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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning Played by Andrew Trischitta on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrew Trischitta

    Birthday: February 24, 1995
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Andrew Trischitta
    Web site:


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    I Won't Bury Him. I Can't Do It.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    At the church, Starr explains to Sam why there's a photo of his dad there. Victor can't be there with them today. "I don't want Daddy in Heaven," Sam cries. "I want him here." Starr assures Sam that Victor can see them and is with them all the time. James makes Sam feel better by promising to take him to a baseball game. Starr gets emotional and wonders where her mom, Tea and Viki are. Nearby, Jack makes a call and finds out Todd hasn't been arrested yet. Shaun appears and explains that the cops don't have enough evidence for an arrest. "They do now," Jack replies. Just as Shaun questions how Jack knows, Jessica interrupts with condolences. Dani arrives. Jack privately tells her Todd shot Victor. She doesn't want to believe Jack but wonders if he knows something. Tea and Blair arrive. Everyone takes their seats. The priest stands before Victor's coffin and starts the service. Viki says a few words, touches Victor's coffin then takes her seat. After everyone leaves for the cemetery, someone enters the church and stares at Victor's photo.

    Everyone gathers in the cemetery and places roses on Victor's grave. Tea asks for a moment alone. After everyone leaves, she kneels by Victor's grave.

    Tea goes back to the church, sees someone standing by Victor's photo and whispers, "Victor."

    Who's Going To Help You?

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    In John's office, Jack claims Todd shot Victor and was the one who hit him over the head. John reminds Jack of his earlier statement, that he didn't remember anything. Not only does Jack claim to remember Todd knocking him out, he says he was lying there dazed and repeats what he heard when Todd confronted Victor. Word for word, Jack repeats the voicemail he heard Shaun play for Starr. Jack claims he passed out after hearing the gunshot. He doesn't know how he got to the hospital but asks, "Are you going to arrest him now?" Jack's lied to John before. Jack promises he's telling the truth and offers to testify against Todd. John tells Jack to write everything down then orders him to sign the legal statement. Jack does. Later, Bo arrives. John catches him up on Jack's claims. Bo knows John doesn't trust Jack but says they have enough to make the charges stick. "Are you going to make the arrest?" Bo asks.

    Blair finds Todd at the mansion, waiting for Jack. He needs Jack to know he didn't kill Victor and rants about what Natalie told him. Blair doesn't think Jack will listen to Todd and assures him Victor was trying to protect Jack. He wonders where the hell Blair was when Jack was bullying Shane and taking part in the prank that killed Gigi. Blair's offended. She tried to get through to Jack and was ashamed of what he did. "Do you think I wanted any of this to happen?" she cries. "He's my son." Todd recalls his own crimes and blames himself for how Jack's turned out. He apologizes for being rough on Blair, pulls her close and vows to help Jack, who appears and lashes out at Blair for hooking up with his father's murderer. Todd promises he'd never hurt Jack by killing Victor. Jack thinks Todd deserves to be in jail for life.

    At Least I Didn't Kill My Twin.

    Monday, September 12 2011

    At the mansion, Jack wonders why Todd hasn't been arrested yet and insists Todd knocked him out. Starr assures him their father didn't. Jack reminds Starr that Todd was locked up for a long time. Who knows what he's capable of doing. Starr knows Jack's hurt and how much he loved Victor. She loved him too. She suggests Jack grieve then give their father a chance. Shaun arrives to pay his respects. He knows how much Victor loved them. Jack lashes out, as Shaun relays that John is working on finding Victor's killer. From the other room, Jack's shocked to hear that Shaun turned over a voicemail recording of Victor's murder. Starr promises her dad didn't kill Victor. Shaun assures her Todd won't be arrested until they find the missing gun. Jack rushes out the door unnoticed. Later, Todd arrives to talk to Jack. Starr finds him gone.

    Roxy finds John at the station and demands he put an IUD on Morris. He's missing! John rolls his eyes. "When you find him, and I know you will," Roxy says. "Don't look inside." She rambles about Victor's murderer, Morris and Liam's kidnapper and how Natalie's heart still belongs to John. He agrees to find her porcupine. Later, Jack barges into John's office. He remembers. Todd knocked him out the night of Victor's murder.

    Trying To Forget About Me, Pretty Boy?

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Over at the mansion, Sam refuses to believe Jack about Victor being dead. Blair orders Jack upstairs then gently tells Sam that his father is dead. "Didn't he love me?" Sam asks. Blair assures Sam he did. Sam wonders if Jack told the whole truth, that his friend killed his dad. They don't have all the answers yet, but Blair promises their family will always be there for Sam. She urges Sam to keep his chin up so his daddy can see him smile. Jack answers the door to Shane, who's sorry to hear about his dad. He knows how Jack feels. Jack plans to make sure the guy who really killed Victor pays. Shane reminds Jack that the person who really killed his mom is still walking around free… for now… then leaves. Jack rejoins Blair and Sam. After Sam leaves, Jack promises not to upset Sam again but challenges Blair to deny that she really doesn't suspect that Scarface killed Victor.

    Started With The Letter T.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    At the mansion, Jack says he thinks Todd shot Victor. He bashes Todd and refuses to look at him as his father. Starr tries to reason with Jack about how it feels to have their father back. She loved Victor too. Starr leaves. Blair unsuccessfully tries to get through to Jack. As they argue, Sam appears and wonders why they're yelling about his dad. Jack grabs Sam and tells him their father is dead and Sam's friend Scarface killed him.

    What Did You Do?

    Thursday, September 01 2011

    At the hospital, everyone's shocked when John announces that Victor's been murdered. Jack lashes out at Starr for acting as though she cares and disowns her as his sister. She threw Victor away as soon as Scarface appeared. Jack pinpoints Todd as Victor's murderer. Starr rushes out. Blair leaves John to question Jack. John asks why Jack's keys were at the crime scene and how he ended up in the ER. Jack went back to the Manning Estate. As Jack let himself in, someone hit him then he woke up in the hospital. Jack claims it felt as though someone hit him over the head with a gun. He knows John doesn't care about him or his dad and thinks he's trying to pay them back for Gigi's death. John admits he resents Jack and Victor in regards to Gigi but vows to find Victor's killer.

    Blair joins Starr in the waiting area. Starr cries, "Jack is wrong." Blair reminds Starr that Jack is hurting. They both express how much they loved Victor. He was so much like his brother. That's why it was so easy for them to believe he was Todd. Starr feels guilty for ratting Victor out to Tea, Dani and Jack. Starr wonders if Jack was right. Did Todd kill Victor? John appears and relays that Jack couldn't give him answers. "I'm just going to say it," Blair interjects. Is it possible Todd knocked Jack out, shot Victor then brought Jack to the hospital? John reminds them it's too soon to tell and leaves. Starr looks at a photo of her, Victor and Hope and cries. When Blair rejoins Jack, he blames her for Victor's murder. Blair holds Jack close as he cries.

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