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    Six Years In Statesville.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010
    Greg is sentenced, Destiny plans to divorce her parents, and Marty pretends to be Natalie...

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    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, November 17 2010 02:44 PM

    I knew Tea would have some episodes of post traumatic stress. Todd is the perfect husband hovering over her

    When I look at Matthew I see a young David Vickers. I think Nora and Bo should be more worried about his behavior instead of focusing so much on Inez. By the way I still think Inez has the hots for Bo. However, I don't think Bo feels for her the same way and this too will pass.

    Clint is one sleezy individual. Poor Rex, having to deal with such a slim. Yeah the DNA will be switched so they can drag the story line on and on and on......

    Yeah put Marty in St Annes before she hurts another individual. I'm tired of this storyline and can't wait until the praternity results will be in on Friday. Both women have acted so evil in both of their actions. They will both pay the price. Marty will lose her license and Natalie, will move on to another man. Her loss won't be as severe since she is accustomed to having many man in her life. As for Brody, I can't stand his insincerity as well. Both Brody and Natalie are meant for each other!!!

    Six years for Greg? They don't know about the cover up of Destiny's mother. If that goes public he should get more time and never be able to practice medicine again.

    All and all interesting day in Landview.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, November 17 2010 02:45 PM

    Yeah, it was hilarious when Clint bit on the swap taking the dna test. I used to like Clint, he now revolts me.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, November 17 2010 02:49 PM

    gulla, happy you got the job, maybe you can tape the episodes and see them in the evening. I'm sure you won't give up your one and only favorite soap!!!!

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, November 17 2010 03:15 PM

    opps bit on the swab not swap.

    Posted by p4t1 at Wednesday, November 17 2010 03:30 PM

    Nat 21-- I agree, marty is just plain nasty. She would hurt her friend, Jessica, just so she can get to Natalie. Then she hands Brody's file over to Jessica. That woman is so darn unprofessional (especially when she let that nutcase live in her house, knowing full well that Hannah was crazy as h3ll, and had feelings for Cole). I cannot wait until Starr lights her up. Yes, I know she told Cole to stay away from Hannah, but Cole is just like her. She knew Cole would not listen to her. To tell the truth, Marty is the reason that Cole is serving 10 years. Any day now, Marty's new residence will more than likely be St. Anne's.

    As for Natalie, would she please just stop lying and tell John and Jessica the truth. What is she waiting for? Christmas? By the time the truth comes out, poor Jessica will probably have another breakdown, and set out to get Natalie. With a sister like Natalie, who needs enemies?

    Oh, and for Brody, I wish he would be a MAN and stop Natalie from putting that ring in his nose. Be a man and tell Jessica the truth. Hopefully, John won't beat Brody, the way Brody beat Ford.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, November 17 2010 04:20 PM

    Des's heart is broken. Who can blame her?Marty is being the real Marty.She never was a St, nor is John. I can ssee John saying exactly what he said, Cole was different caz there was no preciewed cheating He from b4 and his father was dead!And he only wanted Jack&Sam to steal them from Todd!
    I hope Jess's baby is Frods&Nats is Johns but if he kicks Nat to the curb I hope he'll feel Todds pain when his kis were taken away!

    Posted by terrylee45 at Wednesday, November 17 2010 04:37 PM

    the only good thing bout jessica finding out (if brody is nat's baby daddy)wouldbe if tess came out ....AND finds out that matty started it all by hiding the letter....and goes after her for endangering the babies......or would that be bess?? think tess is more exciting and fun than jess, and then she could also go after clint for hurting "her and nat's" brother.......tess could out nasty clint......

    Posted by Deeya at Wednesday, November 17 2010 05:14 PM

    The fact that Marty is willing to hurt Jessica, who is not only one of her closest friends but a former patient as well, to get back at Natalie speaks volumes about her motives. Not to mention the fact that she was willing to break doctor-client confidentiality in regards Brody. Now she is pretending to be Natalie in order get her hands on the test results and what is she going to do if John is indeed the father. She will probably alter the results because there is no way she wants Natalie to have John's child when it should be her. The board is going to hand Marty her a(shut your mouth) on a silver platter.

    Maybe if Marty focused on Hope and not Natalie it wouldn't be so easy for Todd to deny her access. I mean I have not heard her say one thing about her grand-daughter. She claims that Cole meant so much to her. Well any normal person would be spending as much time with Hope as possible just because it makes them feel closer to Cole but not Marty. No she's too busy being up in Natalie's business.

    Although I don't agree with Natalie keeping this secret I do understand why she is keeping it. She knows John and she knows that he will never accept another man's baby as his own. Then Jessica is just getting over a mental relapse and there is no telling what it will do to her sanity if she found out the Natalie maybe carrying Brody's child. She could just say it was a guy she met at the airport. Hey it worked for Ashley Abbott on the young and the restless when she stole victor's sperm.

    Either way Marty most likely won't get the fall out she is looking for because it won't take John long to figure out that Natalie and Brody slept together the night he was suppose to meet up with her but didn't because Marty had stole the letter and he never got to read it. So John will be just as angry with her as he will be with Natalie especially when he finds out everything she has been up to.

    Clint is lower than low. He did all that stuff to throw Rex off his trail and is letting Echo take the blame for it all. I truly believe that the only reason he hates Rex so much is because Bo loves him so much. When has Rex ever insinuated that he wanted to get his hands on the Buchanan fortune? Heck, until a few days ago, he did even know he had any ties to the Buchanans. Even when he found out that Jessica might be his sister, he didn't want anything from her but a relationship. He has been paying his own way ever since he has been on the straight and narrow. Can Clint say the same? He has been living off Daddy Warbucks since he was in diapers. I think what Clint is doing to Charlie is just awful especially since he just recently lost Jared and so desperately wants another chance. Clint you suck but luckily Dorian and Matthew has got your number. I just hope Matthew does the right thing.

    Some T n T action today. Love who Todd is when he is with Tea. She truly brings out the best in him. Please keep them together.

    Destiny just keep getting blow after blow. I completely understand her anger. Her whole world has been turned upside down and the foundation upon which her family once stood is completely ruined. Right now her anger is very raw and new. Give her a little time and she will be ok. At least she is taking her anger out on the people who actually caused her pain.

    Posted by Praizehm at Wednesday, November 17 2010 05:26 PM

    Deeya: I totally agree with you about all you said about Marty! I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, November 17 2010 05:40 PM

    thanks lucetta im not giving up going to tape it...

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