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    One Life To Live CAST - Todd Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Todd Manning Played by Roger Howarth on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Lou Rocco)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    I Have Proof. Patrick Thornhart Is Alive.

    Friday, June 03 2011

    At the facility, T.M. listens as Agent Baker tells Thornhart his release has been signed. They're taking him to Llanview. T.M. follows as Thornhart is escorted away onto a plane. T.M. hides and listens as Thornhart is warned not to contact Cole or deviate from the plan. If he does, he'll end up back in the facility. They'll be in Llanview any minute.

    This Must Be My Lucky Day.

    Thursday, June 02 2011

    In the facility, the man with the scar, T.M., cries about Starr, Blair and Tea then says, "I raped a woman. Her name is Marty. My name is Todd." Agent Kent drags T.M. away at gunpoint. T.M. tells Agent Kent he remembers who he gave 'it' to. Just as Agent Kent demands to know if he gave it to John McBain, T.M. knocks him out and changes into his clothes. Other agents call out to make sure Kent is okay. T.M. grabs the agent's gun. Agent Baker calls for the other agents. As they're lead into another cell, T.M. slips out but stops when he hears Agent Baker tell someone, "It's your lucky day. You're getting out of here, Thornhart."

    I Have A Daughter. Her Name Is Starr.

    Friday, May 27 2011

    At the facility, Agent Baker looks in on the man with the scar and insists to Agent Kent that he's talking. Agent Kent doesn't know how anyone could withstand that amount of pain. Inside the room, the man cries in desperation, "I have a daughter. Her name is Starr." Agent Baker enters and hears him cry, "She has a mother. Her name is Blair." Agent Baker wonders if he gave 'it' to Blair. The man remembers his other wife, Tea. Agent Baker rejoins Agent Kent and says, "If he hasn't told us by now, he never will." They plan to dispose of the man. Inside, the man remembers fully and happily says, "I am Todd."

    I Could Kill You.

    Tuesday, May 24 2011

    In the facility, Agent Baker takes out a syringe and warns, "One shot of this and you'll be dead." The man with the scar challenges Agent Baker to kill him and taunts, "If you do you'll never get the information you need." Agent Baker promises to let him go once he gives him what he wants. The man doesn't feel reassured. Agent Baker explains there's another way for him to get what he wants. The man's chair is wired to a button outside the door that'll send a ton of voltage throughout his body. When the man refuses to talk, Agent Baker pushes the button. The man screams in pain.

    You're Nothing But A Lying, Scheming, Gold-Digging...

    Monday, May 23 2011

    In the facility, the man with the scar assures Agent Baker that he knows nothing about the file. If he didn't give the file to John McBain, Agent Baker wonders if he gave it to another man. He holds up a photo of Tomas. He has no idea who Tomas is or what Agent Baker wants from him. If that's true, Agent Baker states, "Then there's no reason to keep you alive."

    Knocked Out By His Wife, Who Thinks She's A Dude.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    At the facility, Agent Baker gets word that John McBain's been asking questions about the file on Todd Manning. He's assured there's no way to get past the encryption of the file. Agent Baker enters the room where the man is being kept, strapped to a chair. Over talk of what year it is, the man is stunned when Agent Baker says it's 2011. The man thinks it's 2003 and screams, "I've been here for eight years? Let me out of here! I need to get out of here!" Agent Baker grabs him. They need to discuss John McBain. He doesn't know the guy but perks up when Agent Baker mentions Llanview. Agent Baker wonders if the man gave John the file and accuses, "You know exactly what I'm talking about. You took it, and we need it back. Where is it?"

    Who Knew Food Would Walk Through The Door.

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    At the facility, Agent Baker is happy to see a response from the man with Todd's old face. He confirms he can hear Agent Baker. Agent Kent appears. They wonder if the man knows who he is. "Oh course I do," the man replies. Through a window we watch as the man tells the agents his name.

    Say Goodbye Because I'm Going To Kill You.

    Monday, May 16 2011

    In the facility, Agent Baker tells the man in the chair if he has something to say now would be the time. He's given a shot in the neck and grabs the agent's arm as he turns to leave.

    The Real Todd Manning?

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Agent Baker enters a facility and asks, "How is he doing today, Agent Kent?" There's been no change. They look into a room where a man sits in a strange chair. The agency is talking about ending the project. Agent Baker wants one more crack at the man before they give up. He goes inside the room and warns the man if he has something to say, after all of these years, this would be the time. The man has Todd's old face. Scar and all.

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