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    Thursday, November 18 2010
    Kelly meets up with Kevin, John delivers a mysterious box, and Brody threatens Marty's job...

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    Posted by Deeya at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:44 PM

    Lucetta: I don't think it will be dragged out because Natalie will find out immediately after it happens. I honestly hope that Marty doesn't tamper with the results because it would mean that she's evil enough to mess with an innocent child's future for her personal vendetta.

    Honestly I don't think it will be the actual sleeping together that will upset John and Jess but rather the covering up and lying about it. Especially when Jess came clean about Ford. That gave Brody the perfect opportunity to chime in about Nat.

    It would have been much easier to process and understand. Nat and Jess were close as was Jess and Brody and after Jess lost her memory, she shut them both out and they confided in each other and became close. It was one night and never happened again once they were back together with John and Jess.

    Posted by Praizehm at Thursday, November 18 2010 03:56 PM

    I'm kind of surprised that John is still with Natalie. The whole baby thing aside, John likes to leave the women that he is with so that he can run off with the latest damsel in distress. Inez seems to be the damsel these days. I wonder if they would put the two of them together. That seems right up John's alley.

    Posted by jorie at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:01 PM

    Martys being who shes always been,This is why Cole has such anger issues.SPOILER ALERT >>Clint sent in his lacky to tamper with the test,He
    may have tampered with the wrong test.
    And Ted King may be Blairs new long interest

    Posted by terrylee45 at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:12 PM

    if natalie had a std she would test and wait for the test results before confronting who gave it to her so why is it wrong for her to wait to get the results now before upsetting everyone

    Posted by soaplover88 at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:37 PM

    Deeya... Besides keeping Jared secret which resulted in Nash's death!! She also neglected to mention when she found out that Jessica had lost her baby and Bess came out and switch them with Starr and Cole baby!! And I just don't care for Natalie...

    Posted by frog e at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:52 PM

    Hi everyone! This Is my first posting about this show.. I hate Marty, she is such a witch with a capital B! She just needs to mine her own business and let Natalie take the fall on her own.Clint is a Jerk and is teaching Matthew to be one just like him. Glad Dani picked Nate to be with instead of Matthew. Asa was a A$$ but nothing like Clint. I love Rex and am happy him and GiGi and back together again.

    I love the FORD bothers.. Hope Eddie gets his butt kicked real soon and goes back to where he came from. Inez is up to no good. She should leave Bo alone. I don't like her much either. Will be glad when Todd, Tia, and Star finally confront Marty. If I were Star I would never let that witch see my daughter(Hope) again for allowing Hannah to move in with her and not watching her 24/7, and allowing her to roam free.

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:59 PM

    Praisehm, what about al of the pleasure Nat got out of getting in Marty's face while she was pregnant telling her all of those hurtful things about her and John?

    Posted by lucetta at Thursday, November 18 2010 05:10 PM

    Deeya, if Marty does tamper with the evidence putting her career on the line confirms she is a candidate for St. Anes.

    I agree John would be easy to forgive Natalie for sleeping with Brody since they were offically not a couple, but the cover up has truly messed up there relationship for good.

    Posted by Praizehm at Thursday, November 18 2010 05:42 PM

    da_kid: I forgot about that. You're right about that and it was wrong too. But like I said, two wrongs don't make a right. I don't agree with the way that Natalie was just throwing herself at John when he was with Marty and she was expecting. But this whole revenge thing and trying to get back at each other is getting old. John's not that big a prize. Marty is using the whole Cole situation to get revenge and THAT wasn't Natalie's fault. Cole put himself in that situation. If they don't like each other, they should stop acting like kids and stay away from each other. They both need to stop going out of their way to hurt one another.

    Posted by Deeya at Thursday, November 18 2010 06:04 PM

    Soaplover88: There were plenty of other factors that led up to Nash's death. Also Niles knew that Jared wasn't really Asa's son and that David (before the time travel) really was and did nothing. In fact, he helped Jared fake the paternity test. So is Nash's death his fault too?

    Nash had every right to be upset with Nat and Jared but he fell because he didn't know how to control his anger. He went physically went after Nat (Jared tried to stop him) and that his how he fell. Dorian played a big part in the whole mess as well. The plan was for Charlie to break the news to Vicki first and then tell the rest of the family but Dorian found out the plan and kidnapped and drugged Charlie to keep him from telling Vicki. Then she made her grand interest to the media conference and spilled the beans about Jared and that she had gained the controlling stock shares of B.E. through a dummy company she established. That was what sent Nash over the edge.

    So if Nat is to blame for Nash's death than so is Niles (for helping Jared keep the secret), Clint (for pissing off Dorian), Dorian (for trying to stick it to Clint), and Charlie (for keeping Jared's secret as well). There were a lot of players in that sad event including Nash, himself, for being a hothead and physically attacking Nat and Jared when he should have handled things like a rational adult. But I understand that you don't Nat so.........

    As far as Chloe is concerned, no one would have found out that she was really Hope if it wasn't for Nat and Jared investigating and bringing it to light. I think Nat was more worried about what loosing Chloe would do to Jessica's sanity. After all, she had just not too long got out of St Anne's.

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