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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning Played by Andrew Trischitta on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrew Trischitta

    Birthday: February 24, 1995
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Andrew Trischitta
    Web site:


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    The Baby-Daddy From Hell.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    When Jack and Neela reach the docks, she thanks him for taking her away. They both rant about their families. "Why should I accept the frog?" Neela blurts out. Jack's shocked to hear about Neela's arranged marriage and that she traveled from another country. She refuses to go back. Jack suggests she tell them all to shove it. She explains her culture and how her father's word to her soon-to-be husband's family is binding. Jack thinks maybe he should runaway too. Neela's shocked to hear that the man Jack would be running away from killed his father. Running would be too easy. Jack plans to stay and make Scarface pay. Suddenly, they hear Vimal and Rama calling for Neela.

    You've Runaway, Haven't You?

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Jack finds Todd in Victor's office at The Sun. Todd apologizes for upsetting him and explains how everything was reverted back to him. Todd wants Jack to work with him. "Do you really think I want to work with the bastard who killed my father?" Jack snaps. Todd begs Jack to give him a chance to make up for the past. Jack demands Todd look him in the eye and admit he didn't kill Victor. Todd swears he didn't. Jack doesn't believe him. Out in the hallway, Vimal is stunned to see his sister, Neela. Vimal thinks she's visiting, but Neela wants to move in with him. "You've runaway, haven't you?" Vimal asks. She admits it and doesn't want to be forced into an arranged marriage. Neela speaks of an American boy she'd like to marry one day. She begs Vimal to let her stay with him, so she can find the man of her dreams. Vimal denies her and leaves to call their parents. Jack appears, finds Neela crying and asks, "Are you okay?" She looks up, sees Jack and replies, "It's you." Later, someone appears in the doorway of the office. "You," Todd says.

    You Know Me? Who Am I?

    Wednesday, October 26 2011

    At the cemetery, Jack talks to Victor's grave. Scarface belongs in the grave, not Victor. The caretaker appears and accuses Jack of being one of the vandals who scratched the date off of Gigi's headstone. Jack denies it and warns the man not to say Gigi's name. Nearby, Kim's friend looks at Gigi's grave and wonders how Gigi can be dead when she looks just like her. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. She's sure there has to be someone who knows her. Someone who can tell her what's going on. Just as she turns around, Jack appears and says, "You!" She's happy Jack seems to know her and asks, "You know me? Who am I?" Jack pleads with her to get away from him and professes how sorry he is. "You're dead. I didn't mean it," Jack gasps then runs back to Victor's grave. He screams for Victor to help him and says, "I killed her, but she's back." Back at Gigi's grave, Cutter appears. Kim's friend demands answers. Cutter admits she's not Gigi. She's Stacy. He repeats the story Kim told him about Stacy's plastic surgery, how she wanted Gigi's life and how Kim saved her. What was so special about Gigi's life that she'd want to replace her? Cutter tells her about Gigi's fiancé, Rex. Cutter convinces her to leave with him. Before they go, she places a flower from another grave on Gigi's. They pass Victor's grave as they go.

    Tomas convinces Blair to let him into the mansion. He wants her forgiveness. Blair can't forget that he walked away from her just to alleviate his guilt. Tomas begs Blair for another chance and explains why he felt the need to confess for Todd's sake. Now they are both free. He wonders if Blair wants a relationship with him, or is Todd still a factor? Blair tries to explain her worry for Todd. Tomas wonders who she's trying to convince, him or herself. Blair takes offense. Jack appears. Blair wonders what's wrong. Jack looks as though he's seen a ghost. Jack screams that he's fine then claims he's heading to bed. He whispers to himself, "It couldn't have been Gigi. Could it?" Back in the living room, Blair asks Tomas to leave. He wants to know something first and kisses Blair. Tomas can tell there is still something between them. He loves Blair and refuses to give up on her.

    Jack returns to Victor's grave and vows to find out if the woman he saw was really Gigi. Rex and Shane arrive at Gigi's grave. They wonder who placed the flower on her headstone. Rex can feel that Gigi is with them. He hugs Shane. Jack watches them from the shadows.

    Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    Blair finds Jack at The Sun. His new headline reads: "Scarr Leaves Starr Holding The Bag." Blair refuses to let Jack slander Starr. Victor wouldn't want it either. She explains that Bo isn't charging Shane and promised to go easy on Jack if he told the truth. Blair warns Jack could go to jail if he doesn't come clean now. Maybe Todd didn't hit Jack over the head, but he thinks Todd killed Victor. Jack wonders how Blair knows for sure that Todd's innocent. Blair's not the only one who believes in Todd and accuses Jack of acting just like Scarface. Blair hugs Jack against his will and promises never to stop loving him. "How do I get out of this, Mom?" Jack asks. "Tell the truth," Blair replies.

    In Bo's office, Nora thinks she can tell if Todd's lying and asks if he killed Victor. "I'm innocent," Todd says, thinking back to shooting Victor. "I didn't kill my brother." Nora admits she started feeling sorry for 'Todd Manning' over the last eight years. But the man standing before her is the same man who terrorized her in the beach house. Nora drops the murder charge but holds Todd for escaping police custody. Blair and Jack appear. Todd and Jack lock gazes. Jack admits he doesn't remember Todd hitting him. Todd thanks Jack, who vows to make Todd pay for killing his father. Jack makes a formal statement and denies seeing Todd at the Manning Estate.

    I Thought You Might Have Some Information For Me.

    Thursday, October 13 2011

    Jack tries to leave the cemetery. Shane won't let him and demands Jack tell him what he did to Gigi. Jack refuses and taunts, "I bet that gun isn't even loaded." Shane fires the gun. Jack thinks he's shot, but the dampness isn't blood. He peed his pants. Just as Jack starts to fess up, Rex and Bo appear. Rex is able to get Shane to drop the gun. Bo picks it up, as Shane falls into Rex's arms.

    At the station, over talk of Victor's murder Brody admits if someone had kept him from his kids he would have… Natalie wonders if Brody would have killed over it. She brings up the lack of evidence against Todd and wonders who else could've killed Victor. Brody thinks back to Vimal asking if he killed Victor. Bo and Rex appear with Shane and Jack. Bo hands the gun over to Brody for testing. It could be the murder weapon. After Bo heads into his office, Jack and Brody bicker. Jack insists all cops are corrupt. Inside Bo's office, Shane confesses... He took the gun the night of Victor's murder. Shane wanted to make Victor and Jack pay. He knocked Jack out and was standing over Jack with the gun. "I couldn't do it," Shane explains and denies killing Victor. He got worried when Jack wouldn't wake up and dropped him off at the hospital. "He killed my mom, and I save his life," Shane says. He put the gun back in the safe and went to bed. Bo recalls the weapon had been fired. Shane took a practice shot before he went to Jack's. Outside, John arrives and gets brought up to speed. The results from the gun are in. Natalie opens Bo's door and tells everyone the gun wasn't used to kill Victor. Bo scolds Jack for his lies and orders Brody to take him home. Brody listens as Bo tells John, "We're back to square one. Anybody could've done it."

    Must Suck Being Dead.

    Wednesday, October 12 2011

    Shane approaches and taunts Jack in the cemetery. It's too bad Victor can't answer Jack's questions about who killed him. "Must suck being dead," Shane snaps and calls Jack a liar. Shane knows Jack didn't see who knocked him out and admits, "It was me." He blames Jack for Gigi's death and aims the gun at him. Shane describes knocking Jack out and pointing the gun at him on the night of Victor's murder. Jack wonders why Shane didn't shoot him. Shane saw Jack's keys on the ground and looked toward the mansion door. "Holy crap," Jack interrupts Shane's thoughts. "You killed my father." Shane thinks it's only fair that Jack lost his father, considering he killed Shane's mother. Shane orders Jack to fess up to Gigi's murder and threatens to kill him if he doesn't. Jack denies killing Gigi and cowers as Shane waves the gun at him. Shane cocks the gun and admits he didn't kill Jack that night because he wanted to know what his mom's last words were. Since Jack won't tell Shane, he'll make sure Jack joins his father in the ground.

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