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    One Life To Live CAST - Deanna Forbes

    Full detailed profile on Deanna Forbes Played by Nafessa Williams on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    (ABC/Donna Svennevik)
    Deanna Forbes

    Actor: Nafessa Williams

    Who played Deanna Forbes over the years

    Nafessa Williams (March 23, 2011 - July 19, 2011)

    Useful information on Deanna Forbes

    * Has a past connection to James Ford.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Unknown


    Deanna arrived in Llanview on March 23, 2011. She checked into the Minute Man Motel and immediately looked up James Ford on MyFace. When she tracked him down at the diner, Deanna saw him kissing Starr and hide from his sight. Later, she saw a photo of James, Starr and Ryder on MyFace and thought James and Starr had a baby together.

    Once Deanna confronted James it was quickly apparent that he had moved on with Starr. James allowed Deanna to stay with him until she got a job, but that didn't fair well with Starr. She ended up moving in with Nate, who helped her get information on where her estranged mother was by doing a porno with her. They were blackmailed into it in exchange for the information on her mom. After everyone found out, Deanna took the information and left town on her search.




    James Ford
    Nate Salinger (did a porno with after blackmailed by Rick)


    Unnamed Estranged Mother




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    Tuesday, July 19 2011: I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Dani runs into Nate and Deanna at the diner and asks, "Why did you lie to me?" Nate's stunned to hear Dani was at the Minute Man Motel and says, "You have to let me explain." Deanna interrupts, "It was all my fault." Nate admits they were at the motel together. He lies about being there to meet the lawyer, the creepy guy Dani saw, who had information on Deanna's mom. Nate shows Dani the file and says, "I'd never cheat on you." Dani profusely apologizes for doubting Nate and kisses him. She remembers Sam's party and rushes off. Deanna reassures Nate, who's filled with guilt. She thanks Nate for helping her. Nate wishes Deanna, who's heading to California, good luck in finding her mom.

    Monday, July 18 2011: I Have Your Son.

    Dani knocks on Rick's room at the Minute Man Motel and interrupts the first porn scene. Rick steps outside and gets rid of Dani. She assumes she had the wrong room and goes to find Nate. Rick reenters the room and orders, "Action." Nate and Deanna kiss and fall to the bed. Later, Deanna cries as Rick says, "That's a wrap," and looks at the footage they shot. Rick hands over the file on Deanna's mom and vows not to tell Nate's secret. On their way out, Deanna claims what they did was worth it. She now has a number and an address for her mom. Nate agrees it was, as long as Dani never finds out what they did.

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