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    One Life To Live CAST - Deanna Forbes - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Deanna Forbes Played by Nafessa Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)

    Birthday: December 4
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Nafessa Williams
    Height: 5'5"


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    I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Dani runs into Nate and Deanna at the diner and asks, "Why did you lie to me?" Nate's stunned to hear Dani was at the Minute Man Motel and says, "You have to let me explain." Deanna interrupts, "It was all my fault." Nate admits they were at the motel together. He lies about being there to meet the lawyer, the creepy guy Dani saw, who had information on Deanna's mom. Nate shows Dani the file and says, "I'd never cheat on you." Dani profusely apologizes for doubting Nate and kisses him. She remembers Sam's party and rushes off. Deanna reassures Nate, who's filled with guilt. She thanks Nate for helping her. Nate wishes Deanna, who's heading to California, good luck in finding her mom.

    I Have Your Son.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Dani knocks on Rick's room at the Minute Man Motel and interrupts the first porn scene. Rick steps outside and gets rid of Dani. She assumes she had the wrong room and goes to find Nate. Rick reenters the room and orders, "Action." Nate and Deanna kiss and fall to the bed. Later, Deanna cries as Rick says, "That's a wrap," and looks at the footage they shot. Rick hands over the file on Deanna's mom and vows not to tell Nate's secret. On their way out, Deanna claims what they did was worth it. She now has a number and an address for her mom. Nate agrees it was, as long as Dani never finds out what they did.

    I Can Replace You Just Like That.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    David stops Viki outside the diner. She promised to help him figure out who's trying to sabotage his marriage. Viki suggests David make a list of those he wronged then get back to her. David pulls out a list and places Viki at the top of it. They go over a few more names. Viki thinks a woman from his past could be the culprit. Over a joke about David jilting Viki and Addie, Viki realizes the person isn't after David. They're out to hurt Dorian. David brings up all of the misleading photos. "Of course," Viki says. This is just like Echo. Viki needs to go to Sam's party, but David convinces her to go with him to Dorian's. Inside, Destiny secretly listens as Nate calls Dani and cancels out on Sam's party. She's sickened when Deanna tells Nate, "Don't worry, what happens at the Minute Man stays at the Minute Man." After they leave, Destiny calls Dani but hangs up before telling her the truth. Dani arrives soon after, worried about Destiny. Dani comments on Nate working a double shift and looks toward the kitchen. Destiny admits he left with Deanna. They're at the Minute Man Motel. Dani rushes off.

    Deanna and Nate enter Rick's staged room at the Minute Man Motel. Nate ignores a call from Dani, as Rick instructs them on their scenes. Not wanting anyone to recognize them in the credits, Nate comes up with their porn names: China Lake and Buster Ridge. They get into costume and approach the bed. As they start shooting, Dani knocks on the door.

    Deputy Sam.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    At the diner, Rick holds a file containing information on Deanna's mother. The lawyer is a friend of Rick's and was glad to hand it over. "How much do you want?" Nate asks. Rick doesn't want Deanna's money. He wants her talents. Rick boasts about how much money she'll make and how porn has evolved. It's not a dirty little word anymore. After a private discussion, where Deanna claims Dani will never have to know, they decide to do Rick's porno in exchange for his silence. Rick's ecstatic and orders them to the Minute Man Motel in a half hour. As Nate calls Dani, Destiny arrives and takes a seat at a nearby booth.

    Ready To Do A Porno?

    Wednesday, July 13 2011

    Outside the diner, Nate takes a call from Dani, who apologizes again for keeping secrets. Rick interrupts. Is Nate ready to do a porno? Nate hangs up on Dani. Rick warns Nate to make a decision or he'll reveal his secret. Inside, a lawyer tells Deanna to pay up if she wants information on her mother. After the man leaves, Nate joins her. Deanna rants about the lawyer, as does Nate about Rick. When Rick appears, Nate agrees to do the porno but not with Deanna. Nate pops a piece of gum in his mouth, as Rick pulls out a file, claiming he can make Deanna do the porno too. Across the room, Destiny's taken off guard when Vivian asks to talk about teen pregnancy. She hands Destiny a flyer and explains the class she's teaching. Vivian wants her to volunteer. She's someone pregnant girls can look up to. Destiny refuses then rushes off sick. Shaun confides how he walked in on Destiny talking about sex. Apparently, Matthew had sex with someone else. Later, Destiny refuses Vivian's private offer to talk. Vivian appears suspicious.

    Are You Pregnant?

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Rick finds Nate doing landscaping outside and taunts him about being in his latest porno. Nate admits Matthew's awake. Nate's screwed either way. He and Deanna aren't doing Rick's film. In another area, James rants to Deanna about Baz's interest in Starr. Deanna wonders if James is jealous then rushes off after receiving a text from Nate. Deanna finds Nate, who assures her that Rick can't manipulate them anymore. Dani appears and, after Deanna excuses herself, asks if Nate's messing around with Deanna. Nate denies it but refuses to tell Dani what he and Deanna were talking about. Over talk of keeping secrets, Nate asks why Dani never told him Matthew killed his father.

    Deanna runs into Rick outside and hears about Matthew's condition. "Cheer up," Rick says. "You and Nate are going to be stars after all."

    How Do I Let You Go?

    Wednesday, June 29 2011

    From the DJ area at Capricorn, Baz welcomes everyone to the after graduation party. James makes a crack to Starr regarding how well Baz is fitting in. Ford arrives. Starr gives them some time alone. Ford rants to James about Brody ordering him away from Jessica. James looks at Starr jamming with Baz and urges Ford to fight for the woman he loves. Across the room, Deanna tells Nate that Rick won't stop texting her. Nate apologizes for getting her mixed up in his mess. How's he going to explain this to Dani? "It didn't mean anything. Deanna and I aren't really having sex," Nate rants. "What did you say?" Dani asks from over his shoulder. Nate claims it was a joke. Deanna claims they were playing a game. Dani rushes off and tells Starr that she thinks Nate's sleeping with Deanna. Destiny arrives and joins Nate and Deanna. They listen as Destiny relays that Bo said Matthew remembers what happened to him, something about Eddie Ford. Destiny hopes Bo can soon lock up the thug who hurt Matthew. Nate anticipates going to jail. Baz dedicates a song to Starr from James. As they dance, Nate convinces Dani to dance too. He stares at Deanna over Dani's shoulder, as Destiny looks at the pregnancy test in her purse.

    He Sacrificed His Own Son.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    In the high school gym, Dani introduces Starr and Baz and is surprised to hear they've already met. Dani rushes off to find Nate, leaving Baz to anticipate spending more time with Starr. Over talk of Baz's music, he brings up how Dani said Starr's an awesome singer. He has a track that needs vocals and has Starr listen to it. James joins them and is introduced to the guy who wiped her music. Baz taunts James with being connected to Starr through family and how he's staying in Llanview. Across the room, Nate freaks out as Deanna admits Rick knows his secret. Just as Deanna's about to tell Nate about Rick's offer, Dani appears. Deanna gives them some time alone. Dani can tell Nate's distracted. He takes a photo of them together with the camera she bought him. Dani wants to take another one. The last one looks as if Nate was posing for a mugshot. Later, Nate tells Deanna he'll do whatever Rick wants to keep him quiet. She informs that they have to star in Rick's next porno.

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