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    Six Years In Statesville.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010
    Greg is sentenced, Destiny plans to divorce her parents, and Marty pretends to be Natalie...

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    Posted by Deeya at Wednesday, November 17 2010 05:47 PM

    Praizehm: Thanks it's just so sad that Natalie is giving her the ammunition to do so. Natalie and Brody should have come clean right after they got back together with John and Jessica. Jessica wouldn't have had the right to be angry because she pushed Brody away, threw her "love" for Chris in his face, and slept with Ford. John may have been ticked off at Natalie but Marty's actions (stealing the letter) would have been weighed in as well.

    Posted by soaplover88 at Wednesday, November 17 2010 07:23 PM

    Everybody keeps bringing up the letter that Natalie wrote and Marty took!! If I remember correctly, Marty took the letter for a couple of hours before giving it back!! She didn't keep the letter for months nor did she destroyed which she could of have done... Marty simply was a woman trying to hold on to the man that she loved but he didn't feel the same way... Once she realize that she let him go to her!! The fact that Natalie hop in bed with Brody isn't Marty fault nor is the fact that Natalie decided to keep the fact that the baby may not be John's!! Now I know that this news may hurt Jess, but since Natalie been in her life she's been getting hurt by her twin so I think she should be used to it by now and she's a big girl she get over it... As for John not wanting to raise another man baby, I truly believe that if in time he would of came around!!

    Posted by tomsmo at Wednesday, November 17 2010 07:24 PM

    I wondering if Tea really does have a tumor, and I like how Clint called Rex a snake Rex should have said takes one to know one. I wish this Jessica & Natalie who's your Baby Daddy would be get over with so I can move on

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, November 17 2010 08:09 PM

    tomsmo, no I don't think Tea has a tumor, I think she's simply havin flash backs from the trauma she suffered. She may need a little therapy to get through it. In soapland, maybe two sessions lol

    As for the Natalie/Marty s/l, I am so ready to call this storyline a day. Both women have made major errors and there is no point in taking sides.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, November 17 2010 10:30 PM

    Marty...Natalie...Natalie...Marty, we could go round and round and could never agree but we all know each person has made a mistake.Mid you Jessica has a point up as she has told the truth about her and Robert Ford so now just waiting for the results. soaplover was right and Marty only held that letter for a couple hours, long enough for Natalie to go crying to Brody and they had consoling sex. True they both were not with anyone but once Natalie found out she was with baby is when she should have said something. Brody should have been honest with Jessica and for that I began to dislike him, to bad as I thought he would have been great with Jessica. I hope Robert Ford is the father of Jessica's baby because would make an intersting storyline.As for Natalie she and Brody deserve one another.
    Wow Matthew's look really has changed. Dorian always likes rubbing it in that she is Mayor but I never see her actually working.
    As for Destiny, I do feel bad for her and understand why she is mad at her parents/grandparents but wish she would hold off on divorcing them. I am sure Shaun will let her stay with him as long as she likes.
    Wow only 6 years Greg got..humm Pretty easy but I am sure the hospital board has already said he could not practice again, that part would not be done in court.

    Posted by eileen542 at Thursday, November 18 2010 01:49 AM

    Forgive me. don't posst often so here's my novella expressing my viewpoint. LOL. I wonder am I the only one sick of Nat and John? This couple needs Dr. hil or better yet, Judge Lynn from Divorce court to give Nat a lesson on life. This whole relationship's foundation was created by lies or has that fact been forgotten? Good bad or indifferent, when everyone was on that mad hunt to find Mitch, Jess, Stacy etc., Nat and John kissed even though he was with Martey. Dilerium my arse. Not necessary, and of course Martey sees this. Then Nat goes off uncocked like she always done and says those awful things prior to Martey being hurled down the staircase and oh, did I just say that? Yes, Nat, you did and you meant it because instead of grieving for your dearly beloved, you were all hot and bothered to get next to John again. So what she wrote a letter and it was intercepted. UMHO, even though I laughed about Rox saying she would have grabbed the first thing with broad shoulders and a hairy chest, your sister's masn, ex man, whatever if she slept with him, YOU SHOULDN'T. period. End of story. Putting all of that aside, whatever happened to, "John, shnokums, I was at a low point when I thought it was really and truly not going to work between us and I made a mistake. I got plastered and sought comfort in another man's arms. CAN YOU FORGIVE ME?" Then she wouldn't be going through all of this drama! Martey couldn't play cat and mouse with her and John would already know the likelihood of him being daddy daycare is 50/50 instead of 98.999% you are the father. Even if she withheld the name, it would have been a heck of a lot better than all thiws anxiety she must be feeling and John is some detective. He is so hood at reading between the lines. Why hasn't he questioned the fact that Nat and bro-in-law to-be are always huddled. I would be suspicious.

    Posted by eileen542 at Thursday, November 18 2010 01:53 AM

    Why are they trying to recreate Asa? Clent was always so nice. Now he takes care of things vigilantee style by having thugs beat the heck out of Ford. I wasn't a fan of Ford but that was ridiculous and you do this while you're trying to get next to his mother? All those years married to Vickie didn't help his moral conscience. He acts more like Madam Mayor IMHO.

    Posted by CFedack at Thursday, November 18 2010 04:04 AM

    Marty is really turning into a real B yeah Natalie should come clean, Marty thinks that Cole should continue to get away with committing crimes and suffer no consequences I think that's bad parenting there are aways consequences and there will be in the end for Natalie and Brody but getting revenge it not going to change things Cole will still be in prison.

    Posted by da_kid at Thursday, November 18 2010 05:46 AM

    Do I have any bids on how the paternity tests will turn out? If the tests are not tampered with I think one daughter is going to be happy and the other one sad. Even though Jess pulled this same stunt when she was younger and ended up pregnant, I think the writers are going to sympathize with her, and attribute her behavior to mental illness, and let her baby be Brody's. She did own up to what she did, and told Brody the truth. In Natalie's case because she slept with her sister's fiance, and since she has had numerous opportunities to tell John the truth, and because she has lied over and over again, I think the writers will punish her by making Brody the father of her baby, also. Either way this turns out, it will ruin a lot of lives.

    If the writers wanted to punish Jess and let Ford be the fathr, all he** would break loose between the Ford and Buchanans, especially with their crazy father in town now. And even if Brody is the father of Jess's baby, once Jess finds out that he also fathererd her sister's baby, their warm sisterly relationship will end bitterly, and so will her relationship with Brody.

    It would be too easy for each girl to end up with the paternity test results that she wants. Soaps never like to make things that easy. Someone is going to be disappointed, and my money is on Natalie. What do the rest of you think?

    Posted by lucetta at Thursday, November 18 2010 07:37 AM

    tipsytess, as always, we are on the same page. I agree with everything you posted.

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