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    One Life To Live CAST - Sam Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Manning Played by Patrick Gibbons Jr. on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Gibbons Jr.

    Birthday: 2005
    Birthplace: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Patrick Gibbons Jr.


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    Started With The Letter T.

    Tuesday, September 06 2011

    At the mansion, Jack says he thinks Todd shot Victor. He bashes Todd and refuses to look at him as his father. Starr tries to reason with Jack about how it feels to have their father back. She loved Victor too. Starr leaves. Blair unsuccessfully tries to get through to Jack. As they argue, Sam appears and wonders why they're yelling about his dad. Jack grabs Sam and tells him their father is dead and Sam's friend Scarface killed him.

    Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are.

    Friday, July 22 2011

    By the pool, Todd's clearly on edge as everyone helps to make Sam's day perfect. Later, Starr catches Todd screaming at Sam, who calls Spider Man a hero. "He's a fake!" Todd yells and warns Sam to call him if the man comes back. Sam plans to see Spider Man whenever he wants and heads inside. Starr brings up the man with his old face. Todd thinks Sam's lying and screams, "I'm your father. Whoever this guy is with the line on his face, it doesn't matter. He isn't Todd Manning." Starr never said he was. Todd apologizes. He's worried about their family. He gets a text. After Starr leaves, Baker appears. Todd asks who the guy with his old face is and why he thinks Todd stole his life. Baker assures Todd the man is dead.

    At the diner, Dorian refuses to drop the charges against Echo. Rex warns Dorian will have a cell next to Echo's if she pursues this. Rex threatens to expose Dorian for almost killing Clint. He blames Dorian for Clint needing Gigi's heart and refuses to allow her to take Echo away from Shane. Blair, Jack and Sam appear. Dorian thanks Sam for saving her. "Must be nice to have something to celebrate," Rex snaps and privately warns Dorian to drop the charges before the premiere tomorrow or she won't enjoy it.

    The Whole Town Is On Amber Alert.

    Wednesday, July 20 2011

    John finds the Minute Man Motel room empty but can tell that hasn't been the case for long. Next-door, Sam helps free Dorian, as Echo continues running her mouth. Sam sprays her with more spider webs. As Dorian laughs and takes a picture of Sam standing next to Echo, John appears, relieved to see Sam. John questions Sam about his friend. Sam admits that Spider Man is out fighting crime. He's the man with the line on his face. A cop releases Echo from the webs and arrests her. John leaves with Sam.

    Inside the Manning Estate, Jack apologizes to Blair over his comment about Sam not being her real son then bashes John's investigative skills. Tea and Dani try reassuring Blair, as Starr and Baz speculate on their fathers' connection. Baz approaches Tomas and demands to know what he's hiding. Across the room, Tea privately questions Dani about why she was at the motel then drops it at Dani's persistence. Outside, T.M aims a gun at Todd and orders him to open the door. T.M. wants Tea and Blair to decide who the real Todd Manning is. Agent Baker appears and holds a gun on T.M., who warns Todd that Baker almost killed Sam, trying to kill him. When the agent threatens to execute Todd's family if T.M. doesn't cooperate, Todd orders T.M. to do as the agent says. T.M. puts a gun on Todd, accuses him and Baker of working together and vows to take his life back. Baker insists T.M. isn't Todd Manning. After another agent knocks T.M. out from behind, Baker tells Todd, "You're welcome." Todd wants answers about the man with his old face, but Baker warns him to pretend this never happened. T.M. is dragged away. Suddenly, Todd's cell rings. It's Tea, who hears the ring from inside. She opens the door and almost catches Todd with Agent Baker. As she pulls Todd inside, Blair screams, "They found Sam." John appears with Sam. The family gushes over Sam. John informs them that Sam's kidnapper was the man with Todd's old face, Sam's friend. Later, Blair rants to Todd about the kidnapper still being on the loose. Todd appears disturbed.

