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    You're Next.

    Wednesday, October 06 2010
    Ross and Eli go toe to toe, Natalie finds James' bullet necklace, and Cole confesses his feelings to Hannah...

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, October 06 2010 03:54 PM

    I am with lucetta and Starr and Cole should have ended it a few weeks back even though we do not see Hope it does effect her and this is not the way it should be. They can both parent Hope but they must live apart. Starr you need to be without a uy for awhile as you have school and Hope to take care of. But the way they are going with this it looks like Starr will be with James but I can tell already James wants Starr and has no interst in Hope.
    Cole you are equal to blame with the failig of your family. I always thought that it was a mistake for you to have Starr and Hope live with you as you were ot old enough yet and the way things have been you know you are right to.
    Shall we say good bye to Ross..Thank goodness as it was very hard to watch him.

    To the teens watching..I hope you are noting some of the mistakes tees do when they want to act grown up to fast.

    Posted by soaplover88 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 04:03 PM

    Praizehm... I like that name for Brody too especially since he's been acting like a derange maniac anyway!! The nerve of him to go to Ford's house and dumb Jessica condition on him and then get upset when he shows concern... GMAB!! Brody seems to be forgetting that Jessica showed up to Ford's house looking for sex and that's exactly what she got!! And while this was going on Brody was having sex with her twin...

    I get that Starr is suppose to stay away from James but fact is she was... She can't help it if he shows up everytime she turns her back!! But the nerve of Cole to go to his mother house and put himself on Hannah is beyond me!! Then have the nerve to be mad!!

    Have Ross forgotten that Ross survive once from being shot then falling in water.. And the river in Seattle had a stronger current than the pier in LV.. So are we to believe that he isn't going to survive again!!

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, October 06 2010 04:39 PM

    I havem't liked Brody sinse he became a cop. He gets on my nerves. I kinda hope the baby is Fords and Nats is Johns . Even though I'm not fond of either, but Johns actually on Todds side right now and will beleave Todd didnt kill Ross. Bobby did seem to care about the baby So did James! And I'm very confident James will care about Hope.Starr and Cole should have broken up long ago. They just stay cuz they think they should be.Starr out grew Cole long ago.
    I think the reason Markko came back was to take Cole back with him to LA. After Starr finally dumps his srry toukis!

    Posted by Jupup at Wednesday, October 06 2010 04:49 PM

    I knew it! I knew it! that should of listen to John Mcbain when John said that Bennet Thompson was going to turn on him and killed. Dani better stay hide from Bennet Thompson because Thompson might killed her next on the list to reunite her with Ross if she still knows what's good for her.

    Posted by sunshine222 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 06:09 PM

    Omg!!!!!!! Ross is so SHORT and LITTLE how tall is he 3'2" lol lol lol

    Posted by Lonnie56 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 06:20 PM

    I wish OLTL would keep Greg on the show! He is such an asset to the show. I love watching Greg!! I know he was working with Eli, but he can make it up to Tea and her family. Please keep him on the show. Now Markko leaving is no big deal. I don't think he had a very good part anyway.

    Posted by Strawberry 101 at Wednesday, October 06 2010 07:25 PM

    I'm glad Eli shot Ross. I hope he's dead. He messed up the show. A funny looking Saturday Night Live looking m--!!I wish they could've kept the real Ross on the show.

    Posted by lucetta at Wednesday, October 06 2010 07:31 PM

    The only story line that has me focused and interested is Tea,Dani and Todd getting reunited. Also, interested in knowing Greg's secret. The rest of the show isn't doing it for me at this point.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, October 06 2010 07:36 PM

    No matter who played Ross he would have died today.

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, October 06 2010 08:23 PM

    jumps ,Starr is also a Cramer . Her mother& Great aunt are two of the best liars!

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