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    Is This What I Think It Is?

    Wednesday, October 20 2010
    Rex makes plans, Starr dreams about James and Cole, and Ford works Hannah for information...

    Viki runs into Gigi at the diner. Viki notices the drawing of the complete heart necklace and wonders if the other half has been found. Gigi says it hasn't. She just went off of memory. Once Viki's takeout is ready, she and Gigi briefly talk about the kidnapping then Viki leaves. At the counter, Cris takes a call from Layla then catches up with Markko who denies there's any hope of getting back with Langston. Long distance relationships never work. Gigi interrupts as Markko goes on and on about what a disaster these types of relationships are. Cris storms off. Markko feels horrible after Gigi explains the situation between Cris and Layla.

    Over at Llanfair, Echo offers her condolences about Jared and cries. There's something Charlie needs to know about her. Echo knows Viki won't be happy about it. Just as Echo is about to open up, Viki appears and demands that she leave. "I'm sorry Charlie," Echo cries. "Sorrier than you know." Once Echo is gone, Charlie can't help but worry. Whatever Echo had to say sounded important. Viki doesn't believe it and shares Rex's findings with Charlie. Charlie reminds Viki that her problems with Echo were from long ago. "Echoes have a way of repeating themselves," Viki states. Charlie convinces Viki to go up to bed with him.

    Rex finds the other half of the heart necklace in Echo's room and says, "Is this what I think it is?" Rex remembers leaving the half of his mother's necklace at Lily's grave and wonders if this half belonged to his father. What is Echo doing with it? Rex takes a photo of the necklace and vows to find out what Echo is up to. Rex puts the necklace back into the box, puts the box away then grabs some towels when Echo walks through the door. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Rex admits his mother owns the place and he was delivering some towels. He must have the wrong room. Echo doesn't see the resemblance to Roxy. He admits Roxy isn't his biological mother and suggests he looks like his father, one he never met. Echo politely shows him the door then takes out the box. In tears, Echo puts the necklace on.

    Rex goes to the diner and fills Gigi in. He thinks there might be someone who can help shed some light on this new revelation to the mystery surrounding his parents. Rex plans to head back to New Mexico for answers. Across the room, Markko apologizes to Cris.

    At Marty's, Ford asks Hannah about the baseball. Suddenly, Langston joins Hannah at the door and asks what Ford is doing there. Ford claims to want another chance with Hannah, which shocks both girls. Langston calls Ford a dog who blames Langston for messing up his life. Langston stands with her mouth open as Ford continues to pursue Hannah. When Hannah takes a call from Marty, Ford begs Langston to trust him and asks her to leave him alone with Hannah. He urges Langston to go to James. Langston agrees and says, "I trust you." Hannah rejoins them and Ford and Langston act as though they're arguing. After Langston leaves, Hannah says she can't be with Ford because of Cole. Ford reminds Hannah she could never have Cole as long as Starr's in the picture. "What if she wasn't?" Hannah retorts.

    Cole arrives at James' apartment and apologizes for going off on him at the station. Cole knows Eli is the only one responsible for Starr and Hope being gone. James brings up Hannah. Cole defends her and claims Hannah was Eli's victim too. She's a different person now. Cole suggests they work together then becomes distracted when he sees James' bullet necklace and says, "The last thing I remember is Starr had this. How did it get here?" James thinks back to Hannah telling him that Cole gave it to her! James covers and says that Starr returned it to him. Both agree there's nothing they can do that the cops aren't doing. James assures Cole that Eli didn't kill Starr and Hope. "I hope you're right," Cole replies then leaves. Langston arrives. James explains his theory about Hannah but stops Langston from calling Cole. They can't risk Cole tipping Hannah off.

    Back at Marty's, as Ford begs Hannah to give them a try, Cole arrives. Hannah rushes into Cole's arms. She kicks Ford out then tells Cole why Ford was there. Hannah assures Cole she doesn't want Ford. Over talk of Starr and Hope, Hannah says that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to.

    Ford returns to his apartment and tells Langston and James that there's no doubt in his mind that Hannah knows where Starr and Hope are.

    In the attic, Starr tells Hope they'll find a way out of there. As they lie down for a nap, Starr hopes James will alert Cole to his suspicions of Hannah. Hopefully then Hannah won't be able to get to Cole. Starr tosses and turns as she dreams about Hannah comforting Cole who thinks Starr is dead. Starr stands before Hannah and Cole as they kiss screaming, "She's lying! I'm right here!" James appears in the dream and says, "I see you, Starr." Suddenly, Cole pulls away from Hannah and realizes Starr is there. As Cole and James plead for Starr to be with each of them Starr wakes up from the nightmare. Starr holds Hope close and sings her a lullaby. Starr begs, "Cole, James, anyone, please help us."

    Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

    Eli arranges for the ransom drop with Todd.

    Greg confesses to Natalie.

    Destiny has a birthday party.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:00 PM

    Ok, I'm 100% sure that Chuckles is Rex's father and 90% sure that Echo is his mother.

    So Cole thinks that Hannah is a good friend and is a different person now. That figures.

    The least that old witch Hannah can do is bring the baby some food and water. Too bad those pills didn't do her in.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:04 PM

    bad dream starr had of cole and hannah they deserve each other anyway...good dream she had of her and james liked how he came up to her and said i will save u and he touched her shoulder and she said u came for me and they try to leave and they were going to kiss too...cole and james were fighting over starr and james said u coming with me...ready for StarrJam to be together...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:08 PM

    langston really thought ford would go for crazy hannah again...the way she was looking when ford told hannah we could have a chance together...glad he explained to her he didnt mean to say what he said about her...aww she said she trusts him...i know they will end up together...cant wait for james,ford,and langston to team up and bring this witch glad when james said his twinkle from that witch hannah...

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:09 PM


    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:12 PM

    viki cracks me up telling echo to get out...she was going to tell charlie they share a child together...she says viki going to hate to hear this...viki sure was mad when charlie was sticking up for echo... i hope this dont break up viki and charlie i so want them to stay together...echo needs to leave them alone...

    Posted by soaplover88 at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:22 PM

    Come on Starr... Your a damn Manning/Crammer!! You come from a strong line of women who doesn't always need a man to come and save them!! Haven't living with Dorian and Blair taught you anything...

    Lang looked jealous that Ford was pretending to get back with Hannah...

    Cowboys fan... What hannah does Cole see that we don't because she's still the same psycho person she has always been!!

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:27 PM

    james should of not accepted cole sorryness...he should of told cole take that sorryness and shove it up your a$$...cole been treating james like trash every since he came on the show...james was going to tell cole about hannah the jerk would not of believed him anyway...james cares about starr cole dont...all he does is be around his woman hannah...

    Posted by Diana8254 at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:30 PM

    CBF if you are right about Charlie and Echo are Rex's parents what about Lily and Rick. Did Echo leave Rex in the hospital with the necklace?

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:34 PM

    cris sure was mad what markko was telling him...markko was upset that langston didnt call him with news of starr and hope...i can tell he is upset langston still hangs with ford...glad he told cristian they wont be getting back together...happy he and langston are friends...

    Posted by Gottalaff at Wednesday, October 20 2010 12:34 PM

    Does anyone really care about Cris and Layla? She left town, let the story line die.

    Cole you are a bigger numbskull than I ever thought. It's nice that you are loyal to your "friends" but your loyalty is sadly misplaced.

    How many times are they going to rewrite Rex's parents. Good grief.

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