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I Want Turkey And All The Trimmings!

Wednesday, November 24 2010
Eddie arrives at the Cramer's Thanksgiving, Joey shows up in Llanview, and Dani urges Destiny not to divorce her parents...

Kelly and Kevin arrive back at the Buchanan Compound in London. They tell Neval they had dinner out then took Zane back to school. Neval gets emotional talking about the American holiday. He informs that Joey called and says, "It's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving. Master Joseph is on his way home." Kelly wants to wait for Joey but Neval explains, "I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear…" Joey went home to Llanview.

Ford and James arrive at their apartment after a run for charity. Eddie wonders where they're going to take him for Thanksgiving dinner. He wants turkey and all of the trimmings! Later, James suggests he stay there with Eddie. Ford pulls James out the door, as he tells his father that they do a great bird down at the diner. Eddie refuses to spend the holiday alone.

Dorian storms into Llanfair and tells Viki that they've hit the jackpot. Roxy threw Echo out! Suddenly, Echo appears in her robe and says, "I guess we're dressing for dinner!" After Echo goes to change, Viki admits how angry she is and fills Dorian in. Dorian knows something's going on with Clint. They just need to find out about Rex. "What about me?" Rex asks, as he, Gigi and Shane arrive. Dorian makes her exit and leaves. Charlie and Echo appear. They introduce Echo to Shane and Gigi. Later, Echo insults Gigi over the amount of makeup she wears and for keeping Shane from Rex all of these years. Privately, Brody notices Natalie's upset and thinks she still feels guilty about sleeping with him. He reminds her the results came out the way they wanted. It's over. Natalie thinks back to Brody's name on the paternity test. Later, after a thanksgiving toast, Joey arrives home. Viki couldn't be happier!

At La Boulaie, Cris joins Blair in the living room and gives her the box from Eli. He suggests she open it. Blair snaps at Cris, reminding him she wants nothing to do with it! Out in the foyer, Langston admits to Starr that she invited James. She didn't think Starr would mind. Not unless she's still into him. Langston reminds Starr that she can't stop living. Just as Langston brings up her ban on sex with Ford, he and James arrive. Starr tries to rush away but James stops her. Blair and Cris appear. Langston defends Ford against Blair's condescending words. Dorian appears. She found a man outside who says he was invited to dinner. Eddie waltzes in with a six-pack of beer! Insults start to fly out of Eddie's mouth when it's apparent Starr is a young mother. Blair stands up for Starr, as does James. When Ford tries to get Eddie to leave, he calls Starr a slut! James jumps at his father, who punches him in the face.

Nora, Bo and Matthew arrive at the Buchanan Mansion. Matthew sees Inez and snaps about Clint inviting her and Nate. Privately, Clint tells Nora that Inez wouldn't accept a necklace he gave her. He suggests Inez may have a thing for Bo. In the living room, Nate lashes out at Matthew for treating Nigel like a slave. Matthew comments on the way Inez is dressed in 'that tight little number'. Nate grabs him! The adults appear and Inez scolds Nate, who storms out, refusing to spend the holiday there. Clint promises to teach Matthew how to keep his enemies close. Matthew wonders why Clint doesn't want to keep Rex close, considering he hates him. Bo gets a call and reports that Eddie crashed Dorian's. After Bo leaves, Clint fills Nora's head with more insecurity about Bo and Inez. Nora starts to wonder if Clint isn't right, especially when Bo texts Inez, instead of Nora, to say he's almost at Dorian's! Later, Clint demands to know why Inez can't accept the necklace. She's not ready to take things to the next level. "I don't want you to sleep with me," Clint says. "I want you to sleep with my brother."

Brody and Bo arrive at Dorian's and arrest Eddie, who warns that James will pay for this. On top of what he already owes him! Starr rushes after James. Ford admits to Langston that he'll never forgive himself for leaving James with Eddie all of those years. Dorian doesn't like Ford but says no one deserves a father like Eddie. Across the room, Cris apologizes to Blair. He'll take the box away. Blair tells him it's okay. She'll keep it there.

Outside, Starr wonders why James didn't admit to Bo what Eddie did to him. James fears what Eddie will do next and says, "He's never going to let me go. It's useless. That's what he used to call me." Starr tells James he's wonderful. James holds her close. Starr promises James will never be alone.

Destiny arrives at the Manning Estate to see Tea. Dani tries to talk her out of divorcing her parents. In the other room, Tea confronts Todd with the restraining order against Marty. Todd claims Starr signed it. Tea can't get a hold of Starr and warns Todd that he's doing the same with Starr that Eli and Greg did to her. They played with her life! She wonders if he'll pull something like this with Dani. Just as Todd admits he'd like to get that idiot Nate out of Dani's life, Dani, Destiny and Nate enter the room and overhear. Todd stops Dani before she rushes off with Nate and Destiny. He apologizes to Dani and Nate and urges them not to take everything he says so seriously. Tea forces everyone to hold hands. She couldn't be happier to be home with her family.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Due to Thanksgiving the show will air an encore of the October 18, 2010 episode: Act First, Think Later.

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