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    One Life To Live CAST - Sam Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sam Manning Played by Patrick Gibbons Jr. on One Life To Live Daytime Soap Opera.

    Patrick Gibbons Jr.

    Birthday: 2005
    Birthplace: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
    Real Name: Patrick Gibbons Jr.


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    Now We Know... You're Gigi.

    Friday, December 23 2011

    Back in Llanview, at the mansion, Sam rushes off to check for Santa on the roof. Starr comforts Blair over losing Tomas and suggests he's not the man Blair's supposed to end up with. Blair wonders if she thinks Todd is. Jack and Todd arrive with gifts. Starr and Blair are surprised to hear Jack invited Todd. Starr takes a call from Dani then talks to Jack about Neela. Sam reappears. Does Todd know where Santa is? He showed up last year.

    At the Manning Estate, Tea urges John to go be with Natalie and to not put off making things right. Time is precious. After John leaves, Dani joins Tea, who urges Dani to be careful about getting too close to Todd. He has a habit of hurting the people he's closest to. They hear caroling and find Blair, Starr, Jack, and Sam outside. After a toast to Victor, Sam begs Blair to bring him home to see Santa. Jack promises Santa will show up, as Dani slips Starr a gift for Todd. Later, Dani finds gifts that Victor left for them. Tea reads a note from Victor, claiming if she's reading this, he's gone but will never stop loving her.

    When Sam, Blair, Jack and Starr return to the mansion, they see Santa by the tree. Later, Todd joins them. Blair privately thanks him for making Sam's night then Starr gives Todd Dani's gift. Just as Jack calls Neela to thank her for being there for him, John appears and places Jack under arrest for Gigi's murder.

    S.O.S. Save Our Stories.

    Friday, December 16 2011

    Blair and Starr catch Sam watching "The Blanca Morales Show" at the mansion. They need Sam's help bringing in the Christmas tree. Todd and Jack appear with the tree. Sam rushes to Todd and says, "I knew you didn't kill my dad." Todd privately warns Jack to bond with him publicly and like it or he'll call John. While everyone goes to get ornaments, Todd assures Starr he's taking it slow with Blair and making headway with Jack. Later, at Sam's persuasion, the family votes to let Todd stay and help decorate the tree. Jack puts a damper on things and brings up how Todd gave Blair the gift of Jack all those years ago when he brought him home after telling Blair he died. After Todd orders Jack to put a log on the fire, since he's so good at starting fires, he admits he's done some bad things. Sam thinks he's a good guy. Blair remembers thinking Todd was dead and finding a present from him for their little girl, their little star. That's how Starr got her name. Jack takes a jab at Todd when Sam makes a wish for his dad to be happy in Heaven. Todd pulls Jack into a family photo.

    John Might Be Liam's Father.

    Monday, November 07 2011

    Tea hides the pregnancy test at the Manning Estate when Blair and Sam arrive. Sam hugs Tea and says, "Thank you for giving me back my daddy." Sam and Blair talk about going through Victor's things that Tea sent over. Sam gives her a picture of him, Tea and Victor and calls her his second mom. While Sam goes off to play, Blair asks Tea to talk to Tomas about Todd. He would never have killed Victor, due to his connection to Sam. Over talk of Victor's child, Tea gets emotional and rushes upstairs. Later, Blair catches Sam playing with a 'magic wand' and is stunned to see it's a pregnancy test. Tea appears and grabs the test. Sam rushes off again. Blair thinks the test belongs to Dani and offers to be there for Tea. "It's mine," Tea admits and shows Blair the test. She's pregnant. Outside, Tomas looks at a photo of Louie and Todd and vows to find out what they're hiding.

    The Dead Girl.

    Monday, October 31 2011

    Blair, dressed as a lifeguard, opens the door to a werewolf at the mansion. Todd takes his mask off. They share a few jokes and talk about Jack. Blair urges Todd to take things slowly and suggests they work on getting Jack to drop the Scarface reference. "Hi Scarface," Sam says and shows off his 'Jaws' costume. Blair reminds Sam not to call Todd that. Sam can't call him Todd. That was his dad's name before the bad man made him go away. Blair explains that Todd's his uncle, his daddy's brother. Todd thinks back to shooting Victor. Sam misses Victor and wonders if Todd does too. He asks Uncle Todd to go trick-or-treating with them. While Blair helps Sam get ready, Todd tries to convince himself to tell Blair he wants her back. He practices by talking to pumpkins then heads to the front door chanting, "I love you. I want you back." The door opens and Irene appears saying, "Ask and you shall receive." He tries putting the wicked witch out of his head. Irene warns Todd will end up alone, begging for her to come back. He turns to throw a pumpkin at Irene and says, "Go back to hell." Blair and Sam reappear. Todd apologizes and declines Sam's invitation to go trick-or-treating.

    McPain, What Are You Doing Here?

    Wednesday, October 05 2011

    John arrives at the mansion. Sam wonders if he's in trouble. John wants Sam to help him find the man with the line on his face. Did the man kill his dad? John plans to find out. Sam plays with some 'silly bandz' and hands one to John, since he can't give it to his dad. John puts it on. "McPain, what are you doing here?" Jack asks, entering the kitchen. Even though Sam insists he's on duty, Jack sends him off to bed. John warns Jack to call the cops if Todd gets in touch with him then leaves.

    I Won't Bury Him. I Can't Do It.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    At the church, Starr explains to Sam why there's a photo of his dad there. Victor can't be there with them today. "I don't want Daddy in Heaven," Sam cries. "I want him here." Starr assures Sam that Victor can see them and is with them all the time. James makes Sam feel better by promising to take him to a baseball game. Starr gets emotional and wonders where her mom, Tea and Viki are. Nearby, Jack makes a call and finds out Todd hasn't been arrested yet. Shaun appears and explains that the cops don't have enough evidence for an arrest. "They do now," Jack replies. Just as Shaun questions how Jack knows, Jessica interrupts with condolences. Dani arrives. Jack privately tells her Todd shot Victor. She doesn't want to believe Jack but wonders if he knows something. Tea and Blair arrive. Everyone takes their seats. The priest stands before Victor's coffin and starts the service. Viki says a few words, touches Victor's coffin then takes her seat. After everyone leaves for the cemetery, someone enters the church and stares at Victor's photo.

    Everyone gathers in the cemetery and places roses on Victor's grave. Tea asks for a moment alone. After everyone leaves, she kneels by Victor's grave.

    Tea goes back to the church, sees someone standing by Victor's photo and whispers, "Victor."

    Trying To Forget About Me, Pretty Boy?

    Wednesday, September 07 2011

    Over at the mansion, Sam refuses to believe Jack about Victor being dead. Blair orders Jack upstairs then gently tells Sam that his father is dead. "Didn't he love me?" Sam asks. Blair assures Sam he did. Sam wonders if Jack told the whole truth, that his friend killed his dad. They don't have all the answers yet, but Blair promises their family will always be there for Sam. She urges Sam to keep his chin up so his daddy can see him smile. Jack answers the door to Shane, who's sorry to hear about his dad. He knows how Jack feels. Jack plans to make sure the guy who really killed Victor pays. Shane reminds Jack that the person who really killed his mom is still walking around free… for now… then leaves. Jack rejoins Blair and Sam. After Sam leaves, Jack promises not to upset Sam again but challenges Blair to deny that she really doesn't suspect that Scarface killed Victor.

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