    I Just Wanted To Make You Suffer.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Over at the Minute Man Motel, Echo rants, "I never meant for this to happen but what choice did I have?" Dorian, taped and bound, listens as Echo claims she never meant to hit her over the head after Dorian sprayed her with the hose. She never meant to put Dorian in the trunk of her car and never meant to kidnap her. Echo only wanted to make Dorian suffer for chasing Charlie away. How did her actions turn into a felony? Dorian fakes hyperventilating and screams for help once Echo removes the tape. She quickly retapes Dorian's mouth and decides to get rid of her. In the next room over, Sam reflects on the scream he heard. He grabs the Spider Man costume and says, "Someone's in trouble. What would Spider Man do?" Next-door, just as Echo's set to suffocate Dorian, Sam barges in as Spider Man and sprays Echo to the wall with his spider web. He removes his mask, as Dorian gushes over Spider Man saving her. Later, John arrives and finds the room empty, except for the Spider Man costume.

    I Have Your Son.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Down a few doors, T.M. explains that he brought Sam back to his secret hideout. His archenemy, the Green Goblin, is after him. He assures Sam that Blair knows where he is and that the Green Goblin was at his party. Sam didn't see him. "He changed his face," T.M. replies."Sorry I put you in the middle of this, kid." Sam thinks the Green Goblin sent the man to shoot him by the pool and says, "You've got to take him down." T.M. plans to. T.M. hands Sam some gifts he swiped from his party. Just as Sam recognizes Dani's gift, she knocks on the door. Dani thinks she hears someone inside and puts her ear to the door. She waits a while then leaves. T.M. orders Sam to stay put and a guard the hideout. After Sam promises not to answer the door or use the phone, he puts on the Spider Man mask and tells T.M., who's in plain clothes and packing a gun, "Hurry back, Spider Man."

    I Can Replace You Just Like That.

    Friday, July 15 2011

    Outside the Manning Estate, T.M. drags away the man dressed in the Spider Man costume. Jack appears and enters the house. He assures Blair Dorian is on her way and wouldn't miss Sam's party. Across the room, everyone notices the tension between Todd and Tomas. T.M, dressed as Spider Man, bangs on the door until Todd answers. He doesn't speak, as Todd orders him to make sure his son has a good time and threatens, "Or I can replace you just like that." Sam rushes to Spider Man, as everyone gushes over the entertainment. Spider Man makes a sign. Sam informs everyone that he's expressing his spidey sense for danger. T.M. listens as Todd and Jack whisper about the attack at the office. Todd thinks it was someone from Origami Cogs. Sam and Spider Man put on a show for everyone. Tomas stares at the superhero. By the staircase, just as Blair's about to tell Tea who Sam's imaginary friend is Starr interrupts, looking for the camera. After everyone poses for photos, Blair and Tea want one taken with Spider Man too. Blair jokes with Todd to watch it, as Tea gets cozy with Spider Man. "My heart belongs to Todd Manning," Tea replies then goes to Todd. Todd tells Spider Man to go climb some walls then addresses his family. He never wants to lose any of them and realizes he's lucky to have survived the gunshot. Todd calls Spiderman over to take a family photo for him. "Take the picture!" Todd screams. "Shoot!" T.M. whispers, "My pleasure," takes the picture then agrees to watch Sam while everyone goes to get a surprise. Soon after, they all return and find Sam and Spider Man gone.

    Down a few doors, T.M. enters his room and takes off his mask. "Wow," Sam says. "You're Spider Man. Why did you bring me here?"

    Deputy Sam.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    Blair drags Sam, who wants to get to his birthday party, into John's office. She thinks Sam might know something about the dead body found at Dorian's and explains about his imaginary friend. John questions Sam about his new friend. Sam can't tell the secret. John uses reverse psychology and offers to make Sam a deputy. That way, they can share their secrets with each other. Sam agrees, is sworn in and given a badge. Over a fake story about someone pretending to be Santa, John shows Sam a photo of Agent Kent and asks, "Is he your friend?" Sam assures John he's not. He's the man who tried to shoot him at the pool. Sam's friend shot the bad man. Privately, Blair tells John that Sam said his friend had a line on his face. "Like a scar?" John asks. Over talk of Todd's old face, John shows Sam an old photo of Todd. Sam confirms he's his friend. Blair thinks Sam's covering for Todd. John tells Blair that Todd was in police custody when the man was killed and says, "Whoever Sam saw wasn't his father." John believes this person was trying to protect Sam.

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