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    One Life To Live CAST - Todd Manning

    Full detailed profile on Todd Manning Played by Roger Howarth on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Lou Rocco)
    Todd Manning

    Actor: Roger Howarth

    Who played Todd Manning over the years

    Roger Howarth (December 1992 to 1995; 1996 to 1998; March 2000; June 2000 to March 14, 2003; May 13, 2011 - present)

    Useful information on Todd Manning

    * Raped Marty Saybrooke in college, then tried once again outside of Rodie's.
    * Was hit in the face with a lead pipe by Luna, which gave Todd his notorious scar.
    * Kidnapped Rebecca Lewis.
    * Escaped from prison on many occasions.
    * Blew up Guy Armitage's yacht and killed him in the process, trying to blame Patrick Thornhart for the crime.
    * Held 14 people hostage in the Buchanan lodge.
    * Helped Blair hide crimes and escape many charges.
    * Proved to be the real Todd Manning, who had been hidden away for eight years.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Owner and publisher of "The Sun" newspaper
    Past: Editor of "The Banner"


    Attending college at Llanview University in 1993, Todd Manning has led a life of crime with a sordid past to explain every bit of it! Raised by his adoptive father, Peter Manning, Todd was the product of childhood verbal and sexual abuse. In his college days, Todd was a football star and leader of his fraternity. On one drunken, rage filled night, Todd and two of his frat brothers raped Marty Saybrooke and was sentenced to prison. This event caused a long line of crimes to ensue. While on work release, Todd escaped from prison, unintentionally caused Suede Pruitt's death and later kidnapped Rebecca Lewis to avoid capture. Todd was eventually shot and thought to have drowned but survived and headed back on the run. Surprisingly, his run from the law came to an end when he risked it all to save Marty, Jessica and Sarah from a burning car and was caught and taken into custody by Bo Buchanan. With luck on his side, Todd was granted a pardon and released from prison.

    Later would come power when Todd found out that he was the son and lost heir to Victor Lord. With part of his inheritance, Todd bought Dorian Lord's paper, The Intruder, out from under her and changed it to The Sun.

    Todd met his match when he hooked up with Blair Cramer who claimed to be pregnant with his child as a way to get in Todd's wallet. Unexpectedly, the two fell deeply in love and have been ever since. However, the relationship between Todd and Blair hasn't always been a healthy one. Todd has done everything from taking a bullet for Blair, to selling their infant son Jack after thinking that Max was the father, to kidnapping their children to get back at Blair, to undergoing plastic surgery and changing his identity just to win her back... Everyone thought the man with Walker Laurence's face was Todd but...

    A huge mystery surrounded a man who appeared on May 13, 2011 with the old face of Todd Manning. While John agreed to help T.M. prove who the real Todd Manning was, he made his rounds and startled not only the man we've known as Todd but the people in his life. DNA tests proved that both Todds had the same DNA.

    When John, Brody and Tomas found Irene Manning to be behind the goings on at the agency where Baker was from, they dragged her back to Llanview. She admitted to having had twin boys. She gave one to Peter Manning to raise, named Todd, and kept the other, named Victor Jr. After Todd was beaten to a pulp years ago, she had him brought to her and brainwashed Victor Jr. into thinking he was Todd by making Todd replay all of the memories in his life.

    On August 17, 2011, T.M. found out he was the real Todd Manning.


    Blair Cramer Manning (August 2013)
    Blair_Cramer (December 2001 - September 2002 - divorced)
    Blair_Cramer (November 1995 - June 1997 - divorced)
    Téa Delgado (Married - July 15th, 1997 - divorced)
    Blair_Cramer (February 1995 - August 1995 - annulled)


    Téa Delgado
    Rebecca Lewis


    Victor 'Todd' Manning (twin brother)
    Peter Manning (father by adoption - deceased)
    Barbara 'Bitsy' Jones (mother by adoption)
    Victor Lord (father - deceased)
    Irene Manning (mother)
    Tina Clayton Lord (sister)
    Tony Lord (half-brother - deceased)
    Victoria Lord (sister)
    Powell Lord Sr. (uncle - deceased)
    Gwendolyn Lord (aunt - deceased)
    Powell Lord II (cousin)
    Richard Abbott (cousin)
    Brian Kendall (half-nephew)
    Megan Gordon (half-niece - deceased)
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (half-nephew)
    Joseph Buchanan (half-nephew)
    Jessica Buchanan (niece)
    Natalie Buchanan (niece)
    C.J. Roberts (first cousin by adoption - nephew)
    Sarah Roberts (first cousin by adoption - niece)
    Duke Buchanan (great-half-nephew - deceased)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (great-half-nephew - deceased)
    Megan Buchanan (great-half-niece - deceased)
    Brennan Buchanan (great-half-niece)
    Zane Buchanan (great-great-half-nephew)


    Unborn Child (with Blair - miscarried)
    Starr Manning (daughter with Blair 1996)
    Jack Manning (son with Blair 2001)
    Dani Rayburn (daughter with Téa Delgado)
    Hope (granddaughter through Cole and Starr - secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)


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    Monday, August 05 2013: I Can Always Tell When A Man Is Lying.

    Tea reads the latest note at Todd's suite and cries, "They have Victor." Todd promises to find Victor, as Tea storms out, demanding that Todd bring Victor home.

    Todd visits Viki at Llanfair to admit he's leaving town. She worries he's in trouble then holds him in tears. After Todd leaves, Jeffrey arrives. Over talk of the gala, Jeffrey admits his mentor, Carl Peterson, will be a speaker. He can't wait for Viki to meet him.

    Dani finds Michelle has spent the night at her apartment. Matthew had to leave early but didn't pick up after his night of sex with her. The girls have a catty exchange. Later, Todd arrives to say goodbye. He wants to be sure Dani's okay and convinces her to look after Tea for him. Dani thanks Todd for everything and wishes he didn't have to leave. He promises to be back as soon as he can.

    Todd goes to the mansion to say goodbye to Sam and even gets a handshake from Jack. He and Blair decide to say goodbye privately.

    Monday, August 05 2013: We'll Always Have Our Secret

    Todd and Blair lie naked on the couch in his suite. Blair promises him that everything's going to be okay. They kiss. A wedding ring is exposed on Todd's left hand. Before Todd leaves, Blair rubs the ring on her left hand and cries, "We'll always have our secret." They profess their love then Todd leaves. Blair breaks down crying and looks at her wedding ring. Outside the door, Todd reads a new note with an address on it and a message instructing him not to fail them again.

    Monday, July 29 2013: Daddy Issues.

    At his suite, Todd tells Blair their plan involving the dead tattooed body is about to go down. In twenty-four hours this will all be over. A letter containing the strange tattoo appears from under the door. Todd reads it and says, "Everything's changed."

    Monday, July 29 2013: I Want To Dance.

    Todd hands Blair the note in his suite. She reads it, "We have Victor. You failed us. If you want everyone on this list to stay safe, disappear." Todd insists on leaving but as Blair cries, he holds her close.

    Read our OLTL Recap: Part 1: Daddy Issues.

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