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    In our 'One Life To Live' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    One Life To Live Fan Fiction: John And Natalie Leave Llanview.

    Tuesday, June 05 2012

    Preparing to say goodbye. (ABC)
    A new beginning.

    Sitting in the living room at Llanfair, amongst her family, Natalie looks at John as the final scene of "Fraternity Row" airs. John nods with a smile, and Natalie waits until everyone finishes sharing memories of the soap opera and how much they will miss its quirky storylines. Roxy gets up with plans to drag Nigel off to Rodi's to drown their sorrows in some well-preserved Irish liquor.

    "John and I have an announcement to make," Natalie's voice stops everyone in their tracks. "We are leaving Llanview." Roxy thinks they've had enough bad news for one day and continues ranting about the network taking off her beloved soap opera. Viki sits calmly, already knowing what Natalie's about to say, as everyone waits for answers. John joins Natalie, holding Liam, and stuns Bo by explaining, "I'm leaving the Llanview PD. It's time to make a change and give Natalie and our son the best of me."

    Natalie reminisces about Asa's ranch in Texas, the place where she and Jared fell in love and how she thought that moment in time was going to be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. When Jared died, she thought her world would never be the same, until she and John overcame their differences and had Liam. They've been given a second chance and want nothing more than to live a life without further heartache. John admits he's allowed the demons of his past to dictate his life up until this point. He's hid behind his badge for far too long and now owes it to Natalie and their family to start a new life, in a new place, by leaving his old one behind.

    "Pa would be pleased with your decision to take over his ranch," Clint says, approaching his daughter, the man she loves and his grandson. "But you will always have a home in Llanview." One by one, everyone says their goodbyes. Viki wishes them much love and happiness always. Bo promises John a place at the Llanview PD should he decide horses and cattle aren't his thing. Jessica holds her sister close, thankful that they were able to survive their past. Roxy fumbles with Viki's laptop until she gets Rex, who's in England with Gigi and Shane, on Skype, hoping he'll talk some sense into his sister. Rex assures Roxy that there are bars in Texas. She can visit John and Natalie anytime. Roxy rushes to Natty in tears then warns Johnny to take care of her baby. Nigel appears in the doorway, letting everyone know the car is packed and waiting. Repeated hugs and goodbyes are shared then John and Natalie take Liam and set out into the night.

    They take the long way out of town, along the Llantano River, up Llantano Mountain and reflect on their Llanview memories, even the ones that almost destroyed them. John looks in the rearview mirror at a sleeping Liam then takes Natalie's hand. Finally overcoming all of their hardships, no words are needed. They lock gazes and both are fully aware of the love between them. Natalie notices the sign alerting drivers of the distance before they reach the town of Port Charles and asks, "Are you sure you don't want to stop and get some sleep then start out fresh in the morning?" She knows how hard it was for John to leave his job and knew he insisted on leaving tonight just to make a clean break. "If we stop off in that mob-filled town I'll never leave law enforcement behind." His words are enough for Natalie to sit back and anticipate their new life in Texas…

    Married at last. (
    A month after they've settled in at the ranch, John surprises Natalie with breakfast in bed. Expressing his feelings has never been easy. As he takes the ring box out from under his pillow, he wonders how he ever suppressed the love he feels for Natalie for so long. John brushes back a loose stand of Natalie's hair and says, "I have never felt more content. You are my life, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of it with you, as my wife." Tears appear as Natalie allows John to slip the ring on her finger.

    As the day goes on, Natalie receives many more surprises in the form of her family and friends. Reverend Andrew Carpenter arrives for the abrupt nuptials, as Viki finishes helping Natalie get dressed in the gown John had delivered, a Forrester original. Night falls, and John and Natalie are pronounced husband and wife. Her dreams have come true, yet again, underneath the Texas stars.

    Though viewers never got to see John and Natalie ride off into the sunset, would you have liked to have seen this scenario play out before the soap went dark forever on ABC? Share your comments below and feel free to leave your own ending wishes for the couple.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by MaddScorpio at Tuesday, June 05 2012 08:23 AM

    Amy, that was beautiful! The proposal was beautiful. Now this is a great ending to having Nat be with her loves down at her grandpa's ranch! But John a rancher? Now that is hilarious but it is a great life-changer that he needs.

    This John on GH is getting unrecognizable again, just as he was at times on OLTL. Yes, he loves his damsels in distress, and he certainly is a man who saves and helps people, but him being away from his family for so long is only destroying his character. The longer he stays in PC, the more it makes him a deadbeat dad. Come on, isn't it a bit far-reaching for him to all of a sudden want revenge for his long-lost dead possibly half-sister? He never even mentioned her while in Llanview. And just how many times in his life is he going to chase his demons? Didn't he spend half his time in llanview investigating his father's death? I know this is a soap (and some of this does make for good story), but being an avid Jolie fan for 8 years, the fans never really got a whole lot of happy times for these two. We got a lot more heart aches and burns than happy.

    I sure hope Natalie and Liam join him in PC soon since John and Natalie went through so much to reunite again. He barely got them back, so it's time now to be with his family. He needs to raise his son. After all, this is the son he's always wanted. (BTW, the writers really missed the boat by not celebrating Liam's 1-year birthday on January 11th, when the show was still on the air! This would have made up slightly for not having a real wedding ending for these two. Remember when Natalie made 1-11-11 a lucky date for their son's birth? I thought that was pretty cool).

    Sorry I got on my soapbox. Your beautiful HEA for Jolie got me going! Thanks for taking the time to write this Amy! You made my day. Hopefully, the writers will read your chapter on Jolie. Please write more chapters for them, because that is the only way I still keep my love alive for them.

    Posted by Amy at Tuesday, June 05 2012 09:19 AM

    Hi MaddScorpio,

    Thanks for all of your feedback! So glad you enjoyed my latest FanFic. I agree, there is still so much to say about these two and a lot the details that should have been touched on weren't. In any case, it's nice to keep all of the Llanview characters alive through these stories

    Posted by gailg528 at Tuesday, June 12 2012 09:41 PM

    Sorry we weren't able to see the nuptials, as they sounded very special. Now that John has been appearing on GH, I only hope they will eventually have Natalie and Liam join him there!

    Posted by Axl Rose at Sunday, June 17 2012 03:50 PM

    Hey Amy I hope you continue with this OLTL fan fiction series because I for one find it really entertaining and hopefully you build upon this series by maybe exonerating Todd, and that will it come out on your show that Victor is alive and that Todd did not kill his brother but that Victor is alive and well and Victor ends up returning to Llanview escaping from Allison Perkins

    And with Todd after he is exonerated, we can maybe find out that Todd did not shoot Victor but that someone else shot Victor that night and that Irene basically triggered something in Todd which made him think he killed Victor but Victor out of his own mouth exonerates his brother Todd by saying it wasn't Todd who shot him that night but that it was really Allison Perkins who shot him

    And with Todd after he's exonerated, Todd should leave Llanview and he says he is moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Starr and Hope but that he is going to give ownership of The Sun back to his brother Victor and that he is going to start his own newspaper out in L.A. where Starr & Hope are

    And Todd would leave Blair behind, he would leave Viki behind as well as the rest of his family including his other kids Jack and Dani

    Posted by LYD10 at Thursday, September 27 2012 12:01 PM

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL story for John, Natalie & Liam. What GH is doing to John now is so sad and pitiful. He would never leave his son or Natalie after over coming so many obsticals to be together. Just not buying the GH storyline. Caleb & Livey is's all the way with the McBain family!!

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