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    One Life To Live CAST - Todd Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Todd Manning Played by Roger Howarth on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Lou Rocco)

    Birthday: September 13 1968
    Birthplace: Westchester County, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Cari Stahler with two children
    Real Name: Roger Howarth
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    Agent Baker, disguised as a janitor, appears in Todd's office. Tomas is still alive and is confessing to Blair as they speak. By the time Tomas is through, no one will know Todd really killed Victor.

    Via Skype, at the mansion, Blair wonders where Tomas is. She begs Tomas to come home because Claude accused him of killing Victor. With a hidden gun pushed in his side, Tomas says he can't come home and confesses, "I killed Victor." Tomas claims he did it to protect Tea and Dani. Blair refuses to believe him. He can't let Blair believe in him any longer and says, "I'm a murderer. I didn't want to hurt you." Blair's devastated and turns away from her laptop. Tomas screams out to her. She looks back at the screen. Tomas asks her to move on. The screen goes blank. Todd appears with the article mock-up on the reward for Tomas. Blair reveals her conversation with Tomas. He confessed. Todd smirks from behind Blair's back. She knows Todd wants to tell her 'he told her so'. Blair beats herself up for trusting Tomas. Todd holds Blair as she cries. He's so sorry things turned out this way for her. Tea appears and asks to talk to Blair, alone.

    Another Mistake With Yet Another Man.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Blair finds Todd writing an article on Tomas at The Sun and thinks he should run a reward announcement. They debate Tomas' innocence. Blair refuses to believe Tomas killed Victor. She can't face making another mistake with yet another man, especially since she chose Tomas over… They argue over Todd's past mistakes and how Blair chose a man who killed Todd's brother over him. Blair screams that Tomas loves her and his family! Later, alone, Todd prepares to publish a reward announcement on Tomas as a way to show he'd do anything for Blair. Todd knows a reward won't matter because they'll never find Tomas.

    I Know Exactly Who Killed Victor Lord.

    Monday, December 05 2011

    Claude is brought into John's office and makes eye contact with Todd. Blair begs Claude to help them find Tomas. John orders everyone out but Tea insists on staying. After Todd leaves, John asks where Claude was the night Victor was murdered. Blair demands Claude admit he was with Tomas. Claude knows exactly who killed Victor and stuns everyone by stating, "Tomas killed Victor Lord." Tea and Blair protest. Claude doesn't know where Tomas is but knows they'll never find him. "This is not true," Blair whispers. Claude extends his apologies. John calls Claude's bluff and has him arrested for obstruction of justice and accessory to murder. Claude assures Tea and Blair that Tomas loves them very much then is taken away. Outside the office, Todd calls Baker. If Claude gives him up, they're both going down. Claude's seated nearby. He admits to Todd that he just betrayed his oldest friend. May God have mercy on Claude's soul - and Todd's.

    She's The Original Gigi Morasco.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    At the station, Todd tells his assistant what she told him about Jack giving the staff a day off never happened. He gives her a promotion. Tracey doesn't feel right about lying. John appears. Todd feels as though he has every right to hear John question Tracey about his paper. John allows it and asks Tracey if she noticed anything out of the ordinary at The Sun on the day of the fire. Tracey admits Todd gave everyone the day off. After Tracey leaves, John wonders if Todd started the fire. Todd denies it. His paper is worth a lot of money. Todd wants his employees to like him. He tried to buy their affection. Is that so wrong? Todd suggests John go find Tomas. "We'll find him," John replies. Later, Todd runs into Tea and Blair. Just as Todd claims John doesn't know anything yet, John informs he's found Claude.

    Some Jackass Set My Office On Fire.

    Thursday, December 01 2011

    Jack answers the mansion's door to Todd. They argue about Blair and The Sun. "Some jackass set my office on fire," Todd says. Too bad it didn't stop Todd from releasing a new edition. Jack reads about the evidence against Tomas. Todd wonders if Jack finally believes he's innocent. Jack accuses Todd of framing Tomas. Todd suggests Jack stop blaming him for everything wrong in his life. He wants Jack to work with him at The Sun after school. They can show the person who started the fire they are united. "I wish it had burned to the ground!" Jack screams then leaves.

    At the station, Vimal and Rama ask for John's forgiveness for keeping Liam's paternity from him. John questions them about seeing anyone the day of the fire. They saw Todd's assistant. John's expecting her in for questioning too. Outside his office, Todd runs into his assistant and finds out Jack told the staff to take the day off before the fire was started. Todd realizes Jack set the fire.

    Johnny Finally Told You.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    In the living room at Llanfair, Clint happily tells Natalie about Matthew. Natalie rushes into Clint's arms. They have a lot to celebrate. Roxy appears and sees them interacting. After Clint leaves, Roxy gushes, "Johnny finally told you!" Roxy hears about Matthew and realizes John didn't tell Natalie about his feelings yet. Natalie demands to know what Roxy's keeping from her. Roxy doesn't feel it's her place to tell and says, "Trust me. You want Johnny to tell you that he loves you and he never stopped." Roxy rambles about how Rex wanted her to stay quiet and let Natalie be happy with Brody. Natalie forces Roxy to go over the night when John admitted he still loved her. It happened months ago. Natalie's upset. Roxy reminds her everything's good between her and John now. Right? "No," Natalie replies. "It's not good at all." Roxy defends John's silence. Natalie wishes he would've told her. She may have rethought Brody's proposal. She can't believe John just gave up on her and thinks he still hasn't forgiven her for lying to him about sleeping with Brody. How can they have a future if John can't talk to her? "He's a man of few words and a lot of McLovin'," Roxy replies. After Natalie leaves, Roxy plans to find Viki before 'this whole thing' blows up. In the kitchen, Viki wonders why Todd wants Tomas to be the one who killed Victor. Since he wants Blair back this would work in his favor. Todd can't help that Tomas killed Victor and left town. What is Viki accusing him of? Viki knows how Todd retaliates when he hurts. She takes a call from John then informs Todd he's wanted at the station for questioning. After he leaves, Viki growls with frustration. Clint appears and tells her about Matthew. Viki holds Clint as he cries. Clint and Viki almost kiss. Viki pulls back and rushes off to call Kevin and Joey with the news. Viki returns and confides her troubles over Todd. She doesn't want to think Todd was involved in Tomas' disappearance but tells Clint he's being questioned right now. Cheering Viki up, Clint makes a toast to all they have to be thankful for. Roxy sees them and turns away. She refuses to mess up another couple tonight.

    Todd arrives at the station. John wonders how the gun Todd had with him the night of Victor's murder got into Tomas' bedroom. Todd has no idea. He admits he thought about killing Tomas but couldn't do that to Blair, Tea or his kids. Todd hears about the prints on the gun and asks, "Are you saying Tomas killed my brother?" Todd thought Tomas had an alibi. He did. John plans to find Claude. Later, Natalie appears and privately tells John they have nothing to talk about. Their relationship works just fine the way it is. John's confused.

    At the mansion, Todd tries to assure Blair Tomas will be okay and holds her close. Blair worries in his arms.

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