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    One Life To Live CAST - Jack Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jack Manning Played by Andrew Trischitta on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrew Trischitta

    Birthday: February 24, 1995
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Andrew Trischitta
    Web site:


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    Heart Attacks Are For Old Guys.

    Wednesday, September 28 2011

    At the Manning estate, everyone's stunned Victor left everything to Irene. Tea looks at the papers, as Irene claims she knew nothing about the will. Viki hushes Tina, who thinks the will is a fake. Blair calls Irene a bitch. Irene handles the gun in her purse, warning Blair she'll be sorry. Tea can't find anything wrong with the will but plans to contest it. Viki warns Irene won't get away with this. The lawyer reminds everyone, as of tonight, everything belongs to Irene. Tina tries sucking up to Irene, who throws Tea and Dani out of the house. Irene asks Jack to stay and carry on the legacy by running The Sun. When Irene approaches Jack, Blair slaps her hard across the face. Tina brings Irene a cold-pack. She doesn't want to lose Irene just when she got her back. Viki scolds Tina, as Tea mumbles, "Unbelievable." Irene takes Tina's hand. Tina anticipates receiving something from the will. Irene hands Tina Victor Sr.'s ring. Blair taunts her nemesis about how rich she is now. The ring is only worth a couple hundred bucks in gold. Irene reflects on Victor's love for Tea and Dani and welcomes them to stay for one night. Viki refuses Irene's offer of friendship. Irene assures Jack she'll be in touch. He's so much like his father. After Irene leaves, Tea makes a call for an emergency motion to contest the will. She's promised one in an hour. After Destiny calls Dani, Tea urges her to go see her. Viki and Tina argue over past issues. From outside, Irene watches Dani rush off. She meets with a man. He hands something over and wonders if what she ordered isn't a little too extreme. Irene warned Todd and plans to show him how serious she was. She sets the bomb and places it in the bushes. Later, Todd arrives. Everyone's shocked to see him. He was worried but is glad they are all okay. The bomb ticks nearby.

    Sample My Wiener.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    At the Manning Estate, Tea privately tells Blair that Victor had his will re-done before she returned to Llanview. They never discussed its contents, but Tea assumes Victor left everything to his family. The lawyer represents the bank and doesn't know what's in the will. He's there to make sure it's properly executed. Tea and Blair make some calls but can't get a hold of Starr. Blair wonders if the estate now belongs to Todd. Tea debates on Victor's behalf. Viki arrives and assures them she tried to stop Irene from following her. Irene goes to Jack and says, "How about a kiss for your grandmother." Tea threatens Irene with a restraining order. Irene tries to hand Dani and Jack some candy and refuses to leave. The lawyer begins reading the will, "I Thomas Todd Manning…" He explains when the will was composed, that was the name used. He continues on until a dog runs in and pees on Blair's foot. Viki recognizes the dog. Tina rushes in, calls out to David Vickers then asks, "Am I too late?" They chastise Tina for her timing. She's stunned to see Irene. Tina hands David Vickers to Viki then faints. When Tina comes to, she demands answers in regards to Irene's presence. Everyone chimes in on Irene's crimes and how Todd had a twin. Viki suggests they delay the reading of the will. Tina won't hear of it and takes some jabs at Blair. The lawyer resumes… Victor's will leaves everything to Irene, who smiles, pleased.

    A Bit Of Unfinished Business.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    Dani finds the spilled contents of Victor's belongings on Tea's bed, including Liam's paternity test. Tomas appears. Dani shows him a photo from the pile then brings up her visit with Todd. Dani feels sorry for Todd. Tomas apologizes and takes the blame for Todd being locked up and tortured for eight years. Tomas turned him over to the agency. Dani blames Irene and worries what'll happy to Todd if he's innocent. Downstairs Jack demands to know what they're doing at the Manning Estate. Blair claims she left her wallet there then apologizes for bringing Jack, due to Victor's murder and how Jack witnessed it. Blair tries using reverse psychology to get Jack to admit the truth. They enter the house. Blair continues her ploy and talks about how in love she and Todd were. How could he kill Victor? Blair knows he'll burn in hell and assures Jack Todd will get the death penalty. "The what?" Jack gasps. Blair reminds Jack this isn't his fault. He just told the truth. "I didn't mean for Todd to die," Jack replies. Just as Jack is ready to confess, Tomas and Dani appear with Blair's wallet. Blair turns down an invitation from Tomas to spend the day with Jack, who clams up. He has nothing more to say. Tea arrives and privately tells Blair she believes Todd. Blair begins telling Tea she almost got Jack to open up. Jack appears and hears Tea's representing Todd. Suddenly, a lawyer arrives to talk to Tea about Victor's last will and testament.

