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    Thursday, November 18 2010
    Kelly meets up with Kevin, John delivers a mysterious box, and Brody threatens Marty's job...

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    Posted by Arabella at Friday, November 19 2010 08:26 AM

    Marty's complete lack of self control or discernment between right and wrong is a prime example of why Cole is in prison. With a mother like her, how was he supposed to grow up any different.

    And I would remind people that Natalie and Rex are both a product of their environment growing up with Roxy as their moral compass...can you imagine either one of them turning out normal with her influence in a drunken stupor 24/7?

    Posted by lucetta at Friday, November 19 2010 08:58 AM

    Yes, we are a product of our environment and Natalie did grow up with little values morally or otherwise. However, Viki has shown her another side of love and compassion and that is something most individuals are not fortnuate enough to encounter. We can learn from the present as well as the past.....

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Friday, November 19 2010 09:26 AM

    I do believe that Marty & Clint should start a romance. The two-evil-doers are made for each other. They both have a distorted view on protecting "family". In fact, Clint could save her job.

    TNT are doing great, there is a soft,loveable side to Todd now. I love Todd's line about Cole gets 10 years for killing a mass murderer and Greg gets six years with possible parole in 4????What's up with tha?

    Posted by TGF DVRs at Friday, November 19 2010 09:36 AM

    Viki is not stupid, please don't portray her as one. She is more aware of deciet with her blended personalities and should be capable of being aware of Clint's deception and hair-trigger temper.

    I personally like the friendship Natalie & Brody have, it was building before their one-night of comforting each other, it was a hot night, and continues to build as protection of each other. I suspect, they will both be booted from John and Jessica. Because of Marty's meddeling again. Marty stole the letter meant for John & kissed him and created Natalies broken heart. Jessica, well we know that story. Now that Marty's messing with the DNA results, Broady will protect Natalie (presummed mother of his baby) Jessica will form a killer instinct against Natalie again, and Clueless John will go back to Blair...and then a medical crisis...the world will find out Natalie had John's baby after all!

    Posted by nat21 at Friday, November 19 2010 10:49 AM

    da_kid: it's not like Nat went out looking for Marty to say all those things to her. Marty walked into a private conversation and got up in Nat's face so Nat let her have it. Marty is going out of her way to get into Nat's face.

    Posted by BrodyJessicaLuver at Friday, November 19 2010 12:43 PM

    The show is making me so damn mad. First of all of Brody says he has nothing be ashamed of. Hello he had sex with his fiance twin sister and she could be pregnant with his child. Nothing to be ashamed of. Yea right. That is a whole lot to be ashamed of. Not to mention that he is lying to Jessica the woman he claims to love. I love Brody and I want him and Jessica to be together forever but I am pissed at his lying. If it hadnt been for stupid Natalie then maybe he would have told the truth along time ago. He was going to if I recall but no Natalie was scared that Jessica was to fragile which made Brody think the same thing. Natalie had to blink her pretty little eyes at Brody and he said yes to all the lying. Not to mention the lying to John. I want Jessica to forgive him but I do want to see him hurt because he is hurting Jessica. I am also pissed at the show because they are making Jessica and John look stupid. They are smarter then that.

    People are saying Marty shouldnt be doing this but I say hell yea. Tell the truth. It is time for it to come out. Brody threating Marty's job that is big time low for Brody. The woman is hurting and yea she may be going to do this for revenge but at least it is the truth. I hope it comes out soon somehow.

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