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    I'm Ruling In Favor Of...

    Thursday, September 30 2010
    A decision is made at the custody trial, Eli gets word about John, and Nate goes to James for help...

    Outside the courtroom, Destiny demands to know if Greg was telling the truth on the stand. He thinks back to Eli's threats and replies, "Why would I lie?" Nate appears and Greg urges them to go check on Dani. After Greg leaves, Destiny warns Nate that Dani is going to need them.

    The judge calls the courtroom to order to address her decision. She grants custody of Dani to Ross! Todd objects. He pleads Dani's case and can't believe he has to get visitation to see Dani. Blair interrupts, "That will right there is a fake and Mr. Rayburn knows it!" Destiny and Nate enter as the judge transfers full custody of Dani to Ross. Todd begins threatening the judge. Ross vows to fight it if she grants Todd visitation. He's dangerous! Ross plays a recording of Todd threatening to kill him. "Oh my God," Dani cries. "How could you?" The judge allows Todd an hour with Dani and gives Ross permission to take her to Tahiti after that. Nate vows to help Dani and asks her to wait for him. He leaves. Todd pushes Ross away from Dani and takes her home.

    John and Natalie discuss Ross and Eli at Rodi's. They wonder if Eli strong-armed Greg into doing something he didn't want to do. John calls the hospice where Tea was staying hoping someone can backup Greg's story.

    At Kitts Hospice, Eli argues with a nurse who insists he stay put. Eli warns that Greg has until the end of the day to check in on him or he's out of there. Another nurse comes in to inform Eli's nurse that Det. McBain is on the phone for her.

    The nurse talks the call out in the hallway and admits she spent some time with Tea but Dr. Evans took a strong personal interest in Tea's case. She tells John that Greg has been at the hospice since Tea's death.

    When the nurse returns, Eli tries prying for information on John's call. She doesn't budge and assures him that Greg will be there soon. Eli wonders what Greg's been up to! Eli is happy to get a text from Ross saying he got custody of Dani. Greg appears and Eli demands he release him. Greg refuses to let him leave!

    Back at Rodi's, John relays his conversation to Natalie. He plans to find out why Greg has been back to Kitts Hospice since Tea's death. John makes another call and finds out Greg hopped a plane to Kitts Hospice.

    James is daydreaming in his apartment that he's kissing Starr. Ford arrives home having no luck finding a job. James brings up Nate's troubles. Ford reminds James that they have troubles of their own. He remembers Nate saying the country club is hiring and suggests that Ford apply. Nate offered to put in a good word for him. Ford is offended that James told Nate about his problems. James suggests Ford thank Nate for the offer then leaves.

    Clint and Inez are at The Palace. Though Inez thanks him for helping James, Clint wants to know more about Ford's job issues. Inez thinks there is more to the accusations against Ford. Clint assumes the Dean didn't want to let Ford, an award winning director, go. They were backed into a corner because the girl involved is the Mayor's daughter. Clint offers to put in a good word for Ford. Inez doesn't want Clint to waste his time. Ford doesn't want her help or the help of anyone associated with her. She wonders, in time, what Clint will want from her in return for his help. Clint assures Inez she owes him nothing. He has power and isn't afraid to use it to help others. Ford arrives unnoticed and asks about the job opening saying Nate referred him. The manager thinks highly of Nate and offers Ford a job to start immediately. Later, Ford is called to Clint's table to take their order. Introductions are made then Ford leaves to get a waiter for Clint, who wonders if this is going to be a good career change for Ford. Inez hates seeing Ford so unhappy. She would like for something else to come up for him. Clint would like for that to happen too.

    The Dean stops Langston and Starr in a Llanview U hallway. She needs to talk to Langston about Ford and her future at the college. Langston's happy to hear that she's not in trouble. The Dean assures her that what happened to Langston at the hands of Mr. Ford will not happen to any other students. The Dean vows to make sure Ford doesn't ever teach again. Langston stops the Dean from walking away but thinks twice about confessing. After the Dean leaves, Starr wonders if Langston was going to admit Ford's innocence. Langston reminds her that neither she nor Ford is innocent. She brings up seeing Markko and says, "I hurt everybody I care about." Starr urges Langston not to beat herself up over Markko. Over talk of Markko and Cole spending time together tonight, Langston wonders why Starr isn't joining them. Starr fills Langston in on Hannah and her and Cole's admission about having feelings for Hannah and James. They agreed to forget about them and concentrate on their relationship. "Are you sure you can do that?" Langston asks. Starr assures Langston she can, turns around and runs into James. After an uncomfortable exchange, Langston says, "I guess that was a good effort." Suddenly, Starr gets a call from Blair about Dani and tells Langston, "I'm losing my sister."

