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    One Life To Live CAST - Sam Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Manning Played by Patrick Gibbons Jr. on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Gibbons Jr.

    Birthday: 2005
    Birthplace: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Patrick Gibbons Jr.


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    Deputy Sam.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    In the master bedroom of the Manning Estate, Tomas orders Todd to tell Tea how sorry he is. Tea isn't interested in a coerced apology and warns Tomas to back off. Todd impresses Tea by insisting on apologizing. Whatever Tomas said to Todd, Tea appreciates the change it made in her husband. Later, Tomas threatens Todd, who vows never to lose his wife or daughter. "Yes," Tomas replies. "My sister, my niece." After Tomas goes downstairs, Todd rejoins Tea and says, "I don't want to lose you." She promises he won't. Downstairs, Destiny has something to tell Dani, who interrupts, "Nate knows Matthew killed Eddie." He overheard them talking. Destiny can't believe Nate hasn't said anything and is horrified when Dani admits he told Deanna. Dani realizes Nate couldn't come to her because she'd kept the secret from him. She's relieved that Deanna's simply been a sounding-board for Nate. They aren't hooking up. Dani's happy she and Nate have no more secrets. She assures Destiny that Nate trusts Deanna. She won't reveal the truth. Dani asks what Destiny wanted to tell her. Destiny thinks about being pregnant but is stopped from telling Dani when Baz and Starr appear. After Destiny leaves, everyone gathers for Sam's party. Sam and Blair arrive soon after. Blair wonders where the entertainment is.

    He Sacrificed His Own Son.

    Friday, June 24 2011

    T.M. meets up with Sam outside the mansion. Sam promises he didn't tell anyone about the man T.M. shot. T.M. has some questions about Sam's father. Sam admits Todd lives with his stepmom, Tea. T.M. remembers having another wife named Tea and asks for Todd's address. He promises Sam nothing bad will happen to Todd Manning. Once Sam is gone, T.M. cocks his gun and heads to the Manning Estate.

    That Fishy Frenchman.

    Monday, June 20 2011

    Agent Kent holds a gun on T.M. outside Dorian's mansion. He plans to kill him. T.M. hands Kent the wedding photo, claiming it's what they've been after. When Sam appears, Kent aims the gun at him. He's a witness. Kent plans to kill Sam too. As Kent and T.M. struggle for the gun, Kent's shot dead. T.M. picks up Sam. He admits Kent was a bad man but can’t be sure if he is when Sam asks, "Are you a bad man too?" Sam thinks he's a good man. He saved his life. Sam promises to keep what happened a secret and leaves. T.M. takes care of the body.

    He Had A Line On His Face.

    Monday, June 13 2011

    Outside the mansion, T.M. hides as Starr appears and asks Sam, "Who were you talking to?" Sam points to where T.M. is hiding. He was talking to a homeless man. At the sound of Starr's voice, T.M. thinks about having a daughter named Starr. He has a flashback of holding Starr as a baby. Starr peeks around, doesn't find anyone and accuses Sam of lying. "He had a line on his face," Sam explains. Starr pulls Sam into the house, as T.M. has another flashback of him and Starr.

    Clint's Dying Wish.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    T.M. arrives outside the mansion and sees Sam by the pool. Sam forgot a drink and rushes inside. He finds Brad and Jack talking about Shane and asks, "Who's Wheezie?" When Jack tries bullying Sam to stay quiet about catching him online, Sam kicks Jack and runs away. Brad suggests Jack lock Sam up to keep him out of his business. Jack thinks Brad is a genius. He knows exactly how to handle Shane. John brings Kelly home and agrees to go back to the hospital to pick up her laptop. Later, Joey appears. Kelly holds him, as he cries, "My father's dying." Back outside, T.M. eats some of Sam's snacks and looks at a headline of "The Sun," claiming Todd's innocent. "Who is this guy that keeps saying he's Todd Manning?" T.M. asks aloud. He's startled when Sam approaches him and asks, "Who are you?" T.M. wonders who Sam is. "I'm the kid whose food you ate," Sam replies then hands the 'homeless man' a drink. T.M. asks who the man on the cover of "The Sun" is. "He's my dad," Sam replies. "Todd Manning." Before Sam can tell T.M. who his mother is, Starr calls for Sam. T.M. hides then stares at Starr, who approaches Sam.

    The Jackass Is Going To Burn.

    Friday, March 18 2011

    Dani panics at the hospital, worried that Todd won't make it through surgery. Tea and Starr calm her down, as Blair, Jack and Sam join them. The doctor appears. Todd's in a coma. Blair insists Tea go see Todd first. Dani and Jack bicker, as Blair finds out a guard's been placed at Todd's door. She realizes whoever shot Todd might come back and try to kill him again.

    Back out in the hallway, Tea worries Todd will never come around. Blair cries and comforts Tea, saying, "He's going to make it." Blair urges Tea to go back into Todd's room and boss him around until he wakes up. Across the hall, Jack admits to Sam that he was crying earlier but only as a way to try to get their father to wake up. Starr and Dani join them. Jack asks everyone to place their hands in the middle of a circle and says a prayer that he learned from his soccer coach.

    Stop This Wedding!

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Over at the mansion, Sam finds Jack in the living room trying to drill open Eli's safe deposit box. Jack has no luck and converses with Sam about their next step. Sam reminds Jack that Dorian has some fireworks in the attic. As they head upstairs, Blair and Cris arrive. Blair runs after the boys while Cris calls Layla and asks, "Who the hell is this?" He wonders who the man answering Layla's phone is. When Blair returns with champagne, she stubs her toe on Eli's box and listens as Cris screams at Layla. He throws his phone and says, "Layla's cheating on me." Blair thinks Layla's a fool. "If Layla can't be faithful," Cris states, "why should I?" Blair notices how much Cris has had to drink and says, "I'll show you to my room… I mean your room." Knowing she hurt her toe, Cris carries Blair upstairs!

    Up On The Rooftop, Click, Click, Click!

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Everyone gathers in Angels Square as Dorian presents the lighting of the Christmas tree. Blair scolds Jack, who's about to tell Sam there's no Santa. Clint runs into Vimal and warns him to be quite when Vimal brings up Brody being his daughter's baby's father and Rex being Clint's son. As Rex and Gigi head to Viki's, Rex stops and calls Clint the Grinch! Aubrey sees Clint and makes a comment about him hating her. Joey suggests Kelly soften Clint up for Aubrey. All three approach Clint, who makes a quick getaway. Kelly agrees. Clint hates 'her'. Joey tries to reassure Aubrey then gives Kelly a gift: goggles to prevent getting lemon in her eye again. Kelly gives Joey her clown ornament. She heard his broke. Aubrey laughs about Kelly's gift from Joey then shows her the bracelet Joey bought her.

    Over at the mansion, Starr tells Langston about her visit to see Cole and says, "Without Cole it just isn't Christmas." Starr and Langston exchange gifts then decide to get out of the house. Later, Blair warns Jack to quit ruining Christmas when he tells Sam that Santa is a myth. After Blair leaves the room, Jack starts guessing what's in all the presents. Sam spots Eli's box. Jack suggests they open it. It's their mom's from her psycho dead husband. They take the box and head outside.

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