    Life Through A Dream...

    Friday, September 23 2011

    The teacher calls on Jack in class. Miss Morasco heard Jack knew all about carbon monoxide. Jack wakes up and looks at Shane who says, "What's your problem? Looks like you saw a ghost." Jack orders Shane to quit staring at him. Shane listens as Jack talks to his friends about witnessing Todd killing Victor. Shane glares at Jack. Later, Blair shows up and tells Jack once again that she believes him. As Shane watches, he remembers knocking Jack out the night of Victor's murder. Shane looks at a drawing on his desk. It's of him holding a gun.

    Like Vodka And Orange Juice.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Starr joins Blair in the mansion's kitchen. She already knows Jack had Todd arrested. Jack appears, defends himself and explains what he saw the night of Victor's murder. He repeats the message left on Shaun's cell. Starr knows Jack's lying. "Give it up, Starr," Jack snaps. "Your dad killed mine." Starr pleads Todd's case to Jack and begs him to fess up to his mistake. She's stunned to hear Blair believes Jack. He'd never risk someone's life. Starr brings up Gigi. If Blair believes Jack, Todd's life could be next. After Jack leaves, Blair admits she doesn't believe Jack. She doesn't want to lose her son but needs to find a way to let Jack know he's not alone. She needs him to trust her enough to open up. It's the only way to bring Jack's conscience back before she loses her little boy forever. Starr wants to help Jack too, but not if it's going to sacrifice their father. James arrives. He heard about Todd's arrest and wanted to make sure Starr's okay. Jack thanks Blair for believing him. Blair holds Jack close.

    Yeah, Hilarious.

    Tuesday, September 20 2011

    Shane appears at Victor's gravesite, claiming to be there to visit his mom. Shane mentions Victor's burial. He knows how Jack feels and describes how he felt, in detail, when Gigi was put into the ground. Jack finds it funny that their parents are buried right next to each other. "Yeah," Shane replies. "Hilarious." He appears stunned when Jack claims to be an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Jack explains seeing Todd kill Victor and that he's been arrested. Jack leaves Shane clearly startled. Shane talks to Gigi and admits, "Jack's lying."

    At Capricorn, James helps Starr packs things up from Victor's memorial. Rick and Baz appear. Starr wonders why Baz would bring Rick there and rants about Baz missing Victor's memorial to hang out with Rick. Baz defends Rick. James wonders if Baz is stupid enough to fall for Rick's promises. Did he forget what Rick did to Nate and Dani? Rick reminds everyone how James used to steal cars and says, "Cry me a river." Baz already signed the contracts. This is Baz's dream. If Starr's not onboard, Baz orders her to bail out. Starr cries and refuses to give up on her dream. She resents Baz doing this right now. James says Starr's too good to work with the two lowlifes. Starr refuses to sign over her rights. She agrees, if Baz trusts Rick, what's the worst that can happen. She warns Rick to walk the straight and narrow, and Baz to never make decisions for her again. Baz has a gig in Paris and promises to contact Starr when he returns. Starr thinks James is disappointed in her. James assures Starr he'd never stop her from doing what she wants. Later, Jack appears and wants to celebrate. Because of him, Todd's been arrested.

    Do I?

    Monday, September 19 2011

    At Victor's gravesite, Todd's stunned to hear Jack's the eyewitness, the reason he's under arrest. "You didn't see me because I wasn't there," Todd tells Jack, who reiterates what he told John. Jack wonders why Todd is questioning him about the night of the murder when he knows what he did. "Do I?" Todd asks, leaning in close. The cops cuff Todd, who screams that his son is lying. Jack warns that Todd's going down. Todd begs Jack to think about what he's doing. Having him thrown in jail won't bring Victor back. It'll cause Jack to lose the only father he has left. Jack refuses to recant his statement. Before Todd's taken away, he warns that Victor is watching Jack lie right now. Jack asks for a sign from Victor. Is he doing the right thing? Someone watches Jack from the bushes.

    This Will Come Back To Bite You.

    Friday, September 16 2011

    Dani finds Jack by Victor's grave and begs him to tell her who the eyewitness is. Jack finally admits, "It was me." Dani thinks Jack's story is strange. Todd hasn't even been arrested yet. Jack swears on Victor's grave that he's telling the truth and asks Dani to let him say goodbye to his dad in peace. Once alone, Jack apologizes for lying. He has to make Scarface pay and thinks this is the only way.

    Back at Victor's grave, just as Jack assures Victor that he'll get him justice, Todd appears. Jack accuses Todd of killing Victor. Todd counters that he came back for Jack and his kids. He'd never hurt Jack by killing Victor. The cops appear and place Todd under arrest. They have an eyewitness. Todd looks at Jack.

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