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    In our 'One Life To Live' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Thursday, May 16 2013

    Not ready to be a dad. (TOLN/Hulu)
    Welcome to Amy's "One Life in a Week" for May 13 - 16:

    Matthew took the brat level to a new high, which had me wanting to jump through my screen and give the kid a big wake-up call. The rest of the week was consumed with Todd/Victor drama with a little bit of this and that thrown in for good measure. Let's break it down…

    The spoiled, rich brat.
    Jeffrey hit the nail on the head when he called Matthew out for being a spoiled, rich brat after his outburst with Destiny over Drew. The baby has been around for months yet Matthew is still throwing it in Destiny's face about going back on her word and not having an abortion. Totally uncalled for! He has the right to not want to be in Drew's life, but Matthew needs to make those feelings clear to all, once and for all, and cool it with the childish outbursts. Drew is a human being, his own flesh and blood. I'm all about women's rights, but the abortion comment was obnoxious and a bit much at this stage of the game. It's a good thing Drew's not old enough to have understood what Matthew said. A perfect world would have Matthew and Destiny happily raising Drew, but this is Daytime. Matthew and Dani as a couple, or friends with benefits, and Destiny and Jeffrey as a mature couple would be more logical.

    Booze and Red Bull cocktail.
    Sure, it may be one of the most popular ways to get your drink on at the local bars these days, but mixing alcohol and caffeine shouldn't be made to look cool to younger viewers. It's already been banned to minors in some states, and though Matthew, Dani and Jeffrey are of age, this would be better displayed as a PSA than a fun time.

    Feisty new bartender. (TOLN/Hulu)
    Victor and Todd's feud:
    When he returned to Llanview Victor created quite the emotional upheaval, and it's no surprise that his exit created the same. As the men sat down and discussed making a sincere truce, and joked while doing so, it reminded me of how they interacted after the whole Irene debacle. It was fun while it lasted. All of the doubts surrounding the current truths from those now involved in the men's rivalry gives depth to the storyline and doesn't leave it as cut and dry on a Team Victor/Team Todd level. Like Bo said, "Science doesn't lie." Victor's done horrible things, as has Todd, but it's Victor who's now been connected to two crimes. After Thursday's episode I'm convinced Todd is behind the hidden cameras in town. The man who entered the room containing all of the monitors was wearing the same dress shirt and jacket as Todd.

    JWoww's in the house.
    "Jersey Shore" was one of my guilty pleasures and having JWoww in town as Nikki is pure fun. If Nikki is anything like her portrayer the cattiness will be in full swing, and Blair's smart to question the possible trouble surrounding her. As a fan of the reality show what would make it all the more interesting would be to have her fiancé Roger Mathews hired as Shelter's new bartender. His buff, tattooed bod would keep Blair oblivious to any of the sexual tension/drama that's sure to erupt in the workplace.

    Join in with your comments on the week's episodes, and vote how you feel about the "Jersey Shore" alum in Llanview…

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    All photos courtesy of TOLN/Hulu

    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by jorie at Thursday, May 16 2013 05:20 AM


    Posted by jorie at Thursday, May 16 2013 05:20 AM


    Posted by jorie at Thursday, May 16 2013 05:24 AM


    Posted by Moonchild63 at Friday, May 17 2013 09:24 AM

    I was looking for ya - as you have become one of my weekly blog pleasures!

    The thing with Mattie is that he and Des were not this big couple EVERYONE keeps acting like they were - they were friends and she was crushing. Nora talked her into having that baby cuz she thought Matthew was dying and when he woke up he made his postion clear to Des and Nora about how he felt, yet his attitude is disgraceful "oh that's just my baby momma!" then getting all jealous and territorial when Jeffery steps up to help with sitting - as my gran wld say "if it don't fit, dn't force it!"

    I think Des has her own growing up to do - she loves her son and made the deal - stop acting like a leaper or "charity case" ask for help and hold your head up - at least you didn't kill a man just to watch him die and act like it's no BIG while you & your respectable/judgemental parents play ostrich;->

    the whole drinking while babysitting was irresponsible, but the teq/red bull deal - kids their age are easily distracted and impressed with such things and putting that out there like that was wrong on so many levels!

    As for the other Cameras on Parade - I was glad you said it and not me - I alluded on my OLTL Soap Dish Message Board so as not to spoil I didn't say much on it, but it looked to me like it was the suit Todd had on too

    and then there was wht looked like an invite when he first got to town with that symbol on it (he did help Irene's second in command evade prosecution if I recall to kidnap Tomas) and thus keeping Irene's rogue agency alive jorie!

    Amy seeing Tea come to terms with who Victor truly is (by which I mean he DID impersonated Todd for 8 years and did quite the good job of it and then some) as he can not hide behind Todd's personality anymore - I beat she wished she hadn't let her mouth over ride her legal "why do you have a picture of Victor's arm" I could just see her trying to suck those words back in LOL

    - I am happy that all the "Victor is a saint" sayers will now have to except that he is the same person who while pretending to be Todd did worse than Todd every did and when he stole Todd's life and family (which didn't take much obviously!) he and his mammie declared this war & we knw "all is far in Love and War!" at least it will be a fair fight because they are both so screwed up!

    Posted by Moonchild63 at Friday, May 17 2013 09:34 AM

    oh! I didn't watch JS, I'll reserve my opinion on her, but for the character she's playing and her assoc. w/ Cutter so far so GOOD!

    Posted by I LUV OLTL at Sunday, May 19 2013 03:37 PM

    Moonchild - I agree with you about Des and Matthew. Des was the one crushing on Matt when he was crushing on Dani. If I were Des, I would be taking everything that Nora had to offer. Afterall, it was Nora who convinced Des to keep the baby and Nora promised that she would help her raise the baby.

    So glad that people are finally seeing that Vic's no saint. I was really ticked that everyone was trashing Todd and putting Vic on a pedestal.

    Speaking of Vic, what is going on with him? Why is Tea the only one asking him what happened? He just seems so confused. I think that he really wanted to call a truce with Todd and I think that Todd was willing to call a truce with him to help the kids. I think if Vic would have told Todd that he had to leave town for business or something like that, then the brothers could have ended it on good terms. I would really like to see Todd and Vic team up to kick some butt!!

    Posted by Amy at Monday, May 20 2013 05:37 AM

    Thanks for your comments everyone! Much appreciated

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