd with real crimes like burglary, assault, disturbing the piece and oh yes, homiscide. Dorian mustwrite blank checks for them all to sit on their big behinds and gorge thmselves on food from the Buenos Dias just waiting for a crime to be committed so they can go straight to apprehend Todd.

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