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    What Are You Doing Oogling My Son?

    Tuesday, November 02 2010
    Echo seeks information, James covers for Cole, and Cris and Gigi are presented with an opportunity...

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    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:25 PM

    Okay, I can't help myself. Is Gigi really someone who would have a passport? Come one, no way would she be able to hop on a plane the next day to Paris.......LOL!

    Posted by night worker at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:28 PM

    I think that John will be the father of Natalie's baby, and Ford will be Jessica's baby's father. Brody will probably leave town and Ford will try to be a father to the baby. I read that GiGi and Langston might leave the show.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:28 PM

    rex didnt like the fact gigi was going to paris at first but told her to go...we all know something is going to happen with cris and gigi...they going to kiss and say dont let it happen again...and that will be it for him and layla...miss layla already...

    Posted by nat21 at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:31 PM

    I also thought that Gigi's make-up looked really nice today.

    I am still confused as to why Marty is so upset at Nat as the evidence is already in the system so there was nothing that could have been done so Cole has to pay for his actions. I also don't understand why Nat stood there after that slap. She should have either wiped the floor with that heifer or walk away. Marty is just a bitter woman, maybe they should get her a cat.

    I was wondering what kind of photo shoot that was with Roxie. I was like is it a stripper thing? Why is she straddling the couch? I would not want to touch that couch for fear that something might jump off and bite me.

    So from Clint's conversation with Viki, Clint doesn't want to acknowledge Rex because of doesn't want any connection to Echo? If that's the way he feels, why not disown Jess as she's Mitch's kid and I would think that no matter what Echo does, it can't be as bad as anything Mitch has ever done.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:33 PM

    I honestly don't know who I want the baby daddys to be. I detest Natalie and John as a romantic couple and want them to break up. But I also think John would make a great father. I'm in a pickle here.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:34 PM

    Well, IMHO, it seems that TIIC since destroying the character of Cole are now moving on to his mother, Marty. Have not seen the show today, but from what I have read, she went a tad nuts. But since I love Susan Haskell, I am going to go with it....

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:34 PM

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:23 PM

    I know it is wrong, but I am so enjoying Marty going after Natalie. All those hurtful things she said, maybe Natalie remembers saying and doing worse to Marty.

    Jumps, me too.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:38 PM

    so cole at a motel huh trying to hide...he going to turn hiself in to the cops and starr wont be too pleased with his decsion...starr will move on with james and get over cant wait till her and james be a couple...

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:41 PM

    Hot dog!!!! Marty let it rip with Gnat today. This was the highlight of the entire show. I was holding my breath during the confrontation. I felt Maarty's rage, disgust, desperation...great acting. Leave it to Gnat to inform John that Marty was nasty with her without telling him why; talk about selective disclosure.
    John and Gnat better watch out because their lives are going to crumble just like the wall of Jericho. And like Marty, I will be laughing as well.

    I have to agree, it looks like Clint already know that Rex is his offspring.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 02 2010 12:42 PM

    CASTING NEWS.....Tuc Watkins returns to "One Life to Live" for yet another stint as David Vickers Buchanan.

    ABC Soaps in Depth reports that Watkins, who was recently upgraded to contract status with the prime-time drama "Desperate Housewives," recently returned to the "One Life" set to begin taping scenes for upcoming episodes.

    The first airdate and length of Watkins' latest stint in Llanview are not known at this time. When viewers last saw David in August, his uncle Clint Buchanan had him thrown in a Moroccan prison on the day he was supposed to marry Dorian Lord.

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