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    One Life To Live - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'One Life To Live' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Interview With Catherine Hickland!

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Catherine Hickland (ABC) would like to give a warm welcome to
    One Life to Live's very own Catherine Hickland AKA Lindsay Rappaport, brought to you by Amy Mistretta´┐Żwriter for the One Life to Live division of!

    Hi Catherine, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions for us today. Can you please give us a little insight into the woman behind Catherine Hickland the star?

    "Well, it's always a little weird to describe yourself, but I think that would be an excellent thing for people everywhere to do! Sit down with a note pad and describe yourself, as if you were your best friend and looking through their eyes! I am a happy go lucky kind of gal, with bumps in the road like most folks. I think I am pretty deep, I am a big thinker and don't like to speak fast. I am a goal setter and a risk taker and sometimes I fall down and sometimes I fly like an eagle. I love life and wake up happy most days when something heavy isn't on my mind. At this stage in my life I am excited to get to know myself better as I ask myself questions about where I want to go for act two, and who I want to be, and how I want to live. I do my best to not let the small stuff get to me and let go of the things I can't change, how other people behave and things like that."

    You have appeared on One Life to Live since 1998. Which Lindsay Rappaport storyline have you most enjoyed playing so far?

    "The best storylines for me was when I was in Prison and St Annes. I worked with such talented people (Barbara Garrick and all the others) and it was just pure entertainment. Gary Tomlin let me soar like a condor, as did Jill Farren Phelps. They just put me in one great story after another and I was wiped out but I had so much fun kissing, kidnapping, injecting Nora with the memory-erasing drug and switching paternity tests. I did not have a day off for four years and it was hard, I got cranky and exhausted but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Those are the stories that built my character into one that people remember and I am grateful for the viewers, they are just so lovely, even to this day remembering all the great stuff. Back then the show was just a run-away train of entertainment and viewers never forget that ride we gave them."

    Amy: Your character has found herself in some pretty emotional situations, and you have portrayed each and every one of them so well. Is there anything in particular that you do to prepare for these emotional scenes?

    "Emotional scenes are hard but only because in order for them to be effective you have to really commit to them. I work with the sense-memory technique, so when I cry, or feel deep feelings, I am reliving them in a very real sense. I go THERE. I haven't had to do that since Jen's death, and that just wiped me out, but again, very rewarding because the viewers were so rattled by watching it."

    Can you give the readers an idea of what a normal day on the set of One Life to Live entails?

    "Normal day. Going in at 7:30, saying the lines for time in a rehearsal hall. Then getting hair and makeup done and running lines (if you're lucky) and then going up on set to tape them which is challenging because we no longer rehearse to speak of. Lots of trust going on there with the other actors and the cameramen! LOL!"

    Amy: Is there any One Life to Live cast mate who you have predominantly enjoyed working with?

    "Of course, Ty Treadway and Hillary B Smith, who could ask for better? I loved working with Bob Woods when he was my love interest, we laughed ourselves sick. I also had a great time working with Clint Richie, he was the cowboy of all cowboys and we joked around a lot. It's a talented cast."

    If there were one person you could star opposite, anyone, who would it be?

    "I would love to work with a lot of people, hard to pick just one."

    Which excites you most, performing on stage in front of a live audience or on a closed set?

    "I love working on a live stage, you can't beat it for the sheer wake up call. I do stand-up comedy and I am also a public speaker and I consider those absolute performances. In fact doing stand-up scares me so bad I can't begin to describe it, but I love it because it is flying without a parachute. I also like taping in the studio, it's not scary, it's more relaxed because if you make a huge gaping mistake, you can ask to do it again and no one out there will ever see it. LOL! I Love being on daytime, it's challenging beyond belief sometimes. I like a good challenge."

    Not only do fans admire you for your acting skills, they also take comfort in knowing they're getting a great product with Cat Cosmetics. What most inspired you to start your own cosmetics company?

    "I started my cosmetics company for fun and it has grown into the little/big company that it is today. I work hard on it, I develop all the products and oversee the running of it but depend on the wonderful people who work with me to make it the success that it is. Gillion, who is the captain of the Cat-Ship Enterprise keeps me sane, she does a wonderful job and people love her (and so do I) which makes me proud. I have gotten really good about delegating and not trying to control things every minute. I am launching a new company in October ... The Stressless Bride and we are very excited about it. Talk about work! It's going to be a fun site and Beth Maitland (The Young and the Restless) is part of it, she is incredibly creative and there are going to be things that no other site has to offer."

    Can you tell your fans something about yourself that they would never guess?

    "My book will also be published next year, and it is in the self-help genre, very very cool."

    Again, wants to thank Catherine Hickland for taking the time to talk with us today! You can learn more about Catherine and her career by visiting her website at: Cat Cosmetics.

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    Posted by linda blair at Monday, August 28 2006 07:38 AM

    Is Catherine and her spouse getting divorced who plays Tad on ~All My Children~?

    Posted by Amy at Monday, August 28 2006 07:43 AM

    Hi linda blair,

    Although I never ask the stars questions pertaining to their personal lives, in January 2006, the couple did announce that they were getting divorced, after 14 years of marriage, but will remain friends.

    Thanks for posting!

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