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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning Played by Andrew Trischitta on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrew Trischitta

    Birthday: February 24, 1995
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Andrew Trischitta
    Web site:


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    I Can't Lose Gigi Again!

    Wednesday, November 16 2011

    Neela glances at Jack when a fireman tells Vimal and Rama that someone set the fire at The Sun. The fireman praises Jack for saving everyone but wonders why he was in the building. Neela covers. Jack brought her there to see Vimal. After the kids are asked to stand outside, the fireman admits someone locked Vimal and Rama in the office before starting the fire. Rama doesn't know anyone who'd want to hurt them. Vimal does. Out in the hallway, Jack wonders why Neela lied to the fireman. She couldn't tell him that Jack started the fire. Jack admits it. He didn’t know anyone one was there. Jack couldn't let them get hurt, not like last time. Vimal and Rama appear. They think a police officer locked them in the office. Vimal promises Neela he'll talk to their parents. Neela can stay with them. Jack overhears the fireman trying to get a hold of Todd.

    We Used To Love Each Other.

    Thursday, November 10 2011

    Outside Todd's office at The Sun, Jack pours gasoline everywhere, anticipating taking the business away from Todd. He believes everyone's gone, lights a match and leaves. Inside the office, Vimal and Rama argue over Neela. Rama suggests they let Neela stay with them. She'll be able to see how good their marriage turned out and will forget about that other boy. Neela will warm up to the arranged marriage. "What other boy?" Vimal asks and becomes furious to hear Jack has Neela. They smell smoke and find the door jammed shut. Smoke pours in around them.

    Jack arrives at the cabana. After the way Jack was talking about Scarface, Neela worried he went and did something crazy. He thinks back to starting the fire and claims everything is going to be fine now. He turns on the news, hoping for a report on the fire. When Neela admits Rama went to meet Vimal to plead her case, at The Sun, Jack rushes off saying, "I can't let this happen again."

    Back at The Sun, Rama and Vimal can't call for help. Rama thinks it's the end for them. As Vimal professes his love, Jack and Neela appear and rescue them. Jack becomes nervous when Vimal and Rama vow to find out how the fire started.

    Skype Sex Ten Times A Day.

    Wednesday, November 09 2011

    At the mansion, David warns Todd he doesn't have a chance with Blair. She's off professing her love to Tomas. David leaves. Todd fears he's lost Blair. In the living room, Jack holds Todd's first edition of The Sun and a book of matches. He'd rather burn The Sun down than have Scarface run it. Jack sees Todd and wonders what he's doing in his house. He can't stand the sight of Todd. Todd walks out. Jack throws the copy of The Sun in the fireplace and watches it burn.

    Brody watches Vimal and Rama enter Todd's office at The Sun. He traps them in and leaves. As Rama refuses to tell Vimal where Neela is, Jack pours gasoline outside the door, vowing it's the end of the line for Scarface.

    Dragged Away By That Juvenile Delinquent.

    Tuesday, November 08 2011

    Jack appears in the cabana with food and clothes. Neela thanks him. She refuses to be sent home and says, "I really want to marry a boy like…" Jack wonders who. She leans in close then pulls away from Jack and regains her composure. Jack vents about Victor and Scarface. He won't let Scarface get away with murder. Neela asks what Jack plans to do. Jack leaves. Rama calls and insists she's trying to help Neela. She tells Rama where she is. Rama arrives shortly. Neela boasts that Jack is the man of her dreams!

    Jack sneaks into the mansion and grabs a copy of The Sun and some matches.

    John Might Be Liam's Father.

    Monday, November 07 2011

    Jack and Neela hear Vimal and Rama calling out to her at the docks. Neela dreads the arranged marriage and fears being turned into a baby factory. Jack leads her away. Vimal sees them but falls into the Llantano River trying to snag Neela. Rama fishes him out. Vimal thinks someone kidnapped her. Rama suggests Neela went willingly with the boy.

    Neela thanks Jack, as he shows her into his family's cabana. Neela smiles at Jack, who wonders why she's looking at him like that. Neela remembers describing the man of her dreams to Vimal. Neela answers a call from Rama and asks her to give Vimal a message. She refuses to be shipped home for the arranged marriage and says, "It's not going to happen." After she hangs up, Jack tells Neela his name, realizes she's Vimal's sister and smiles when she says, "Thank you for saving me."

    The Baby-Daddy From Hell.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Todd is stunned when Louie enters his office at The Sun. He wonders how Louie managed to survive. Out in the hallway, Vimal just misses Neela, who convinces Jack to let her leave with him. Vimal sees her suitcase and peeks in to ask Todd if he's seen Neela. Todd hasn't and orders Vimal out. Louie admits he played dead and was in the water six hours after Irene's men shot at him. Todd's sorry Louie had to go through that. Louie can see Todd did what he had to in order to get his life back. Todd thinks of shooting Victor and brings up the gun. The cops didn't find it in the river. Louie takes the gun out of his bag. Todd offers Louie money and wants to take the gun off his hands. Louie remembers Todd claiming he didn't fire the gun. Why does he want it back so bad? Did he really kill that guy? Todd denies it and demands the gun. Louie wants to bring it to John. Tomas appears and wonders what's going on. Back out in the hallway, Vimal fills Rama in on Neela being in town. Now she's vanished. Rama doesn't think Neela should be forced to marry a man she doesn't feel anything for. They discuss their marriage and the mistakes they've made. Rama doesn't regret marrying him.

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