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    In our 'One Life To Live' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Fans Share Memorable One Life To Live Moments.

    Friday, July 13 2012

    Remembering the show we miss…

    Sunday July 15 would have been "One Life To Live's" 44th Anniversary. To celebrate the show and remember those we miss from Llanview has compiled a list from fans who sent in some of their most memorable moments…

    Donna B. shared: "Marty's Rape. Such a great job they all did on this, but Marty [Susan Haskell] played the part so real that I actually cried with her during and after. The emotions played out in this story were so raw. The scene was so emotional. Not everyone can show that real emotion and be able to pull you into the feeling of helplessness that Marty felt. She was the bad girl and Todd and Kevin were the heroes of the school. Who was going to believe her? Oh just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. How many young ladies has this happened to and how helpless they feel. I believe if this story gave one victim the courage to report and prosecute plus except it wasn't their fault then the story did its job."

    Relive the chilling moment...

    Kimberly M. shared: "Of course Karen Wolek on the stand! And I know me and 'OLTL' share a b-day!"

    Relive a blast from the past...

    Cyndi H. shared: "Megan's death. It was the first big story that I watched on 'OLTL'. I just remember how heart wrenching it was to see this character so sick and dying. I remember my aunt was having knee surgery the actual day that Megan was dying, and I begged for the people in the waiting room to let me watch."
    Relive the moment...

    Susan O. shared: "Memorable moment for me was John and Natalie finally getting together at the end of the show. I picked my favorite moment because there was a happy ending when the show ended."

    Relive the much anticipated moment...

    Shirlene W. shared: "When Jessica's Baby died (Megan). That was awful. I was 15 and I remember bawling my eyes out. It was so hard to watch. Poor Jessica was just accepting that she was going to be a mom and then Dorian hit her with her car (on accident). What I love most were the scenes with Viki and Jessica and how Jessica donated Megan's eyes. I can't remember who received them, but I remember thinking how hard it would be to do something like that. I loved how Jessica's sister Megan appeared to her to take her baby to Heaven."

    Relive the horrible accident...

    Hopey Pix shared: "I really enjoyed when Adam Brewster and Pat Lord were together in 1978-79! Adam was only on one year, but I loved his scenes with Pat! I wish it could have lasted longer. I think it's because John Mansfield wanted to leave the show. He sent me an autographed photo when he was on the show. I treasured it! And still remember he liked Ferrets. Just little things that I still remember! I loved them as a couple, and I was very sorry to see them break-up. I always seemed to root for couples that weren't the top favorites, but I will remember how good they were together!"

    I have far too many special storylines and moments from the 25 years I spent watching those in Llanview. However, there is one moment in time that still pulls at my heartstrings. Watching Nash Brennan die after tracing a heart to Jessica's hand brings on the tears no matter how many times I watch the video. Does it for you? Grab some tissues and relive the moment below…

    Do you have a special moment that didn't get into our inbox in time? Please share it in the comment section!

    If you want to know what some of the Llanview actors told about their favorite "One Life To Live" memories tune in on Monday! In the meantime find out what actors from the cancelled soap operas are up to by visiting's After The Soap Finales: Where Are They Now?

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by hopey pix at Monday, July 16 2012 10:09 PM

    Thanks,Amy for including my special memories of Adam and Pat from the 70's!!I am happy to be included here!!I also liked the clip where Nash passed away.Jessica was so upset!I also liked them as a couple.I wish we could still be enjoying an Happy Anniversary show right now like we should have been!Thank goodness and GH in a small way,keeps OLTL alive for us!!Thank-You!!

    Posted by Amy at Tuesday, July 17 2012 08:01 AM

    You are very welcome!

    Posted by hopey pix at Tuesday, July 17 2012 09:59 PM

    I really was happy to see this on here Amy!I am sorry that other OLTL fans didn't respond much!!It is their anniversary!!I still love OLTL very much!I did mention on the GH thread about posting Anniversary favorites for OLTL,but sadly I see there's not much response!But thanks for posting mine all the same!

    Posted by KC11 at Saturday, July 21 2012 06:54 PM

    Oh no, so sorry I'm late. I just learned about your request from Hopey. Some of us Lifers are now posting on the GH site. I gotta have something to do during retirement. lol My favorite OLTL moments have been narrowed down only because there is just not enough time today.
    1st-Viki and Ben's wonderful scenes together were so dog-gone cute. When he gave her the dice as a momentum; I just cried because Viki was set on being alone. It was nice to see Viki over come her loneliness during that stage of her life. Ben although younger was so genuine with his affection. 2nd-I loved the cat fight at Rex's wedding. Gigi and Rex were meant to be together! This was another couple that I loved to watch. 3rd- I always loved Tina Lord. The Tina and Gabrielle scenes kept me glued to the TV screen. I still remember Tina walking in the aisle during Cord's wedding and handing him the baby. She was so desperate during those times but I still loved her child-like demeanor (always have). And lastly, I must mention John and Evangeline. Those two were cheated! They were so hot on screen together. Their love scenes were sinful! I always thought John needed someone more mature and focused in life; someone who didn't nag him to tears. In my eyes, she was his equal. Okay that's it for now. Gotta run!

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