    Nate goes to James' apartment and says, "I need your help bad."

    Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

    Natalie and John become suspicious of Greg.

    A woman from his past visits Charlie - Echo.

    Viki is asked for help by Todd.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, September 30 2010 11:59 AM

    Why are they letting Greg go? They should be getting rid of some of these young folks. Too many of them. That might be why the ratings are so low. They are on way too much. Need to focus on the older folks.

    Surprise, surpirse, Ross got custody. Who didn't see that coming. Todd really laid into the judge. Don't blame him.

    And who is Ross to talk about Todd having a history of violence. Talk about Pot meet Kettle.

    Glad to hear that John is going to bring Greg in for questioning. I know it won't do any good. Wait for him to come back into town John.

    And bring back Hugh Hughes, just thought I would throw that in.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:05 PM

    what a snake ross is cant wait till he gone...and todd was so mad he threw the papers on the desk he was hot at ross...when todd came out the courtroom ross was trying to touch her...todd got his hand and say dont touch my daughter she not yours...and nate was not happy glad he went to james for nate and james going to help her hide from that creep...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:10 PM

    liked the starr and langston scene when langston said she hurt markko u got that right u did...and glad starr told langston her and cole are having problems and one thing cant wait for starr and cole to break up...and aww starr runs into james and like the smile she gave him...and how sweet of her to said u back in school...and she was looking at him when he walked away...she got it bad for james...StarrJam...

    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:14 PM

    Can't wait until Ross' big plan blows up in his face when he realize that Eli has double crossed him.

    I felt really sad for Ford as he looks like a lost little boy in his busboy uniform. Now, Inez will let CLint call the University to reinstate him. I don't believe that bull that Clint told her. He holds grudges and sooner or later he will call to collect on everything he's helped her with. But hey, they might be sleeping together by then and I guess he will consider them even (if it's good). But I am glad that she's with Clint for when her abusive ex comes to town, she will have someone in her corner...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:17 PM

    todd got that judge straighting out...he was not happy with that judge dont blame u one bit todd...u did your thing...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:22 PM

    i could tell langston was going to tell dean the truth about what she did...she needs to fix it or she will be exspelled or kick out of school...she knows she feels bad for ford when dean said ford wont be teaching nomore at schools...starr was looking like langston tell the truth before its too late but langston didnt do that...

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 12:42 PM

    when the nurse said john name elijah face priceless...cant wait till he get whats coming to him...he thought he was going somewhere when greg said u not going nowhere but he will find a way to go back to Llanview...and he going to cause alot of damage to starr,dani and blair,and todd...sick of elijah already go away...make him go away...he already hurt people and ruins lives...

    Posted by Ringwraiths at Thursday, September 30 2010 01:03 PM

    Inez did the right thing by refusing Clint's offer of further assistance since she did not want to beholden to someone she barely knows. Inez has a right to be suspicious of Clint. However I agree that since Inez saw Robert as a BusBoy, she will now relent by letting Clint help Robert.

    Inez is a decent, good, and sweet woman. She does not deserve to be misused or to be a pawn in Clint's revenge schemes. So I hope Clint is not merely helping Inez to only use it against her for his revenge schemes. I'm liking Clint being more dark, but I won't enjoy it if he mistreats or hurts Inez who does not deserve the treatment.

    Posted by gulla at Thursday, September 30 2010 01:12 PM

    destiny was not happy with greg...i know she was worry about dani...she asked him did u tell the truth in there all he said i got to go...glad she is there for dani thats what friends are for...glad they are friends...

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, September 30 2010 01:17 PM

    What I am curious about is what Clint will do once he finds out what Ford did to Princess Jessica? Will he continue to "help" Inez and her sons?

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