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    Oh, Those Balls!

    Wednesday, September 29 2010
    Gigi gets her first assignment, Bo questions Rex, and Todd lashes out at Greg...

    At B.E. Clint makes Natalie nervous. He wants to talk about her baby's father. She's relieved to hear he's speaking of John, who Clint warns has hurt her time and time again. Clint thinks John should've proposed by now, like Brody. Natalie reminds Clint that Brody isn't perfect then gives him hell about the women in his past. Clint plans on adding a new woman to his life and tells Natalie about Inez. Both want the other to be happy and end their conversation in an embrace.

    Bo comes out of his office and tells Inez to leave early for her date. She smiles when he says whoever is taking her out is one lucky guy. After Bo leaves Nora approaches. Inez admits she's going out with Clint. Nora isn't surprised that Clint's helped her. He really seems to like Inez. Nora warns her not to listen to Bo's remarks about Clint and says, "Clint's a standup guy." Nora insists that Inez go get pretty for her date and offers to watch her desk.

    Rex arrives at Rodi's but Gigi, who feels so lucky, has to leave after getting a call from Cris. Rex knows Gigi's new job had nothing to do with luck. Bo joins Rex and wants to know what he wanted to tell him earlier. Rex thinks back to Clint's threats. He brings up David but lies and tells Bo that David is having too much fun to come back to Llanview. Bo reminds Rex if he ever needs to talk his door is always open. Bo leaves with takeout. Natalie arrives and rants to Rex about Clint. Rex has a few choice words for Clint. Natalie stops him from bashing her father. She wonders why he appears so mad at himself. Natalie reminds Rex she's always there for him. Rex does the same for her then leaves.

    Bo returns to his office and is irritated when Nora says Inez is going out with Clint. He backtracks and butters Nora up with Rodi's burgers. Inez watches from outside Bo's office. Clint appears and says, "They're lucky, aren't they?" Clint can't resist peeking in at Bo and Nora to say hello. Clint privately tells Inez he has something to talk to her about. Once they leave, Nora rambles about how cute Clint and Inez are. It'd be great if they fell in love! Bo grumbles when Nora suggests they invite them to a dinner party and says, "You're out of your cotton-picking mind!" Nora fills Bo in on what Clint did for James, which makes Bo suspicious. He brings up Rex. Bo thinks he's hiding something and is worried.

    Gigi meets Cris in his studio. He has to rush out and asks her to get his model set up. Joel arrives. Gigi introduces herself as Cris' assistant. She's there to help him get started. Joel strips and asks, "How do you want me?" Gigi gets flustered as Joel encourages her to 'pose him'. She helps him get into position then steps back. "Do you want me to do anything with the balls?" Joel asks. Gigi looks down. Joel points to a basket. Gigi replies, "Oh, those balls!" Gigi excuses herself.

    In the hallway, Cris stops Gigi from rushing off. She can't believe he didn't tell her she'd be working with a hot, naked guy! Cris reassures Gigi about the art of the naked body then leads her back inside to prepare for class.

    Later, back in the classroom, Cris looks at Gigi's drawing of Joel and wonders why she didn't draw his manhood. Gigi stutters. Cris says in time she'll be more comfortable with her work. "What the hell?" Rex says from the doorway as he stares at a naked Joel. Gigi calms Rex who replies, "If you're happy I'm happy."

    Outside the courtroom, Destiny asks Dani which father she wants to live with. Dani talks about the past with Ross but Destiny reminds her of the here and now. "Deep inside I believe my mom wanted me with Todd," Dani says. "So deep inside that I want to stay with Todd." Dani thinks Eli did something to Tea's will and that Ross may even be in on it.

    In the courtroom, Todd accuses Greg of lying and demands the judge ask him why he changed his story. Greg insists Tea wanted Dani to live with Ross. He didn't have the heart to tell Todd the truth and knew Tea stipulated her wishes in her will. Todd's lawyer questions if Tea was in her right mind when she confided in Greg. "I believe Tea was lucid when she expressed her wishes," Greg testifies. The judge steps down and leaves to deliberate. Todd grabs Greg by the throat and demands that he tell the truth. Before he kills him! Dani and Destiny rush in as Todd is pulled off of Greg. Destiny sticks up for Greg but says, "No way," when Blair fills her in on Greg's testimony. Everyone walks off. Greg assures Destiny that everything is going to be okay. Destiny asks Greg if he was telling the truth on the stand. Across the room, Blair assures Todd she's on his side. In another area, Ross fills Dani's head about how dangerous Todd is. The judge calls court to order. She's made a decision.

