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    What Are You Doing Oogling My Son?

    Tuesday, November 02 2010
    Echo seeks information, James covers for Cole, and Cris and Gigi are presented with an opportunity...

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    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 02:48 PM

    It is time to move away from the Mannings and the Fords. Let some of the other characters be front and center for awhile.

    Posted by Serious about soaps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:01 PM

    Natalie did desrve to get the ish slapped out of her today BUT where is Blair when I need her to slap the ish out of Marty dumb azz for keeping that crazy girl Hannah around. Also, Marty always likes to act like a picture of perfectness like shes such dang goody too shoes. I cant stand the itch! It is because of her dumb parenting skills that Cole ALWAYS jumps to conclusions, you know how, because she co-signs EVERY stupid thing he does. Her son needs to face the crime like anyone else. If it were someone else she would be the first one saying that it is not right & they need to do the right thing. ALL of them only feel that way when it is not someone they care about or themselves!

    Posted by Deeya at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:20 PM

    Wow, I don't post as often as I used to but I am so disgusted with the way Marty blames Natalie for everything that is wrong in her life. She slapped a pregnant woman because she wouldn't risk her freedom for her. Yeah way to go Marty.

    If memory serves me correctly, the only thing Natalie ever said about Marty's pregnancy is that it was the only reason John was still with Marty at the time. It was Todd not Natalie who wanted Marty and her children to disappear.

    Marty lost her baby because a psycho named Eli wanted to distract John.

    As for the Mitch stabbing, Natalie didn't beg John to cover it up. John did that on his own and he switched the letter openers before any evidence was collected so it was easier to cover up. This is no where near the same scenario. The evidence is already in the system. That was how Natalie found out the truth. Natalie would have to go back into the system and change the results. There is no way that they would have been able to cover that up.

    Why should Natalie help a murderer get off scott free after gunning down an unarmed man handcuffed to squat car. It would be different if this was the first time Cole ever did something like this but it's not. At least when Natalie stabbed Mitch she actually knew he was responsible for her husband's death. Cole is constantly reacting before getting all the facts and Marty enables him. If he is all she has left, as a psychiatrist, she should have been trying to get him the psychological help that he needs from the very first time he attacked Starr because she didn't want to have sex with him at that party.

    Marty was horrific to Natalie today. Natalie has never been that way towards Marty nor has she ever physically threatened Marty. Natalie didn't steal John. He already had one foot out the door and the only reason he put that foot back in was because he found out that Marty was pregnant.

    FYI Natalie has experienced just as much heartache as Marty. She was raised by a woman who neglected her only to find out that the woman wasn't even really her mother and that she was stolen from her parents. Then Mitch tricked her into marrying him so that he could kill her and give her heart to her grandfather. Let's not forget that she thought Christian was dead and then John let her believe Christian was an imposter when he came back from the dead because he wanted her for his self. Then she watched Mitch gun down her husband in cold blood.

    Yes Natalie keeps secrets and so does everyone else in Llandview. Marty needs to take responsibility for the drama in her life and stop using Natalie as a scapegoat. Her son needs help not more coverups.

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:22 PM

    Love the scene Todd comforting his Tea. She definitely will suffer from post traumatic stress (on soaps for a minute) and it's great she has such support. Wouldn't that be great if life could be like that - one minute you think you are terminal and then bling everything is erased and you are health and have your whole life to look forward to.

    Sorry, just can't get into the Rex daddy/mommy storyline.

    Yes Marty has strong issues regarding Natalie not just for Cole, but for her taking John and losing John's baby. Natalie should feel guilty, but of course she doesn't know the meaning of guilt. On the other hand, maybe needs deep therapy to help her resolve these issues.

    Cowboys fan, Gigi did look gorgeous, her make up was flawless. Oh Oh, is there going to be trouble in paradise regarding Rexy and Gigi now that she leaving for Ooo La La, Paris with Christian?

    Posted by lucetta at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:24 PM

    I think Brody will be the father of Natalie's baby and also the father of Jessica's baby.

    Posted by jorie at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:46 PM

    The other ppls are fine but the Mannings are the cream .Theyre why I watch and love OLTL! Sence Eddie (JWS is really enjoying his job)Ford will be on by Friday So I'm happy we'll have more Ford boys Eddie will also be involved with Bo & Nora as well as others.

    Posted by aussie-gal at Tuesday, November 02 2010 03:52 PM

    Oh my, I cannot wait to see tomorrow's epi with Todd & Tea confronting Greg. Greg better run as fast as he can in handcuffs because Todd will want to kill him for what he did to their family. Oooohweeeee, it's gonna be good!!!

    Deeya, I agree with you. Cole needs help not a cover up. Marty is in denial but unfortunately when you're protecting your own children, mothers tend to do that. At least she has a storyline of sorts. Until Cole leaves of course. Cole's last day is Nov 10th by the way.

    jorie, I agree w/ everything you said. The Mannings are what keeps me tuned in mostly. I like the Fords too and should be interesting with their father arriving on Friday.

    Posted by Deeya at Tuesday, November 02 2010 04:03 PM

    How is it Natalie's fault that Marty lost John's baby? Marty losing her baby had nothing to do with Natalie. Eli pushed Marty down the stairs to distract John from helping Kelly find out who killed her mother. Natalie didn't have anything to do with it. Marty blamed Natalie because she hates her and wanted it to be her.

    Posted by Deeya at Tuesday, November 02 2010 04:12 PM

    Hi Aussie-Gal! Yes Cole needs some serious help.

    I have a 4-year old girl and a baby boy who will be 2 on Christmas eve and I would give my life to save theirs but sometimes saving your child's life means letting them suffer the consequences of their actions. Marty is not saving Cole because saving Cole, at this point, would mean letting him own up to his actions and getting him help. Marty is doing this for selfish reasons. SHE doesn't want to loose anyone else. Outside of the wrath of Todd, Cole has caused most of his own suffering and has gotten nothing but a slap on the wrist.

    Posted by night worker at Tuesday, November 02 2010 04:17 PM

    When Marty was in college, she went after Doren's daughter Cassie's husband Rev. Carpenter, she didn't care if she hurt anyone.
    I hope Marty leaves town after Cole is gone, I never liked her.

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