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    One Life To Live CAST - Tomas Delgado - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tomas Delgado Played by Ted King on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King

    Birthday: October 1 1965
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married to Maya Rodwell (2008 - present)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    One Life To Live By Allison Perkins.

    Friday, January 13 2012

    Tomas holds Tea at John's. Tea thought she'd never see him again and asks, "Are you all right?" Tomas will be once Todd pays for what he did. He's haunted by the look in Blair's eyes after he was forced to confess to killing Victor. After John calls in a warrant, Tomas wants to call Blair. John objects. Tea admits Blair doesn't know the truth about Tomas or Todd. When he hears Todd and Blair are getting closer, Tomas turns to leave. "Don't do it," John warns. Tea convinces Tomas to wait it out and explains, "This way, Todd can't make it any worse." Tomas trashes John's and anticipates Todd finally getting what's coming to him.

    Soap Operas Are All About Family.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    At the warehouse, Baker finishes up a call with Todd, assuring him that they'll be moving Tomas today. Once he hangs up, Tomas taunts Baker, who demands he shut up. His story is on. Baker turns on the television. Suddenly, John appears and knocks Baker out.

    Tea arrives at John and wonders what his message was all about. Did John find Tomas? Tea turns, sees her brother and rushes into Tomas' arms.

    Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

    Friday, December 09 2011

    Via Skype, at the mansion, Blair wonders where Tomas is. She begs Tomas to come home because Claude accused him of killing Victor. With a hidden gun pushed in his side, Tomas says he can't come home and confesses, "I killed Victor." Tomas claims he did it to protect Tea and Dani. Blair refuses to believe him. He can't let Blair believe in him any longer and says, "I'm a murderer. I didn't want to hurt you." Blair's devastated and turns away from her laptop. Tomas screams out to her. She looks back at the screen. Tomas asks her to move on. The screen goes blank. Todd appears with the article mock-up on the reward for Tomas. Blair reveals her conversation with Tomas. He confessed. Todd smirks from behind Blair's back. She knows Todd wants to tell her 'he told her so'. Blair beats herself up for trusting Tomas. Todd holds Blair as she cries. He's so sorry things turned out this way for her. Tea appears and asks to talk to Blair, alone.

    Baker enters the warehouse where Tomas is being held. His goon assures Baker Tomas' conversation with Blair went as planned. Tomas warns they'll realize he was set up. Baker isn't worried. As long as Blair believed Tomas so will everyone else.

    Another Mistake With Yet Another Man.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Outside the mansion, Neela finishes up a call with Shane, promising to see what she can find out from Jack. Jack appears and invites her in. With the recorder in her purse, Neela pushes Jack to talk about how he bullied Shane. After the fire, what did Jack mean that someone could've died again because of him? Jack admits Shane almost committed suicide. If he had, Jack would've blamed himself. That's what he meant. Neela grabs her purse. Jack promises he's not the same guy anymore. Neela knows that and leaves. Later, Blair returns and finds a Skype message from Tomas, who says, "I'm glad I reached you."

    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    At the warehouse, Tomas denies killing Victor. Todd plans to put Tomas' fingerprints on his gun. Tomas aims his own gun on Todd and refuses to go down for his crime. If Todd wants him gone, Tomas tempts him to shoot him. Todd promised himself he wouldn't kill Tomas. "But I will," Baker says, aiming a gun, from behind Tomas. Todd assures Tomas that Baker won't kill him. Tomas isn't so sure but is forced to hand over his gun. Baker knocks Tomas over the head. When he comes to, Tomas warns if he disappears his partner, who knows everything, will go to the police. Todd and Baker already took care of Claude. If Tomas listens to their orders, Claude won't get hurt. They put Tomas' fingerprints on the gun. Tomas warns Todd's guilt will haunt him and urges him to make the right decision.

    No One's Going To Take My Son.

    Monday, November 21 2011

    Tomas thought he was meeting Louie in the warehouse and wonders what Todd's doing there. He accuses Todd of killing Victor and brings up the gun Louie had. Todd pulls out the gun and asks, "Is this the gun you're talking about?" Tomas recalls how Todd said the gun had never been fired. If that's true, why didn't Todd turn it in? Todd wishes Tomas would just let it go. Tomas promised Tea he'd find Victor's killer. Todd accuses Tomas of wanting Blair for himself. He orders Tomas off the case. No one else thinks Todd killed Victor. Tomas is the only person who's a thorn in Todd's side. After what Todd's gone through, Tomas thinks everyone will forgive him. "I didn't kill Victor," Todd states. Someone may have used the gun to kill Victor, but it wasn't him. Todd accuses Tomas of killing Victor.

    At Warehouse 22 By The Docks.

    Friday, November 18 2011

    Tea approaches Tomas, on the phone with Claude, at the Manning Estate. He hangs up. She thinks he was talking to Blair and saw that his bed wasn't slept in. Tomas admits he was with Blair last night. She chose him. Tea worries Todd will retaliate. Poor guy hasn't gotten over Blair yet. Tomas doesn't think Tea should feel sorry for Todd. "What's that supposed to mean?" Tea asks. Tomas tip-toes around the question and promises to find Victor's killer. He's happy to hear Tea's pregnant. Later, he gives Tea his baby bracelet. It brought him luck. Tomas wants Tea's baby to have it. Tea talks to her baby about what Victor would've said about a good luck charm. He would've thought having him as a father would've been luck enough.

    Todd meets Baker on the docks. Baker has a plan already in motion to get Tomas out of the way. Todd doesn't want Tomas dead. Baker knows and assures Todd Tomas won't be a problem much longer. He arranged for Tomas' good friend Claude to lure him to them. Todd wonders why Claude would help them. Baker's men appear with Claude, who clearly doesn't have a choice but to co-operate. Claude is ordered to call Tomas. He tells Tomas he needs to meet him at Warehouse 22. Claude tries to warn Tomas but the phone is taken from him. He warns Todd that Tomas knows he killed his brother. Later, Tomas appears and faces Todd.

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