    John joins Natalie at Rodi's and fills her in on Greg's testimony

    Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

    A decision is made at the custody trial.

    Starr tells Langston about her issues with Cole.

    James thinks Ford should get a job at the country club.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, September 29 2010 11:59 AM

    I'm so sick of Greg. If Ross and Eli are threatening his family, then tell the police. Ross and Eli would be crazy to do something if the police is in on it. Right now the way I feel, Greg can sit in the cell with the both of them.

    The same goes for Rex. He should have told Bo about Clint.

    I was getting sick of Dani too. First she wants to live with Todd on Tuesday and Ross on Wednesday. She finally admitted to wanting to stay with her family.

    Todd went after Greg because he knew he was lying and of course, John wants Greg to go and press charges against Todd. I guess Greg's conscience wouldn't let him do it. So take that John. Why don't you go and arrest Brody for beating the crap out of Ford. Or yourself for harrassment.

    And who is Ross to bad mouth Todd. Like he is some choir boy. Holding a gun on poor little Destiny. He should be in jail for that alone.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:04 PM

    gigi was like whoa this guy is fine taking off his clothes she was looking hard...and he said where should i start...and she was telling him to do different poses...she was enjoyed him too much...and rex said what is this...he seem a little jealous...dont blame gigi he was a hottie wish i was taking that

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:10 PM

    todd wasnt happy when he blast out that courtroom and push greg against the wall and went for more...todd was so upset he know greg is up to something...i know he was going to tell destiny the truth when she said did u lie in there...glad dani said she wanted to stay with todd cause she got her family and friends and man...dani going to hide cause james and nate going to help her hide so she wont go to tahti with that creep...

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:16 PM

    John wants Todd arrested to keep him out of the way. Todd is his own worst enemy. John is actually on Todd's side this time.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:19 PM

    i think inez likes bo the way she was looking in the window at them and watching them have fun...i like her with there may be a triangle between bo and nora and she dont like clint like that like she told nora its just still worrying about inez he needs to worry about nora...when bo and nora was talking he kept talking about inez so nora trying to push inez to date clint so she wont get bo...

    Posted by jumps at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:24 PM

    Nora really needs to get over her guilt dealing with Clint. And open her eyes like Bo has.

    Posted by gulla at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:27 PM

    ross makes me sick saying todd dont deserve dani and he is dangerous i wanted to go to the t.v. and knock his brains out...he has no right to say nothing...he not dani father period...cant wait for him to go away...

    Posted by Ringwraiths at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:30 PM

    It's time for Eli, Ross, and Greg to go to prison for their crimes. It's more than time for this Eli, Greg, Ross, and Tea story to be wrapped up. It has gone on and dragged on for too darn long. It's time to give Tea, Blair, and Todd a new story on the show.

    TPTB need to roll out new and exciting stories for Viki, Charlie, Clint, Echo, Rex, Jessica, Brody, John, and Natalie. All of these characters have lots of history and connections that need to be intertwined in good story for the audience.

    TPTB also need to roll out a well written and dramatic storyline for the Ford family(Inez, Eddie, Robert, James, and Nate). It's time we got to know more about the Ford family and see them becoming a real family through an emotional and dramatic story. I think the bulk of the story is with Inez and Eddie Ford. Jessica Leccia is a talented actress with loads of beauty and charm. So TPTB need to give her and her character of Inez a worthy story on OLTL. OLTL needs to go back to writing well written romance and family stories for the audience!

    Ps. Inez was looking very beautiful today!

    Posted by jorie at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:32 PM

    cowboy fan, You know I'm no fan of John"s **SPOILER ALERT**BUT maybe I'll change my mind .You see for for once John knows Todd is right. John' believes
    Gregg is lying. He'll fallow Gregg to St Kitts . If you want to know more you can check the spoilers. I don't think its just protecting Destiney's lifi from Eli.There may be a family secrete Eli knows
    I'm glad Dani told Des she wants Todd. I think sne'll hide from Ross with help from Nate&James..

    Posted by Ringwraiths at Wednesday, September 29 2010 12:33 PM

    I also forgot to mention. OLTL needs to write more strong female friendships on the show. I'd like to see Inez and Nora become good friends on the show. I think both Inez and Nora could use a female friend on the show! Jessica Leccia and Hillary B. Smith work very well together.

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